I really enjoyed this book for several reasons The biggest is that if I ever decided I wanted to run a marathon, New York is probably the one I would want to run Except I am totally turned off by that 5 hour wait to start Also, based on the 2007 race, it was well before my interest in running so I wasn t familiar with most of the elites featured in the book And obviously all the amateurs were unknown to me Ms Robbins did a terrific job of combining the flow of the race with everyone s personal stories Truly an inspiring look at running and the New York marathon But, oh, that wait Wow This book has always been on my bucket list semi alongside actually running the marathon and I picked this up just about a month before this year s marathon my first I had wanted to finish it before race day but in the end, I took too long and finished about 3 weeks after I m glad I finished after I ran the race, actually, because it allowed me to appreciate the stories in a different way I was able to flash back to certain moments, especially during the last stretch of the race, and remember exactly how I felt as I read the words describing this part of the course The style of writing isn t what I m typically drawn to and is what took me longer to plow through but it s undeniable how impactful and moving the individual runners are, and it s all theintensified when juxtaposed with the elite athlete competitions recounted here as well I found myself becoming emotional at certain p I have a very large collection of books about running I love books about running This is the least compelling specimen of the genre that I ve come across in a while, though maybe less boring to someone who doesn t follow running as closely.
Loved every minute of it, it makes me want to run the race even I actually listened to this one on audio twice The first time, it ended and I realized it had gone so fast I must have been distracted and missed some But in listening again I realized I didn t really miss anything, and, yet, it entertained me all the same I have always wanted to run this race long before ever becoming a runner I had applied for the lottery this year didn t get in, unfortunately and had been reading this to psyche myself up evenThe author breaks each chapter into the number mile of the race Some chapters focus on the history of the marathon, some on that specific location, some on the volunteers and spectators on the course, some on the lives of the amateur runners, and some on the lives of the professionals Everyone has a different but awe inspiring experience in runni

I started reading this book while training for the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon to help me get in the mindset, build excitement, and mentally prepare for the grueling NYC course The book follows several runners some elite professionals and others who are like me average people looking to finish for one reason or another as they make their way through the 26.
2 mile course Each chapter covers a mile and tells a bit of the story of each runner It s an interesting way to detail the marathon, though some of the backstories, especially on the elite runners, went a little long I would rather have hadstories of the people who are part of the marathon the regulars who stand on street corners, hold up signs, have run several consecutive NYC marathons, or who were first timers I also was really annoyed by a couple of falsehoods early on in the book The author perpetuates the urban marathon myth th ï A Race Like No Other: 26.
2 Miles Through the Streets of New York
Ç As good a book as you could write about the New York City Marathon Robbins covers the course mile by mile, tracking a variety of runners along the way She goes into detail about the histories and personalities of the male and female elite runners, profiles several amateurs with inspirational stories, and even goes into the crowds to get a behind the scenes look at some of the spectators, musicians, and volunteers that line the course The history of the race is also covered extensively, but in a sort of meandering way that I think makes itinteresting than a simple, straightforward, 30 page block of text would be.
I think this is a must read for anyone who has run NYC or plans to Whether you read it first to get an idea of what to expect and to psych yourself up for the race, or read it after finishing to reminisce about your run, I feel this is a I really really loved this book I ve read it before but don t appear to have reviewed it anywhere Fun to run into my pre existing highlights on the library kindle copy When I first read this I wasn t a runner, and now the elites this book focused on are retired Something special about reading this on a flight to England though with so much about Paula Radcliffe I liked that it focused on the city and the non elite athletes and volunteers as much as telling the stories of how the elites came to be running this marathon Sunday.
Great book about the New York City Marathon Unlike Born to Run, I m not sure how much this book would appeal to non runners, but as a runner I couldn t put it down It was one of those nonfiction books that is the perfect blend of personal anecdotes and history of the race, which really kept me engaged The author follows personal stories everywhere from the top elite athletes to people who finished in over 6 hours, and everybody in between I liked how it was structured, how there was essentially a chapter for each mile, and each mile described both the actual geography at that location plus things that happened to the various runners at that location such as the street entertainers that were at certain points, elite runners strategically pass Race Like No Other Is A Narrative Based On The November ,Race, But It Is Timeless In Its Themes Acclaimed New York Times Sportswriter Liz Robbins Captures The Enormity Of The New York City Marathon Through The Prism Of Five Representative Athletes And The Experiences That Brought Them To The Starting Line One Male And One Female Professional Runner From Overseas, Both Of Whom Have Won This Race Previously A Recovering Alcoholic And Mother Of Three Who Was In Jail Last Marathon Sunday î read · A Race Like No Other: 26.
2 Miles Through the Streets of New York by Liz Robbins ✓ A Cancer Survivor Running For Charity To Follow A Growing Trend And, A First Timer Who Wants To Check A Marathon Off The List Of Life GoalsWoven Into The Narrative Will Be Supporting Characters Fixtures LikeYear Old Tucker Andersen, Who Has Run The Five Borough Race Every Year Since , And John Codiglia, Police Chief Of The Th Precinct, Who Entertains Runners With His Bullhorn As He Stands On Central Park South Near The Finish Flashes Of History Will Amplify The Present And Provide Insight Into The Neighborhoods And The People Who Have Made The Race Into The Phenomenon It Is Today The Race S Charismatic Founder, Fred Lebow Grete Waitz, The Norwegian Born Runner Who Won It A Record Nine Times Vic Navarra, A Retired Firefighter Who Has Directed The Start In Staten Island For Three Decades And Is Dying Of Cancer And, Mary Wittenberg, The Chief Executive Of The New York Road Runners Association, Who Has Vaulted The Organisation To International Prominence

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