A volcano unleashes a tsunami that floods Moominvalley, causing the family, no more than mildly perturbed by the experience, to take refuge in a floating theater.
Jansson pokes fun at the theatrical, the overly loquacious, the control freaks, and others, in way accessible to children and enjoyable to adults.

Lots of friends here are into the Moomins, and, now that I've read one, I can see why"Moominsummer Madness" was a hoot.
It's far down in the series, but it wasn't difficult to understand the characters and their personalities.
This is the only one of Jansson's works in our useless library system, and it is rather battered.
I hope I haven't triggered the librarians to cull it before I have the chance to read it to the kids.
(Maybe I have enough renewal time left?)

Beautiful Midsummer atmosphere! Another wholesome Moomin's book :)) Midsommar YouTube Enjoy The Videos And Music You Love, Upload original Content, And Share It All With Friends, Family, And The World On YouTube Farlig midsommar By Tove Jansson On Spotify Farlig midsommar, An Album By Tove Jansson, Mumintrollen, Mumin On SpotifyFarlig midsommar Jansson, T Livres NotRetrouvez Farlig midsommar Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion The Moomin Trove Farlig midsommar Summary Of Book Farlig midsommar ISBNTitle Farlig midsommar original English Title Moominsummer Madness Farlig midsommar Tove Jansson Bok Farlig midsommar Handlar [ read Online Farlig midsommar Å harlequin-presents PDF ] by Tove Jansson Å Om Vad Som Hnde I Mumindalen Den Magiska Mnaden Juni Samma R Som Det Eldsprutande Berget Vaknade Och Mumintrollets Mamma Gjorde Sin Vackraste Barkbt Pltslig En Dag Stiger Vattnet I Mumindalen Och Allting Brjar Flyta En Teater Kommer Drivande Och Muminfamiljen Kliver In I En Midsommarnatt Full Av Trolldom Och Verraskningar Farlig midsommar UtkomFarlig midsommar Wikipedia Farlig midsommar R Den Femte Boken Av Tove Jansson I Serien Om Mumintrollen Den Utkom Frsta Gngeni Finland P Bokfrlaget Schildts Och Drefter I Sverige Samma R P AWE Gebers Nyutgvor Har Utkommit P Bland Annat AlfabetaUtmrkande Fr Boken R Att Sniff Inte Lngre Medverkar I Handlingen Efter Att Ha Terfrenats Med Sina Frldrar I Den Fregende Boken Farlig midsommar Tove Jansson Text Och Kontext Farlig midsommar R Den Femte Muminboken I Farlig midsommar Fr Det Eldsprutande Berget P En Liten Ute I Havet Ett Utbrott Som Orsakar En Flodvg, Vilken Drar In Ver Mumindalen Den Drar Med Sig Nstan Allt I Sin Vg Som Inte Sitter Fast Hus Dras Loss Och Flyter Runt, Men Inte Muminhuset Carolina Lser Farlig midsommar Farlig midsommar R En Underlig Berttelse Dr Alla Spretande Berttelsetrdar Nd Knyts Ihop I Slutet I En Fantastiskt Urflippad Teaterfrestllning P En Flytande Och Grundsttt Teater Boken Brjar Med Att En Vulkan Har Ett Utbrott Ngonstans Lngre Bort, Men Utbrottet Gr Att Det Blir Versvmning Farlig midsommar Av Tove Jansson Tove Jansson, I Farlig midsommar R Det N En Gng Dags Fr Frvecklingar, Missfrstnd Och Ventyr I Mumindalen Nya Karaktrer Introduceras Och Gamla Fr Nytt Liv Med Hjlp Av Ytterligare Dimensioner I Personteckningen En Teaterpjs Spelas Upp Och Snusmumriken Har Ett Viktigt Uppdrag Att Utfra P Sjlvaste Midsommarnatten Jag Lste Alla Muminbcker I Ett Svep Och Det Frtar Alltid En Del Av The Moomin family wild adventures starting with a volcano and a flood which separates themfor a while


Why do volcanoes annoy us so?
Moominmamma rose with a sigh.

‘So very annoying, this volcano,’ she remarked.

‘Volcano?’ asked Little My, and thrust an interested head out of the wool.

‘Yes, it’s a mountain not so very far from here, and all of a sudden it’s begun spitting fire and smoke over the whole valley,’ explained Moominmamma.
‘And soot.
It’s always kept quiet and good ever since I married.
And now, after all these years, exactly when I’ve finished my washing, it has to sneeze once again and blacken all the So awesome! Moominvalley floods, and they take shelter in what was actually a theatre that had drifted by.
Some truly charming and hilarious moments.

Reread 2019: Truly one of the weirder of the Moomin books, and that's saying quite a lot! I've liked all Moomin books this far, but somehow this one appealed to me even more than usual.
The writing style and the atmosphere of the story are exactly as magical as they should be on a Midsummer night, and despite the rather absurd and adventurous happenings the book left me with a very peaceful mood.
There's almost something Shakespearean in this, even though there are no fairies.
The play within the story is hilarious, and the whole theatre thing just made me laugh so much.
I also fangirl Snufkin and this book shows some sides of his personality very well.
Æ Farlig midsommar ¿

“A theatre is the most important sort of house in the world, because that’s where people are shown what they could be if they wanted, and what they’d like to be if they dared to and what they really are.
Moominsummer Madness is the fourth title in Tove Jansson’s series of stories about a family of benevolent, philosophical trolls with downy fur and soft round snouts, who reside in a rather unusual house in an attractive woodland valley by the sea.

Moominites tend to consider this book, first published in 1954, the final title in the series written with only children in mind.
As with the earlier stories, the scenery is pleasingly verdant, but the setting isn’t specifically Finnish, and the plot is driven by a natural disaster as opposed to internal conflict.

The story begins with a rumbling volcano, rain

These books are so cute I love to read them in between other books! Tove Jansson is really kind of amazing.

This is only the second books of hers I've read, the other being The Summer Book.
I was impressed then by the subtlety of her writing and her nuanced depiction of complex, contradictory human beings, but I wasn't entirely surprisedit was an adult book, written about people Jansson knew well personally.
I was not expecting a short children's book about cute made up creatures to display the same level of insights into human nature and behavior.
But it totally does.
It's not heavyhanded; if you're a small child mostly interested in the fun adventures of Moomins you can totally read it just for that.
You won't be slapped in the face by the fact that peopl Take all the self help manuals and holy books in the world, chuck them off a cliff, and replace them with this.
The Moomins hold the key to a happy life.
Volcanos? Great floods? Natural devastation? Separated families? To the Groke with them! Let's all light a lamp and have some marmalade with our tea!

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