BY A LIARWhen The Infamous Pirate Black Garrett Learned His Brother Had Been Murdered Because Of A Flirtatious Chit, The Surly Rogue Swore Revenge Tracking Down The Worthless Wench, Garrett Stole Her Aboard His Vessel, Planning To Ruin Her Reputation And Use Her Brutally But As The Enraged Male Rudely Kissed Her Lips And Roughly Felt Her Curves, He Was Transformed By Her Innocent Response Cursing Himself For Caring, Black Garrett Relentlessly Pleasured His Captive And Swore She D Feel The Lash Of His Fury Ð Magic Embrace ☆ Download by Õ Jennifer Horsman The Following Night HYPNOTIZED BY A CADBewildered And Betrayed, Sable Haired Juliet Stoddard Had No Idea Why The Terrifying Buccaneer Had Kidnapped Her, Promising Punishment Worse Than Death Although She Had No Experience With Men, He Seemed Convinced She Was A Brazen Hussy, And Ignored Her Pleas For Mercy Then The Blue Eyed Beauty Felt Black Garrett S Hands Where No One Had Ever Touched Before, And She Nearly Swooned With Fear And Desire Hating The Scoundrel, And Herself Even , Juliet Was Powerless To Escape This Devil S Sensual Trance And Wrest Free Of His Magic Embrace I have no idea what happened in this book Which given the fact that I read it until the end is a bit strange There was something about a pirate who wasn t a pirate, a childish girl, a panther, a parrot who was ironically named Polly, and then something about the French Napoleonic war And yeah, I really should have stopped reading after the first five chapters but I was so convinced that it was going to change and get better but it just didn t And the kicker is that I couldn t even make a emotional connection to any of the characters, it just wasn t written in a way for that to happen So I really wish that I had left this as a DNF but sadly I wasted a good part of 2 days on this book 1 star if only so that it has a rating.
One good night s sleep.
Two cups of coffee Three glances at my notes I m still struggling with what to say about this book.
Spoilers ahead But if you know about what sometimes goes down in bodice rippers, it really won t be much of a spoiler.
Obviously, classic bodice rippers of the rapey era aren t my thing But I had to check out this pirate meets magic story I m always looking for a different spin on pirates It s not that I wasn t expecting the rape In stereotypical bodice ripper fashion, I figured it might show up Garrett, drawing on a restraint he did not feel, raised his hand and lightly landed the back of his hand to her face God, girl I never imagined I was a man who could enjoy rape, but as you look like an angel, you taste like the heavensOkayyyexpected scene was expected But this later attitude was notAs it is, he took her hand again, I will not return you to a

How do I rate this book Hmm, good question In the beginning, I was transfixed Hypnotized, I could barely put the book for the first 150 pages of WTF The book picks you up immediately So, fast and loose review, whilst it s all in my mind stewing about.
I was captivated by the heroine s tortured innocence, and it was quite believable She was beyond naive, until its ignorantly damaged veil hung over her I commiserated with her, I was willing to participate patiently in the revival of a girl s spirit that had been buried since her childhood Devastatingly, even then, her life had been an utter lie.
There were a plethora of surprises AND cliches powerpacking this bit of literature The magic angle annoyed methan appealed to my interests tho Bad pirate dude Black Garrett kidnaps the treacherous woman he believed caused the death of his brother Pirate dude wants revenge But woman is really young innocent virgin Juliet Stoddard and it is her evil cousin who is to blame.
A typical bodice ripper from the 80s But I like bodice rippers Very un PC.

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