I read a ARC review copy from NG for review purposes.
This is book book 3 in the series and I really enjoyed it It was definitely one that I could not put down It stars Rachelle Westerly who is in Europe with her actor brother Eric Eric has major issues and I mean MAJOR and Rachelle knows this but he also is estranged and he gives her a hard time in letting her in.
Magnus is a prince who is not a people person One day he meets a sick child and the child wants to meet his hero, a comic book movie hero played by Eric However Eric ducks Magnus as well Until Magnus finds his achille s heel and thats how he meets Rachelle.
They fall into lust and he works hard to get her to trust him and let him in I really enjoyed this story and it has lots of twists and turns but it was also very romantic and I loved how kind and giving Magnus is while he Royal Heir Westerly Billionaire, 3 by Ruth Cardello We want the fairytale We need the fairytale Ruth Cardello makes sure that we get it Royal Heir is every romantic s dream To find a happy ending However, Ms Cardello switches it up as only she can Rachelle and Magnus, have to first rescue themselves, before they get a happily ever after For Magnus, that means letting go of his ingrained bitterness and mistrust by allowing himself to love For Rachelle, that means releasing herself from the past and looking ahead to the future Amazing that one little boy could set about healing a lifetime of damage, with a less than simple request The power of hope is a wonderful thing.
Cardello, The New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Author Of Up For Heir, Turns A Fairy Tale Romance Into A Sizzling Bedtime Story Rachelle Westerly Needs A Break After Years Of Acting As The Family Peacekeeper, She S Finally Ready To Take A Step Back Her Movie Star Brother Has Offered Her The Perfect Escape But On The Very First Day Of Her Vacation, She Steps Onto A Red Carpet And Straight Into The Arms à Royal Heir (Westerly Billionaire, #3) ☆ Download by ☆ Ruth Cardello Of A Real Life Prince And The Promise Of Just The Kind Of Flash And Fortune That Tore Her Own Family ApartAs The Soon To Be Leader Of Vandorra, Prince Magnus De Bartelebon Always Gets What He Wants And The Regal Bad Boy Wants The Sweet American Schoolteacher Although He Should Be Announcing His Engagement Of Convenience To A Neighboring Princess, Rachelle Is The One He Desires In His Bed And By His SideWhile The Drop Dead Gorgeous Magnus Might Be Almost Everything She Craves, Rachelle Can T Help But Think That Falling For Him Would Be A Royal Mistake He May Be Ruling A Kingdom One Day, But She S In Charge Of Her Heart And He Ll Have To Win It With Than A Lap Of Luxury As Inviting As It Is The dynamic between Rachelle and Prince Magnus was so much fun to read The way they met at Eric s premiere was hilarious I loved her sweet demeanor, yet she was feisty and held her own Magnus held that arrogance that comes with royalty I really loved it when she would knock him down a notch or two, and he seemed to enjoy it as well They had great chemistry, and I liked how the tension built between these two There was a lot going on around them, with her family s issues and Delinda showing up There was some excitement and danger mixed in their story too I really liked it from start to finish.
Not yet Go back to the guests, Father I ll handle this King Tadeas put a hand on his son s shoulder I am a father first and a king second My place is with you This is one fight you won t face alone You just don t understand how much fun I had with this book Rachelle and Magnus as a couple was funny and inspiring I think Reggie and Finn took the cake but that Epilogue I cried To have a heart that big, fictional or not is unheard of I was invested and loved the love and commitment she portrayed from beginning to end.
Ruth did it again and ROCKED this story from start to finish.
Rachelle Westerly needs a break After years of acting as the family peacekeeper, she decides to go and visit her movie star brother Rachelle is an amazing character She is smart and funny , quite amd reserved and a heart so full of love Rachelle loves with everything she has Soon to be leader of Vandorra, Prince Magnus de Bartelebon always gets what he wants At first I really didnt like the macho ego Magnus has Magnus instantly wants Rachelle Can a macho heart love a macho ego I loved this book, i can t wait to readin the series Very well written It makes you laugh and love and cry It has it all.
Ü Royal Heir (Westerly Billionaire, #3) Ü In Royal Heir we revisit the Westerly family and all that is their crazy, messed up relationships Rachelle goes to London to check on her brother, Eric because he seemed off at their brother s wedding Once there she is met with a very cool welcome and begins to feel like she is definitely not wanted in Eric s home While at the premiere of Eric s new movie, Rachelle meets Crown Prince Magnus Gustavus Valentine de Bartelebon and he is a pretentious as his name sounds Magnus is definitely the kind of guy who gets what he wants and he wants Rachelle While she keeps saying no, Rachelle begins to lose a piece of her heart each time the Prince shows his true self to her and not just the playboy who wants her in his bed.
This is the third book in the Westerly series and I love going back to visit this crazy, mixed up, dysfunctional family It is always fun to see what everybody is up

Excellent story I LOVE the Westerly s This is Rachellel s story and it was fun and snarky, sexy and exciting Two great characters and their individual situations was so enjoyable to read.
Rachelle is strong and independent and loyal but she is unsure of herself Magnus is a Prince with the weight of his country s success on his shoulders and DEFINITELY doesn t believe in love When these two get together it s fireworks The third book in Ruth Cardello s Westerly Billionaire series centers on Rachelle Westerly A schoolteacher and family peacemaker, she takes off for England to see her brother Eric When she meets Prince Mangus, she feels an attraction, yet does not want to open up her heart to him Yet in order to help her brother, she finds herself accepting the arrogant princes help Of course Mangus takes this opportunity to win her over, but little does he know that he has his work cut out for him and with danger lurking in the shadows, he finds himself protecting her as her life depends on it.
Magnus needs to work on those wooing skills, the man zometimes has no tact, would it help if I told you that I normally avoid complicated, but you re one hot mess I can t get out of my head Magnus s girl sure knows how to rein him in when he needs it, he pulled her hand to his lips and nipped it gently But you ve found a quick cure for a b r Magnus is always busting his woman s chops, he lightly slapped her rump beneath the bedsheets Perhaps I would do better with some instruction What does an American man say after a night of good I loved this book, Magnus was a joy to read about and Rachelle did nit make things easy in him.

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