Thanks to Netgalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review This is now one of my favorite books of poetry So heartfelt I could literally feel it in my bones A very talented lady.
I had been anticipating this book so excitedly, as I ve been a huge fan of Desiree s work from the Slam scene, and it completely delivered what I knew it would These poems are honest she dives into some of the most painful experiences and processes them into artful iterations of wisdom, beauty, and strength I love intelligently written realness, and these poems, as the book progresses I loved the order build storytelling , embody the depth and talent to take me both there and completely through I exclaimed or sighed or cried aloud pretty much for every piece Smiled a lot towards the end, which I think it suitable indicative to this collection s arc This book, to me, is so many things a profound study of self, a journey of recovery and healing, a testa Dallagiacomo S Debut Book Grapples With The Intersections Of Family And Mental Health SINK Asks And Answers Hard Questions About Grief, Lineage, Death And All Manner Of Inheritance What Is One Left With When They Come From A Family That Has Nothing To Its Name But Loss Throughout, Dallagiacomo Weighs The Cost Of What It Is To Be Alive And A Woman In A Landscape That Makes Being Alive And A Woman Uninviting SINK Approaches Grief And Depression Not As Download Epub Format ↠´ SINK PDF by º Desireé Dallagiacomo A Tourist, But Instead With The Power And Nuance Of Someone Who Has Survived And Made The Most Of Their Survival Look I know I couldn t make this last even 24 hours what I m saying is it was JUST THAT GOOD SINK by Desire Dallagiacomo is a raw, passionate, and adventurous exploration into the state of our world and our minds I liked it a lot.
This wasn t my first introduction to Desire Dallagiacomo, I ve seen her perform her poetry on Button Poetry s channel on Youtube I loved her then and I love her even after reading this tender and emotional addition to her work.
SINK dances between tough topics with a lack of inhibition that is rare and special in the world of Poetry Between love, grief, addiction, the patriarchy and self image, Dallagiacomo alights on these subjects with deep empathy and a heart laid bare.
I read a lot of poetry and would recommend this to any of my poetry loving friends and followers, as well as those who are looking to try it out Dallagiacomo s poems are readable and relatable, brave and uplifting, and ultimately a very enjoyable These are poems that go for the throat and don t let go They have a lot to say about feminism, patriarchy, body image, abuse, trauma, and poverty among other topics, and often in a self knowing way, e.
g Let me make this specific trauma work for a poem Child Protective Before I started the book I listened to a few of the author s readings on the Button Poetry YouTube channel and was completely undone in a good way E.
g her reading of Thighs Say Watch it When I read it on the page I heard her voice reading it it s hard impossible for me to see hear the poem now without her reading of it attached, which is maybe what a great reading does I wasn t completely into all of her line breaks on the page and some of the poems were not quite enough for me, but enough of them were reall ☆ SINK è One of the most moving books of poetry I ve read in a very, very long time Poems range on subjects from drug abuse, absent parents, grief, fatphobia, and misogyny Although my life experiences have been completely different to Dallagiacomo s, every poem spoke to me on a personal level The poems about her late Aunt Diana will stay with me for a very long time I ve been bereaved recently and her trauma felt like my trauma I felt seen and heard Absolutely incredible collection Received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
This book was really hard for me to get through It was incredibly raw and vulnerable and it had a LOT to say.
This is an incredible book of poetry.
Desire Dallagiacomo is a poet with plenty to say and she says it with passion and with not self control.
This isn t parlour room poetry to pontificate and please This lines and verses are raw, emotion laid bare and complacency undermined.
Nothing here to just lift the spirit, as to listen is to be moved To hear is to be disturbed To read is to have all your senses assailed as by a lexicon of besieging soldiers A vocabulary of invading force.
Poems has a metre but SINK rips that up with an outpouring of concepts and memories, hopes and fears, bruised bodies and broken spirit Poetry however still formulates a pattern, a series of waves A variation of pitch and length that ini A very story telling poetry types Not my ideal poetry kind but enjoyed the story nevertheless I wish the writing was a bit deep but overall it was a fine experience reading it.

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