This book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
I ve been reading some reviews and I m noticing a lot of people are making comparisons to House of Leaves I loved House of Leaves, and I know that quite a few people really did not Some of my closest friends really dislike that novel I never made that comparison while reading Will Haunt you, but I can see it after the fact.
Essentially, I love books with a bit of ambiguity in the ending It s really like an invitation by the author to decide what you think ultimately happens So perhaps that s why I really enjoyed both House of Leaves and this book Kirk doesn t give you all the answers And I like that I don t mind an ending that resolves everything and ties up the story with a bow, When Jesse decides to read a very disturbing book he s been hearing strange tales about, he doesn t expect anything to actually HAPPEN to him It s just a book, right Tell that to the strange men who have kidnapped him, or the terrifying place he s awoken in, with its awful, cruel doctors and guards Will you make the same mistake Jesse made by reading this bookAlright, friends, this is a tough review to write not because my feelings are ambiguous about this book, but because some of my friends so brilliantly described everything I felt about this book in their own reviews, and frankly, I m tempted to just lead you their ways Screw it, I ll write my own thoughts, but first, check out Cassie s and Kal s reviews I adore these women to bits and they both said it all so much better than I could have Okay, for my take on Will Haunt Youlet me say that I was exc Don T read The Book It Reads YouRumors Of A Deadly Book Have Been Floating Around The Dark Corners Of The Deep Web A Disturbing Tale About A Mysterious Figure Who Preys On Those Who read The Book And Subjects Them To A World Of Personalized Terror Jesse Wheeler Former Guitarist Of The Heavy Metal Group The Rising Dead Was Quick To Discount The Ominous Folklore Associated With The Book It Takes Than Some Urban Legend To Frighten Him Hell, Reality Is Scary Enough Seven Years [Brian Kirk] ï Will Haunt You [yaoi PDF] read Online ï Ago His Greatest Responsibility Was The Nightly Guitar Solo Then One Night When Jesse Was Blackout Drunk, He Accidentally Injured His Son, Leaving Him Permanently Disabled Dreams Of Being A Rock Star Died When He Destroyed His Son S Future Now He Cuts Radio Jingles And Fights To Stay Clean But Jesse Is WrongThe Legend Is Real And Tonight He Will Become The Protagonist In An Elaborate Scheme Specifically Tailored To Prey On His Fears And Resurrect The Ghosts From His Past Jesse Is Not The Only One In Danger, HoweverBy Reading The Book, You Have Volunteered To Participate In The Author S Deadly Game, With Every Page Drawing You Closer To Your Own Personalized NightmareThe Real Horror Doesn T Begin Until You Reach The End That S When The Evil Comes For YouFLAME TREE PRESS Is The New Fiction Imprint Of Flame Tree Publishing Launched In The List Brings Together Brilliant New Authors And The Established The Award Winners, And Exciting, original Voices Will Haunt You is an offbeat novel about Jesse, a former rocker He s lived a hard life, and he s doing his best to live up to who he wants to be, and to move beyond who he has been One night after a reunion with his old band mates, Jesse finds himself in the middle of a nightmarish situation that dredges up the past he s trying to leave behind and brings fresh terror to his life.
If you ve read House of Leaves, you may appreciate the staccato writing style of Brian Kirk I struggled through House of Leaves, and found Will Haunt You even frustrating I want to ask what Kirk has against sentences you know, actual sentences The majority of the book is written in this annoying intended as atmospheric style of awkward fragments, which is beyond distracting I couldn t concentrate on what was supposed to be happ á Will Haunt You Å 2.
5 stars.
WILL HAUNT YOU, by Brian Kirk, is a novel that had a spectacular marketing lineYou don t read this book It reads youAlong with that, there was a prequel story , of sorts, that could be found on some sites The allure of a book that materialized out from nowhere, and ended up with the reader ultimately listed as amissing person , was a concept I was excited to read about.
I mention this, because the expectations it gave led me to expect something quite supernatural and haunting in style.
The novel starts out really strong The former metal group known as The Rising Dead, were having a ten year reunion at a local bar Aside from missing or grey hair, and bodies no longer in their physical prime, most of the members acted as they had a decade before Only Jesse Wheeler had really changed He was now sober for seven solid years married and with a son selling jingles Turn the page and he ll be there, watching you I don t even know what to say about this book I had been looking forward to it, especially since the pre release marketing was intriguing The synopsis sounded interesting, but this book went in a different direction than it seemed like it was going to go in Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn t I guess I would call this book experimental horror I m still not entirely sure what the experiment was my friend Audra ouija.
reads suggested that maybe it was about addiction recovery Maybe it was, but it was never entirely clear This story was, unfortunately, very convoluted, and I really struggled to make sense of what was going on I feel like it was strange for the sake of being strange, and everything was disjointed There didn t seem to be any organization to the story This book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review, thanks to Flame Tree Press, Brian Kirk and NetGalley.
5 Stars I really enjoyed this book, being narrated in the first person is a huge plus for me, it gives a real insight into Jesse s character and thoughts as he is plunged in to a relentless living nightmare that exploits he deepest darkest thoughts, secrets and mistakes and forces him to face them head on.
The beginning of the book was brilliantly creepy, I was hooked from the first page I felt the story lost a little momentum in the middle of the book and got a little confused for a minute, but things soon came together as the story moved on and the suspense soon picked up again The creeping feeling of dread was never far away with this book.

Will Haunt You is pure unadulterated horror.
Through a Haze of distorted reality, the reader becomes part of the story, following a steady progression into madness along with the characters.
For Jesse Wheeler, a retired band member of an almost famous rock group, the horror begins with an unfortunate incident which results in his young son sustaining injuries leaving him permanently disabled Despite being able to salvage his marriage and continue caring for his son, Jesse s mistakes fail to remain in the rear view, thanks to a mysterious and dangerous book which threatens to take everything from him.
Will Haunt You is a truly terrifying tale with every turn oozing horror nightmares in basements, dread lurking in hallways, science experiments hunting in forests, faces behind secluded cabin windows peeking through glass at their prey, etc Some of the vivid dream l This is a tough book to review My feelings are that books of this nature are extremely subjective to reader preferences You re either going to love it or hate it.
My guess is there won t be many reviews that fall somewhere in the middle.
The business I co own, Night Worms, agreed to help Brian Kirk with some experimental promotional material for the book prior to its release It was all the promotional material that led me to assume certain things about the book that I now believe set some expectations in place that weren t delivered on If that makes sense If I had gone into this book blind, I might have had an easier time adjusting to the premise But since I participated in the promotional aspect of the book, I accepted the story as a certain kind of book and it wasn t that book.
Let s unpack it a little bit.
The story starts off strong We are introduced to a trad My thanks, once again to Flame Tree Press, the author and Netgalley I wasn t in much of a hurry to start this book after all the dreadful reviews I d read, But, I had heard good things about the author s other stories I liked the beginning of the book The band getting back together for one last show They sucked before, and they sucked again My ex husband was a drummer and co lead singer in a band when we met If you knew me now, boring Lisa as compared to.
you d realize how outrageous that is So, I had fun with this story It quickly became eye rollingly stupid But sometimes my did stop rolling, and became glued to the pages So, I stuck with it Turns out it was just as ridiculous as I thought,.
Yet I was really enjoying it, while being slightly weirded out This is

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