I am, admittedly, a geek I have quite a few geek tendencies buried within Some people seeof them than others This book, however, make me feel even geekier than I actually am And here s the secret I loved every minute of it I have read all of Arthur Conan Doyle s Holmes stories and enjoyed them I m absolutely in love with the new BBC series I do not know all the detailed trivia and don t catch every reference in popular culture but I have probably a greater interest than some Reading this collection opened my eyes to a world of people who study Holmes, research him, write scholarly publications about him It is fascinating and engaging and fun I like that my chosen profession casts a bit of a wider net but pretending to play in the sandbox with these folks for a few weeks has been lots of fun.
Long Awaited Volume Finally Brings To Light Several Cases Of The World S Most Renowned Detective originally Suppressed To Avoid Causing Scandal And Embarrassment To The Crown, To Public Figures, Or To Sherlock Holmes Himself Now, Finally, The Truth Is Revealed About Holmes Exploits Involving Such Figures As Ida Tarbell, Consuelo Vanderbilt, PG Wodehouse, And James McNeil Whistler Related By Diverse Hands, Including Watson, Inspector Lestrade, And Holmes Himself, Detailing Untold Incidents Involving The Titanic, ¿ read º The Game Is Afoot by Marvin Kaye º Holmes Rematch With Irene Adler, The Childhoods Of Both Holmes And Watson, And One Unfortunate Result Of Holmes Facility With Disguise, This Cornucopia Of Sherlockiana Will Delight Fans Young And Not So Young A wide variety of pastiches of all sorts, including one set in Oz, and other writings about Holmes An enjoyable way to revisit Baker Street and follow Holmes and Watson on extra canonical adventures.
The Game Is Afoot æ Editor Marvin Kaye writes in The Game Is Afoot that he thinks Jeremy Brett s interpretation of Sherlock Holmes is an outrage and an abomination Well, I think The Game Is Afoot is an outrage and an abomination to Sherlock Holmes fans and not just because of the unprovoked slight on Brett The book is 512 pages long with only about 50 pages worth the read The rest is just noise The book is in tiny print ouch and grouped oddly Stories with the same plots are placed one right after the other It also includes the complete text of the Editor s own self published book oh, please After slogging through The Game Is Afoot even the most hard core Holmes fan will become thoroughly sick and tired of Sherlock Holmes.
This is fascinating book I stumbled across this book not really knowing what it was However as soon as I picked it up and read the back I knew I had found something different This book is a collection of, as the title says parodies, pastiches and pondering but what it really means are, facts and comments as well as works of fiction by and about Conan Doyle and his creation Sherlock Holmes.
The book takes you on a varied route through the life and times of both the author and the character all the way up to modern times and what influences and interpretations there have been even up to modern cinema although the latest versions have been omitted since the revival of Sherlock Holmes is still going on today.
I would recommend this book for to both fan and initiate since there is Only OK The parodies were the worst part This book is really for the SUPER SERIOUS Sherlock homes fan Which I am not I enjoy the books and I enjoy the movies and TV shows But I am not really so concerned with the minutia that seems to fascinate the author and editor here BUt is all of that stuff floats your boat This is definitely the book for you.
A couple of bizarre stories but the one by Basil Rathbone is worth the price of the book

1 Sherlock Holmes Steele, Frederic Dorr2 The Recollections of Captain Wilkie Doyle, Arthur Conan3 The original of Sherlock Holmes Jones, Dr Harold Emery4 Mr Sherlock Holmes Bell, Dr Joseph5 The Singular Adventure of the Unexpected Doorscraper Grahame, Kenneth6 The Adventure of the Two Collaborators Barrie, James M.
7 The Mystery of Pinkham s Diamond Stud Bangs, John Kendrick8 The Umbrosa Burglary Lehmann, R.
9 A La Sherlock Holmes Loomis, Charles10 The Sign of the 400 Munkittrick, R.
11 The Adventure of the Clothes Line Wells, Carolyn12 Sherlock Holmes Umpires Baseball anonymous13 The Adventure of the Circular Room Derleth, August14 The Adventure of the Marked Man Palmer, Stuart15 The Strange Case of the Megatheri For the true fan of Sherlock in all guises The various authors take the famous character through new tales, some faithful to the Conan Doyle character and others that are a stretch The research chapters almost make Sherlock real.

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