A Relationship Gone Bad In California, Kylie Strange Moves To Rural Maine For A Fresh Start But She Gets Than She Bargained For When She Finds A Supernatural Book Bricked Into The Wall Of Her New Tea Shop, Strange Herbs And Teas As Soon As She Opens The Booke of the Hidden, The Quiet Town Of Moody Bog Suddenly Becomes A Lot Interesting First The Mysterious And Handsome Erasmus Dark Shows Up [Jeri Westerson] ↠´ Booke of the Hidden [womens-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download Í Unannounced, Claiming To Be A Demon And Warning Kylie Of Untold Destruction She Waves Him Off, Until A Museum Proprietor Turns Up Dead, And The Sheriff Targets Kylie As A Suspect With The Help Of Erasmus And A Ragtag Group Of Local Wiccans, Kylie Unravels The Booke S Secrets, And They Begin To Believe The Culprit Is Someone Or Something Much Sinister Than A Run Of The Mill Human Murderer Award Winning Author Jeri Westerson Crafts A Tale Of Magic, Murder, And Romance, Drawing Us Into The Mystical World That Surrounds Strange Herbs And Teas Generally speaking, I don t gravitate towards witchy books but this one had a couple of things going for it before I even started the description sounds awesome and I already knew I d enjoy this because it s written by Jeri Westerson If you ask me, Ms Westerson is one of those authors who is way under recognized and I ve been happy with everything by her I ve ever read.
When Kylie finds that book, she does what anybody would do, she opens it What follows a coven of witches, a possible demon, murder and a bit of romance turn this find into something quite out of the ordinary but Kylie keeps her cool, for the most part, and her interactions with Erasmus are often laugh out loud funny Even the name of the town, Moody Bog, draws out a smile and, while the pacing is a little on the slow side, I chalk that up mostly to setting things up for the books to come I came to feel really at Kylie Strange wanted to get as far away from her ex as she could when they broke up so when she spotted a place for sale in Maine she figured she couldn t get any further away from California than that Arriving in Moody Bog Kylie has nothing but hope for her fresh start quickly getting to work to set up for the opening of her new shop, Strange Herbs Teas When working in the store however Kylie ends up finding a rather strange book hidden within the wall of the shop, The Booke of the Hidden.
Once Kylie opens up the book things begin happening that she doesn t quite believe A stranger shows up warning her away from the book that no one should even know exists so Kylie tracks down a man that know about the legend surrounding the book only to come away with questions than answers And no sooner is Kylie back from her visit than the police show up at

5 5 stars The Booke of the Hidden is the first book in a new series by the same name, by Jeri Westerson I really, really enjoyed this supernatural urban fantasy read It follows our main character Kylie, as she moves across the country to a town in Maine, where she opens up her own Herb Tea shop There she finds a book hidden in the wall, called the Booke of the Hidden From there, she is swept up in a crazy whirlwind demon hunting adventure that reminded me of part Buffy the Vampire Slayer and part Supernatural I cannot wait to read about this series.
Kylie is a feisty main heroine She has no problem standing up for herself, which I loved about her Even when she first meets the mysterious Mr Dark, she doesn t mind putting him in his place I loved that Kylie was immediatel Kylie Strange, after breaking up with her boyfriend, moves from California to the village of Moody Bog, Maine, to open up a tea and herb shop After finding a mysterious book with occult powers hidden in a wall in her shop, she soon becomes involved with a friendly Wiccan coven, a helpful demon named Erasmus Strange, the local sheriff, and a biker gang that has its own demon.
I thoroughly enjoyed this supernatural fantasy It s very well written, with some laugh out loud moments, some scary encounters with a succubus and an incubus, a bit of romance, and a cast of colorful, well portrayed characters that were fun to read about.
Highly recommended, and I ll be reading the next book in the series very soon.

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