Review later to come when I have time to give this last book the justice it deserves.
Overall 4 starsThis was a good seriesthere were things that were annoying but overall goodI think this book could have been betterthe whole Jeremy Tristan thing was confusing and in my option neededexplanationeven tho I got where the author was going it could have been betteror left out completely.
some stuff was still incomplete to me as wellall in all I enjoyed this series.
This destroyed my heart I will never get over of the death of Jeremy Tate, I think they deserve better, and I hope I can readabout Connor and Jeremy, it was very inconclusive, even in the books that follow Connor just say that he wish haven t lost his mate, what happen to Tristan and what jeremy say This simply broke me.
è Civil War (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack, #15) è No puedo creer que por fin haya terminado esta serie La le por primera vez en 2016 y me encant Este 2019 la volv a leer y aunque ya no me gust tanto como antes todo el asunto del sexo se volvi un tanto repetitivo le cada uno de los 15 libros porque Shannon West sabe crear personajes interesantes, si bien no es muy buena aprovech ndolos No me ha parecido un buen desenlace de la serie, cre tantos personajes que al final olvid muchos de ellos Brett, Evan, Tyler, Raycee, Tucker, Ricard, Bryson, Kian, Jim Tampoco me gust que arruinaran el personaje de Ian, qu demonios pas Pero en fin, en esta larga historia que abarc 15 libros, fue un gusto leer las chocoaventuras de Nicky, Gabe, Logan, Rory y Jax Sinceramente los lobos dominantes no me parecieron muy interesantes, con excepci n de Cade, porque los dem s eran pr cti

I have all 15 books in this series and I enjoyed it I read the first 7 several years ago and decided to re read them again since the entire series is out now There is some redundancy in that each book heavily features the mating between the wolf and less dominant partner however, the individual stories intertwine with a larger story that kept it overall very entertaining Book 15 is called The Final Chapter but it appears it s just the final chapter for the wolves being the main story as the author now has a new series out called The Darker Hollow using one of the minor characters Mason, a Jax s little brother and vampires wolves but still taking place partly or mostly in the same area The Dark Hollow 2 books are out in that series so far I m a little burned out so I haven t bought them and I ll wait to 1 5 starsPlot holes all over the place, inconsistencies that are not even funny, lack of description both for characters and action, characters gone bipolar, unnecessary death of a MC view spoiler Jeremy will never be dead for me hide spoiler An amazing finish to a wonderful series, and kudos to Shannon West for having the guts to go where few authors do War isn t neat or simple But in the end it s still what we read romance for.
Has Made The Heart Wrenching Decision To Leave The Pack After An Announcement By The Council To Add Insult To Injury, Ian, His Beta And Best Friend, Agrees With The Council, And They Have Asked A New Alpha To Take Marco S Place If He Refuses Furious, Marco Storms Out, Renouncing His Leadership And Vowing To Start A New Pack, One Not Bound By The Old Fashioned Laws And Beliefs Of The Dark Hollow Pack Joined By His Most Loyal Pack Members, × Civil War (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack, #15) Ñ Download by Å Shannon West Marco Knows That The Days Ahead Will Be Dangerous And ChallengingOn An Isolated Mountain Trail, Marco S Pack Is Ambushed And Attacked By The Very Men He Once Called Friends Nicky, Logan And Landry Are All Taken, And Something Shocking Happens, Something So Tragic That It Stuns All The Alphas And Unites Them In Their Need For Revenge With Violence And Intrigue Swirling Around Him, Marco Has To Rely Only On His Instincts And His Ingenuity He Needs To Discover Who His Allies And His Enemies Really Are If He And Nicky Are To Make It Out Of This Alive

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