Ini buku yang sangat sangat sangat bagus dari sisi cerita, karakter dan keunikan Mantap En Franais Slectionnez La Section Dans Laquelle Vous Souhaitez Faire Votre Recherchedfinition De Dictionnaire Et Traducteur Pour Sites Web Alexandria Une Fentre Pop Into D Information Contenu Principal De Sensagent Est Invoque Un Double Clic Sur N Importe Quel Mot De Votre Page Webkbps Mp Download Duration SizeMB File Type Mp BitrateKbps YouTubeThis Video Is Unavailable Watch Queue QueueYou Can Try Find [Gu Long] ☆ 小李飛刀系列 [world-of-darkness PDF] read Online ä Outabout An excellent wuxia novel if you are interested in it The only gripe I have with it, is that we never read about how Li XunHuan becomes such a strong martial artist, but you have to expect that from a Gu Long novel.
小李飛刀系列 ð There are little hint of Sherlock Holmes element in this, and it s an awesome read indeed.
One of the great What it s dramatically

Gu Long is one of the most famous Kung Fu novelists, in many ways popular than even the master himself, Louis Cha However, I have very mixed feelings about his books On the one hand, the stories are good, with interesting plots I also learn quite a bit about ancient China both poetry and culture from his writings And I love him for his characters on this later However, Gu Long is a womanizer and a drunk, both of which are quite clearly reflected in his books thus four instead of five stars But like I said, I love his characters His stories are rarely realistic by any stretch, but his focus on friendship is touching, if almost naive This book is about how the main character, Li Xunhuan literally, Li, He Who Seeks Joy , quietly suffers for the sake of his friends, even when he knows that they are plotting against him And suffer he does The cold wind act as a knife, using the ground as the cutting board, and people as fish meat.
The snowstorm extends for thousands of miles, making everything seem like bright white silver.
In this cold winter snowstorm, a horse carriage came from the north It s wheels shattered the snow on the ground, but cannot shatter loneliness in the world From these first few lines, I knew I was in for a hilarious and awesome read.
However, about three quarters of the way through probably earlier the writer starts to bog down the narrative by explaining every other line of dialog, or action as some aspect of human nature Every other line is an exaggeration, but the superfluous commentary really started to get on my nerves after a while.
Overall the story moved well eno

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