Being onstage is an incredibly vulnerable act.
It is Luckily, this book gives guidance on how to prepare, give a talk and survive As I ve read other books about public speaking before, not much of it was new to me It mostly served as a useful reminder, with the section of CFPs being the most exciting and unique to me Others books didn t delve into actually getting the talk accepted, only in preparing and giving it.
If you are interested in public speaking, especially if you are in the tech industry, this is the book for you It s relatively short and to the point, but in the same time covers the whole process from conception of an idea, trough research and preparation, practice, delivery and even collecting and analyzing feedback There are a ton of examples from her experience and also a lot of links to articles that expand on certain topics.
I needed some good advice on things I need to give consideration to when I give my presentation This was perfect.
What s that old slogan Looks like a snack, eats like a meal Something like that Anyhow, Lara s short but thorough book could definitely be described in those terms.
I bought this book because I like and admire Lara and wanted to show my support I also bought it because I am embarking on my own speaking career and am gobbling up all the guidance on speaking that I can get my hands on In the last few months I ve gathered valuable wisdom from Scott Berkun, Kathy Sierra, Catt Small, Erica Joy Baker, Carmine Gallo, Seth Godin, and Nancy Duerte about how to give talks that engage and delight and Lara s book provided yet another valuable perspective This book stands out for emphasizing inclusiveness and self care She T Think Public Speaking Is For You It Is Whether You Re Bracing For A Conference Talk Or A Team Meeting Lara Hogan Helps You Identify Your Fears And Face Them, So You Can Make Your Way To The Stage Big Or Small Get Clear, Practical Advice Through Every Step, From Choosing A Topic And Creating A Presentation, To Gathering And Distilling Feedback, To Event Day Prep You Ll Feel Confident And Equipped To Step Into The Download Epub Format ¼ Demystifying Public Speaking PDF by ↠´ Lara Hogan Spotlight

The perfect practical companion to Gar Reynolds Presentation Zen and Nancy Duartes Resonate Very handy and easy to follow advice Since I ve already read a lot about public presentations crafting slides, story building, body language, etc , I didn t get big new insights from this one NEVERTHELESS, all the smaller tips and habits made it definitely worth the read.
Demystifying Public Speaking is a book that teaches you how to select a talk, prepare the talk, give the talk and get feedback It s short and well layed out It s has plenty of ideas and best practice guidelines, but does not read preachy at all A must read for anyone preparing to do a talk in public.
µ Demystifying Public Speaking µ This books offers clear and concise guidance for anyone looking to improve their abilities as a public speaker Whether you re trying to just becomecomfortable talking to a small group of people or you re looking to jump on the conference circuit, there is clear cut advice here for even the experienced speaker.
Lara with this book gives us a lot of info behind prepping for a talk, writing a proposal and so many other things related to before after a talk It was a east calm read and she provided a lot of valuable info related to Public Speaking and how to overcome our fears about it.
Helpful info about public speaking, especially at conferences Beginner level which was right for me

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