Good, fast, entertaining read.
He has his unique style of telling a story that's mot for all, but it works for me.
Light yet substantial.
I liked the first story best.

"Dahil alam naman natin, ang mga kuwentong sinusupil at hindi makalabas ay nagiging mga halimaw.
" (From the third story) If you think this book is for kids, you're wrong.

While this book is told from the perspective of children, all stories are for adults.
The stories are definitely product of curious minds which made me think if Mr.
Ricky Lee himself thought of these scenarios when he was a kid.
It's a good book, but I must say that Para Kay B remains to be my favorite!

For me, the last story is the best.
read all and find out why.
:) Kuwentong Pambata Para Sa Mga Hindi Na Bata

Apat Na Bata, Apat Na Kwento Ng Pagharap Sa Mga Katotohanan At Kasinungalingan Ng Buhay

Kung Alam Lang Download Epub Format ☆ Kung Alam N'yo Lang PDF by Å Ricky Lee Nila Started #2017 with Ricky Lee's Kung Alam N'yo Lang.
I thought it was a clever attempt! The stories were indeed written like a children storythe mood is childlike, but the atmosphere is grim.
Enjoyed all four stories, but I think the third one, Si Inggo at ang Santo Kuwatro, has the most spicy flavor that I'm looking for.
Thank you, Ricky Lee! For bringing us countless good stories and for indulging me on the 1st day of 2017! :) ï Kung Alam N'yo Lang ✓ Not for the kids.
Too bleak and dark and sad.
#Hugot (proper review to come) Ricky Lee has once again brought us another masterpiece.
This collection of shorts unveils what we already know to be true about life.
That it is hard.
It is filled with dying dreams.
It is riddled with death.
It is full of unanswered questions.
The longer we cling to our fantasy that the road will be easy, the more we get lost in the woods.
Albeit the presence of this neverending strife, we ask ourselves, is life still worth living? Yes.
For the stories.
For the journey itself.
For the child you once were.

this book kept me company while i was keeping my father company at the hospital.
plus nabili ko to during the 28th mibf kung saan naka meetandgreet ko si sir ricky lee.
so, maybe an extra star was added coz of those.

as usual ang ganda ng quality ng book.
i loved the art.
ok yung stories.
pinakanagustuhan ko yung kwento ni Carlo at yung kay Inggo Solid 3.
75 stars.




Kung Alam N'yo Lang is a bind up of four short fiction stories (dagli) about children but are not intended for children.
It is seemingly a children's book parents would read at night before your tuck them to bed but really, this is a Pandora's box of monsters we fear when the lights are off.


The very words of Lee that captured my attentionthat you see a child when you look into a man's eye and in the same boat, you see a child's future when you gaze deep into their eyes.
This piece of work scrutinizes the humanity in everyonean innocent question leading to darker alleys and nooks.
It tells stories about these kids and and how there musings reflect 4.
5 rating

Although it was a good read, I didn't enjoy it as much as I did with Para Kay B.
First story was relatable pero wala masyadong depth in my opinion.
2nd to 4th stories had me #shookt lalo na yung last story since I've always imagined life without death when I was a kid.

What I liked about the novel is that it gave the answers my younger self was looking for – which in real life, ganun naman talaga.
Overall, I enjoyed reading it :)

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