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Grim, dark, fun, and glorious A Little Hatred is irrefutably worth the wait Let me begin by saying that although this is a new series in the First Law World and you can technically start your journey into this world here, it s quite mandatory to read at least The First Law trilogy in order to fully appreciate the intricacies of this book even better if you ve also read Best Served Cold and The Heroes Reading A Little Hatred without knowledge of the previous books would be a similar experience to reading Pierce Brown s Iron Gold without reading his previous three books or reading Robin Hobb s Tawny Man trilogy without reading Farseer trilogy first Do yourself a favor and make sure you read The First Law trilogy first before you start A Little Hatred, I even bi Wars may be won by the clever, but battles have to be fought by the brave I m confident in saying this is Joe Abercrombie s best work.

SPOILER FREE REVIEWWar It s a fight so big almost no one comes out of it well First of all, this is not fantasy as we know it In fact, this is barely fantasy at all Undoubtedly epic, withthan a hint of magic, this is a high fantasy world with a low fantasy feel It s a sign of the times even the big hitters are pursing influence though finance and banking instead of sorcery The First Law world is, for all intents and purposes, our world As a result, the book reads a bitlike historical fiction A lotlike history If nothing else, the author must have done some serious research into the Industrial and French revolutions to so evocatively and effectively depict this kind of terror, these sorts of turbulent times It s nothing less than a deconstruction of humanity And because of that, it s the very best kind of story telling This is history in ac Yep, this was as awesome as I d hoped it would be Witty, bloody, and fun Phenomenal characters abound, and it sets the stage for even grander things to come.
10 10For those who hold Joe Abercrombie s First Law trilogy in the utmost esteem like I do, you will be very pleased to know that this book is the start of a new series set in that same world In fact, some of the main characters in A Little Hatred are the children or other family members of characters from First Law The setting is also a very familiar one, with the action taking place some years after the turbulent events of the first series All of this makes for a wonderful transition and extension of that particular story arc while giving us something very new to chew on.
Welcome back to Angland, where much has changed in the past 30 or so years, and yet in some cases much has not changed The Union still struggles to maintain stability in a land where marauders and enemy armies continually nip at its heels and test its tenuous rule There s also qui A Little Hatred would be a remarkable book in ANY genre Fantasy fans are beyond fortunate that Joe chose this one.
Abercrombie returns to the world of The First Law without missing a beat, displaying the same incredible empathy, evocative prose, and intensely relatable characters, all navigating one of the most intricate and well constructed plot mazes I ve ever had the pleasure to navigate.
Seriously This book is so good, it makes me want to give up writing That is the highest compliment I can pay a work, and I reserve it for writers operating at the level of a James Clavell Joe has earned his place among the masters who transcend genre, and I sincerely hope the wider literary community honors him in the same manner as it has fantasy novelists like Tolkien, Lewis, or Martin.
A Little Hatred ✓ Sometimes you get sent a book written by one of the people whose work you do your best not to rip off I was sent an advanced reader copy by Gollancz Here s what I thought.
Zero spoilers.
For an author, the problem with reading the books of another author whom you kind of grew up on, is that a you re really worried about whether their work will stand up, like when you try and watch The Princess Bride with someone who has never seen it before and really hope they ll like it, and b if you re writing anything of your own at the time, you have to be really careful that your characters don t mysteriously start sounding like Abercrombie s As a writer one can t help but absorb what you re taking in You have to be realistic about these things.
The strength of Abercrombie s writing has always been in the depth and realisation of the character There is now a cover Time to get excited I hope Logan is back.
New York Times Bestselling Author Joe Abercrombie Comes The First Book In A New Blockbuster Fantasy Trilogy Where The Age Of The Machine Dawns, But The Age Of Magic Refuses To DieThe Chimneys Of Industry Rise Over Adua And The World Seethes With New Opportunities But Old Scores Run Deep As EverOn The Blood Soaked Borders Of Angland, Leo Dan Brock Struggles To Win Fame On The Battlefield, And Defeat The Marauding ✓ A Little Hatred ¸ Download by ↠´ Joe Abercrombie Armies Of Stour Nightfall He Hopes For Help From The Crown But King Jezal S Son, The Feckless Prince Orso, Is A Man Who Specializes In DisappointmentsSavine Dan Glokta Socialite, Investor, And Daughter Of The Most Feared Man In The Union Plans To Claw Her Way To The Top Of The Slag Heap Of Society By Any Means Necessary But The Slums Boil Over With A Rage That All The Money In The World Cannot ControlThe Age Of The Machine Dawns, But The Age Of Magic Refuses To Die With The Help Of The Mad Hillwoman Isern I Phail, Rikke Struggles To Control The Blessing, Or The Curse, Of The Long Eye Glimpsing The Future Is One Thing, But With The Guiding Hand Of The First Of The Magi Still Pulling The Strings, Changing It Will Be Quite AnotherFor From Joe Abercrombie, Check Out The First Law TrilogyThe Blade ItselfBefore They Are HangedLast Argument Of KingsBest Served ColdThe HeroesRed CountryThe Shattered Sea TrilogyHalf A KingHalf A WorldHalf A War Savine dan Glokta Wait, what Is that YES WOW Okay Yeah Wow This is something.

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