Repetitious Often repetition can be boring and off putting In this case it isn t The careful, enlightening introduction to Stoicism, especially in the third book, is clear and understandable Instead of glossing over nature , or God or its role in the universe, the author, framed it as the ancients postulated And, the opens the door a little for those who want to reject it To me, the author promotes the original interpretation of monotheism in the works of Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius.
Great book on StoicismThis books explains the history as well as the tenets of Stoicism I like how the book gives modern day examples of how to apply this philosophy to daily life.
Good introduction to stoicism with some interesting ideas I ve liked book Obstacle is the way from role model perspective This one has some practical suggestions though it s available in kindle unlimited Excellent bookThere s practical examples of how people applied Stoicism to their life Recommendations for how to apply it to yours and references to the subject matter It s very interesting and sticks to the point Every chapter is fresh with a new topic about Stoicism.
Good book for beginners, gets the ideas across in a friendly, we re just having a chat kind of way Sometimes the familiarity got annoying but I liked it on the whole ↠´ Stoicism (Stoicism Series Book 4) ✓ Quick and nice introduction to Stoicism, although very repetitive and lacks depth But it was free so I won t complain.
The Printed Book And Get The Kindle Version For FREE Stoicism Book Box Set This Book Includes Stoicism Introduction To The Stoic Way Of Life Stoicism Mastery Mastering The Stoic Way Of Life Stoicism Live A Life Of Virtue Complete Guide On Stoicism Stoicism May Be An Ancient Philosophy, But It Is One That Has Even Relevance To Our Daily Lives Now That We Are In The Modern World Too Often We Find That We [Ryan James] ↠´ Stoicism (Stoicism Series Book 4) [storytime PDF] read Online ç Aren T Able To Control Our Lives, Control The Events That Go On, Or Even Control The People And How They Act But With Stoicism, We Learn That We Can Control Some Things, Such As Our Emotions And Our Reactions, And This Can Help To Lead Us To HappinessIn This Complete Guidebook We Are Going To Take You From The Very Basics Of Using Stoicism In Your Daily Life, To Complete Mastery We Will Show You How This Ancient Philosophy Is Going To Work To Make You Feel Happier And Virtuous Some Of The Things That We Will Talk About Include What Is Stoicism The Early History Of Stoicism, From Its Founding As A School Of Thought By Zeno In BC To Its Decline Due To The Growing Popularity Of Christianity, And Its Resurgence In Modern Times Profiles Of Three Stoic Masters Who Played A Major Role In The Development Of The Stoic Philosophy Epictetus, The Former Slave Who Became One Of The Most Influential Stoic Philosophers Marcus Aurelius, The Roman Emperor Who Helped Promote Its Popularity And The Controversial Seneca, Who Sought To Live The Stoic Life In Spite Of His Lavish Lifestyle Recognizing The Things That Are Under Your Control How To Conform To Your Own Reality Understanding How Your Emotions Work The Importance Of Freedom Of Will Learning How To Be Calm When There Is Adversity Around Learning How To Make The Best Of All Situations How To Use Stoicism In Order To Make Your Life Better How To Use The Process Of Neuroplasticity To Change Around Your Mind And How You React To Things How To Use Affirmations To Help With Stoicism Simple Ideas To Implement Some Of The Stoic Philosophy Into Your Daily Life Practical Exercises That You Can Use To Practice Stoic Mindfulness In Your Daily Life, Ranging From Morning And Evening Reflections To Keeping A Mindfulness Journal Inspiring Stories Of People Who Have Used Stoicism In Order To Overcome Difficult Situations In Their Daily Lives And Much When You Are Ready To Find The True Happiness That Belongs To You And Bring Some Of The Stoic Ideas Into Your Life, Make Sure To read Through This Guidebook And Learn Just How Great It Can Be To Live The Stoic Way Of Life Grab This Book And Start Living The Stoic Way Of Life Today

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