Entertaining stories that desperately need an editorI read the Author s three stories together, so my comments address all three While the plots are clever, fresh and inventive, and the majority of characters engaging, there are so many mistakes and errors in the writing, that it significantly distracts from the story Throughout the books passages and phrases commonly repeat themselves almost verbatim There are a large number of spelling autocorrection mistakes, where the wrong word has been inserted, and even mistakes like confusing the gender of a character, or using different quantities of an item within the same paragraph Ultimately I found it very distracting.
The stories also are not helped at all IMO by the ridiculous idea that a supremely advanced AI, meeting humans for the first time, decides to spe Amazing reading rompThis is a recommendation that you read the Expeditionary Force seriesnot just this book o k but all three Alanson spins a fun realistic tale with great characters, plot and story He has created my favorite AI everworth the read just to meet him I can t wait for the next book.

Book 3 continues the antics of Joe, Skippy and The Merry Band of Pirates like the previous two books R C Bray also continues with his excellent character portrayals and storytelling.
After saving earth again in Book 2, The Fly Dutchman is back in earth orbit Joe is called on the carpet for his judgment calls during the last mission Much discussion and argument ensues until a new mission is developed One of mission parameters is find out the status of the earth troops stranded Paradise Since Joe and company are traveling in an advanced alien technology space carrier, the mission must be accomplished without revealing their existence in the process The consequence would endanger all of humanity This causes all sorts of complications but nothing that Joe and his smart assed beer can AI Skippy can t handle.
Meanwhile, back on Paradise, So, not a trilogy I thought this would be the last in the series but nope The ending is a set up for the next installment I hope the 4th one has some new elements because this one just seemedof the same Skippy the Magnificent being an abrasive ass who can manipulate space time but just can t fully grasp humans, Joe the dumb grunt coming up with amazing ideas to get them out of trouble, and the Merry Band of Pirates overcoming long odds to outsmart and defeat faradvanced aliens A fun story but Alanson may be riding this horse too far.
Paradise (Expeditionary Force, #3) ↠´ Best beer can ever I am soooooooooooo obsessed with this series I wish there were 100hours of traveling the galaxy with Colonel Joe, Skippy, and the merry band of pirates to listen to right now Also I wish that RC Bray narrated ALL science fiction books, he is clearly the best Well actually if he could just narrate all books that would be fine by me as well I hope Craig Alanson keeps cranking these stories out and that Audible continues to provide them Will definitely reread again and again 05 22 17 OMG Releasing on Audible in 9 hours Yaaaaaayyyyy Could have been so much better.
I read a lot I read a lot of science fiction I read a lot of military science fiction A cursory glance at my Kindle library supplies adequate proof I also write quite a bit I know that avid readers usually have very active imaginations and actually picture what they are reading in their mind s eye On the rare occasion when I read a piece of fiction that eventually becomes a movie I always marvel at how differently the director imagined the story than I did Author Craig Alanson has constructed a marvelous galaxy peopled dare I use that expression with dozens of species from scattered points in the galaxy His story is imaginative and original to some degree But when I picture the story in my mind, as I read it, the images are cartoons Nothing wrong with that I enjoy animated All reviews in one place Night Mode ReadingSkippy the Magnificent, the glorious sassy ass of an artificial intelligence created by an ancient, now long gone alien race, and Joe Bishop, continue their questing among the stars in search for answers, and, really, anything that could help Skippy find his own folk, and maybe help protect Earth doing so While they re at it, Joe, with Skippy s help, does his best to try and help humans left on an alien planned they dubbed Paradise, which is nowof a jail if not a death trap In the meantime, humans on the said Paradise are just trying to survive They re planting the crops and raising animals, seed stock they were given back in the day, when things were still going pretty well, and no one suspected it s the first and last shipment The The Crew Of The Starship Flying Dutchman Have Been Trying Assure Hostile Aliens Do Not Have Access To Earth, The UN Expeditionary Force Has Been Trapped On The Planet They Nicknamed Paradise The Flying Dutchman Is Headed Back Out On Another Mission, And The UN Wants The Ship To Find Out The Status Of The Humans On Paradise But Colonel Joe Bishop Warns That They Might Not Like What They Find, And [Craig Alanson] ð Paradise (Expeditionary Force, #3) [young-readers PDF] read Online ↠´ They Can T Do Anything About It Without Endangering Earth

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