William Law s A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life is the most profoundly challenging, insightful and logical book I have ever read pertaining to my daily life as a Christian His arguments for the purpose of and motivation for devotion to God in its many forms have impacted me in a way that I never would have imagined I found myself challenged by every chapter and contemplative throughout Law s arguments touched me intellectually, logically, emotionally, and spiritually This is not necessarily a book of strict doctrine but it reveals to the reader the core of his or her actions, good or bad He writes that if any part of our lives is owed to God in devotion, ALL parts are, otherwise we mistake the nature of God or religion While some may feel that this book sets unattainable standards, I believe that the heart of Law A diatribe against nominal Christians Even though I sympathize with much of what Law says, I find his way of saying it a bit tiresome I was about to quit reading it and return it to the library but then I came across this line The impious Christian will sometimes read a book of piety, if it is a short one, if it is much commended for style and language, and she can tell where to borrow it After that, I had to soldier on for 295pages.
William Law s A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life 1728 , deeply influenced the chief actors in the great Evangelical revival in England, George Whitefield and John and Charles Wesley I first read it while a ministry student in college and have re read it several times since It is on my personal list of top 10 life changing books A sample of Law is the following on prayer Prayer is the nearest approach to God and the highest enjoyment of him that we are capable of in this life It is as much your duty to rise to pray as to pray when you are risen And if you are late at your prayers you offer to God the prayers of an idle, slothful worshiper who rises to prayers as idle servants rise to their labor.
What conquest has he got over himself What right hand has he cut off, what trials is he prepared for, what sacrifi Simple but so profound It definitely stepped on my toes numerous times because it put so many things into true perspective Our purpose is to live for the glory of God and that requires a constant spirit of devotion It requires charity to those that we don t think deserve it because we don t deserve the charity that God shows us It requires not neglecting our Christian calling, a calling that all receive, regardless of occupation Clergy are not to be consideredpious or righteous than we are as God holds us all to the same expectations of devotion He speaks of humility, Divine love, and respect for God s creation and children we are contrary to Christ if we despise anything that He loves.
There were just so many great statements in this that I was glad I had the Kindle version where I could highlight points that I want As a 17 year old new Christ follower I was blessed to have a pastor who wasn t afraid to encourage me jumping in at the deep end If memory serves, this was the third book he loaned to me and it helped set a fearless course out into learning from 2000 years of Christian wrestling with God.
One of my favorite books of all time I reread portions frequently Examination Of The Christian Life Constitutes One Of The Most Remarkable books Of Devotion Ever Written William Law S Book Dates From , A Decade Before England S Great Evangelical Revival, During Which It Exercised A Significant Influence On The Movement S Leaders A Serious Call Has Been Praised By Readers As Varied As Samuel Johnson, Edward Gibbon, And John Wesley If Mr Law Finds A Spark Of Piety In A Reader S Mind, He Will Soon Ñ A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life Ë Download by Ñ William Law Kindle It Into A Flame, Declared Gibbon, And Wesley Pronounced Law S Work As One Of The books That Formed His Explicit Resolve To Be All Devoted To God Three Hundred Years After Its Initial Publication, This Volume Continues To Win Accolades From Modern Readers Who Appreciate Its Guidelines On Prayer, Personal Holiness, And Charity Simple But Profound, It Features Brief Chapters That Make It Particularly Suitable For Daily Devotions ↠´ A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life ☆ Excellent book that is contemporary 200 years after it was written There is probably no one author that has had greater influence over my Christian journey than Dallas Willard From Willard I learned that the Christian life could not be well lived out of willpower An inner transformation was required to change my heart and my inner desires before my behaviour could be reliably altered I always appreciated Willard s humility, as evident by his frequent claims that his ideas were not original but were found in the writings of numerous ancient historical figures, encouraging us to check it out for ourselves It was Willard who introduced me to William Law and particularly to the book for which he is most well known A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life One of the chief delights for me in reading this book has been the frequent reminders of so many of Willard s ideas th Humbling and practical Reminded me what frivolous and vain thoughts sometimes consume me

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