Dear HBO You had a really good thing going when you turned the first book of the Ladies 1 Detective Agency into a one season series Why in heaven s name did you stop Surely not for lack of material, because the books just keep coming Not, either, for the lack of appeal of Precious Ramatswe and her cast of characters, all of whom are quirky and engaging and bring with them the intriguing life of Botswana Please, please sign Jill Scott back on and continue the series through all the books to this, the latest,Case in point Mma Ramatswe and Mma Mikutsi are again deep in their detective work trying to find out why the employee of an office furniture store was fired for rudeness There is disagreement whether the employee was actually rude to a This gentle little mystery series is always great to pick up when I don t want to tax my brain or emotions Like sitting under an Acacia tree, discussing things with good friends, drinking a cup of Red Bush tea There were a couple of surprising revelations in this one.
In this 18th book in the series Mma Ramotswe, owner of the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency in Botswana, takes a case at the behest of af Mr Polopetsi a part time chemistry teacher who helps out at the agency from time to time Mr Polopetsi s acquaintance, Charity Mompoloki, lost her job as a furniture saleswoman at The Office Place for being rude to a customer Charity needs the job to support her children, and Mr Polopetsi would like to see her reinstated Charity claims she wasn t rude, and suspicions arise that Charity s boss, Mr Gopolong, had an ulterior motive for dismissing her The suggestion is made that Mr Gopolong, a married man, wanted to give the job to his girlfriend After speaking to Charity s mother, Mma Ramotswe concludes that Charity might actually have snapped at the customer However, Mma Makutsi who s gradually promoted herself from the agency s se Precious is back along with her cast of supporting characters and I realized just how much I had missed her This is one of my top 5 series and nothing is better than curling up with these lovely people and getting reacquainted It s amazing that after all the books in this series and writing two other excellent series, how current and fresh Smith keeps this story It touches on a lot of old plot lines and although you absolutely do not have to read the earlier books as it works as a stand alone, it is especially satisfying for long term readers I really liked how a troubling relationship from Precious s past is resolved I also loved that parents still have the power to surprise their children I won t sayas to not spoil it for you Not that anything can really spoil it for you because it s not really the story b Ramotswe And Mma Makutsi Are Approached By Their Part Time Colleague, Mr Polopetsi, With A Troubling Story A Woman, Accused Of Being Rude To A Valued Customer, Has Been Wrongly Dismissed From Her Job At An Office Furniture Store Never One To Let An Act Of Injustice Go Unanswered, Mma Ramotswe Begins To Investigate But Soon Discovers Unexpected Information That Causes Her To Reluctantly Change Her Views About The CaseOther Surprises Download Epub Format ò The House of Unexpected Sisters (No.
1 Ladies Detective Agency #18) PDF by ñ Alexander McCall Smith Await Our Intrepid Proprietress In The Course Of Her Inquiries Mma Ramotswe Is Puzzled When She Happens To Hear Of A Local Nurse Named Mingie Ramotswe She Thought She Knew Everybody By The Name Of Ramotswe And That They Were All Related Who Is This Mystery Lady Then She Is Alerted By Mma Potokwani That An Unpleasant Figure From Her Past Has Recently Been Spotted In Town Mma Ramotswe Does Her Best To Avoid The Man, But It Seems That He May Have Returned To Botswana Specifically To Seek Her Out What Could He Want From Her With The Generosity And Good Humor That Guide All Her Endeavors, Mma Ramotswe Will Untangle These Questions For Herself And For Her Loved Ones, Ultimately Bringing To Light Important Truths About Friendship And Family Both The One You Re Born With And The One You Choose

I am a big fan of The Number One Ladies Detective Agency Each year I eagerly await the arrival of the next book in the series I must say this book is farcomplex or complicated than the prior episodes Reading the book is like taking a trip to Botswana AMS provides a look at the culture as well as beautiful descriptions of the land I can see the sun rise over the acacia trees and hear the bells on the cattle heading out to pasture for the day.
Smith has a gentle and easy to read writing style I enjoy the delicate humor and Mma Ramotswe s philosophizing over bush tea Reading the book is like a visit with old friends When I finished the book, I am left feeling pleasantly happy and pondering Mma Ramotswe s mo Third read This series is the ultimate comfort read for me, and since I m an audiobook listener as well, it s an even better listen Something quite unexpected happens to the main character in this book, and I m curious to see where this storyline goes Looking forward to reading the latest volume in the series for the first time next month Second read I ve now read the entire series twice, and considering everything, it s quite likely I ll read them all a third time in the not too distant future Reasons to read this series 1 They will make you laugh and smile 2 The characters are unforgettable, multi dimensional people, who grow and change, and whom you ll enjoy getting to know 3 If you enjoy audiobooks, or even if you don t, you will when you try Lisette Lecat s narration of these books She performs every single book and she is phenomenal I listen to lots of audiobooks She i ê The House of Unexpected Sisters (No.
1 Ladies Detective Agency #18)
à I like Smith s No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, and this is the newest The endings are humane, universal, and not always obvious We would all like to know a person or perhaps do like Mma Ramotswe.
This book has many pages of description, repetition and interior thoughts, so the pace drags in places.
Still, Smith does a good job of setting up the problems and creating suspense about their resolutions.
First, the good news The House of Unexpected Sisters, the 18th book in The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, most of the old favorites reappear Charlie the slipshod apprentice Grace Makutsi, now the self styled Principal Investigating Officer whatever that means the sensitive Mr Polopetsi, high school chemistry teacher and volunteer at the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency kind and loyal husband, Mr J.
B Matekoni Silvia Potokwani, the redoubtable matron of the orphan farm and, of course, Precious Ramtoswe herself Even the wicked Violet Sepotho turns up cooking up mischief, as always Being reunited with the gang is always a pleasure Unfortunately, readers will find the mystery portion of the book pretty thin gruel Precious and Grace look into the dismissal of Charity Mompoloki from an office furniture company, while Precious is disturbed by a news Just such nice stories to read.
Always enjoy this entire series.

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