Real rating 4.
5 stars Definitely recommend, a beautiful story about identity and self discovery Told, This Is A Timely Coming Of Age Story, Told In Verse About The Journey To Self Acceptance Perfect For Fans Of Sarah Crossan, Poet X And OrangeboyA Boy Comes To Terms With His Identity As A Mixed Race Gay Teen Then At University He Finds His Wings As A Drag Artist, The Black Flamingo A Bold Story About The Power Of Embracing Your Uniqueness Sometimes, We Need To Take Charge, To Stand Up Wearing Pink Feathers To Show Ourselves To The World In Download Epub Format Ü The Black Flamingo PDF by ê Dean Atta Bold Colour I Masquerade In Makeup And Feathers And I Am Applauded This is without a doubt one of the most beautifully portrayed coming of age stories I ve ever had the pleasure of reading It delves into the nuances of self discovery, acceptance, expression and identity in such an endearing and accessible way I was truly captivated, so much so that I devoured this in one sitting, unable and unwilling to put it down.
TW racism, homophobia, homophobic slurs.
I was unfamiliar with Dean Atta s work until I read Stripes Proud anthology earlier in the year and his contribution of How To Come Out As Gay was absolute standout for me It s probably one of the only poems that has ever spoken to me and made me cry I m not poetically cultured When I saw that he was bringing out a full length novel told in verse I knew I had to have it thank you to my friend Bella who gave me her early copy.
The Black Flamingo follows Michael a half Greek Cypriot, half Jamaican boy growing up in London The story starts when Michael is six and starts to realise that he isn t the same as other boys his age and would much rather be given Barbies for his birthday than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles His white passing single mum loves him for who he is but knows she must shelter him from the harsh reali This book was so beautiful and powerful So glad I picked this up, even though it s totally different from my usual reads I loved it wholeheartedly.
ó The Black Flamingo ó Sometimes, we need to take charge, to stand up wearing pink feathers to show ourselves to the world in bold colour And this verse novel does all of that andBeautiful, bold and brilliant.
Actual rating 4.
5 I m on the train and I m crying This is one of those books that needs to be read It doesn t matter if you re black, mixed, white, queer or straight.
Read this book RtC.

A beautiful coming of age story about a gay biracial black boy as he find his voice through poetry and drag.
For me, it s always a breath of fresh air to read about marginalized characters who are not from the US Yes, Michael is British, and it s not difficult to find stories set in England, but stories about marginalized characters in contemporary are overwhelmingly American In this story, you ll see Michael come to terms with what it means for him to be British and Jamaican and Cypriot to be all of these things and also a gay man, one who wants to be a drag artist It s a really emotional journey, one I would really recommend to everyone who liked The Poet X The poems in here were so beautiful, especially the ones about biraci THIS BOOK DESERVES ALL THE STARS I honestly picked this one up last minute at YALC I had met Dean Atta the day before and was immediately in love.
However, I have never really been into poetry.
I always felt like they were a bunch of pretty words put together to maybe rhyme but most of all sound good The Black Flamingo is the first time that I could ever really connect with a piece of poetry, a novel written in verse.
Now I have to say that I m neither black nor a cis man I will never 100% know how it is to be either of those things But literature like this helps so much in understanding people of a different background Most importantly what this book did for me was to realize that we re all not that different.
The character in this book experienced a lot of things that I always thought exclusive to my trans experience I thought I was

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