I just finished reading Katie Fforde s, A Secret Garden I d been dying to read this one since I read A Vintage Wedding earlier this month Apparently Katie Fforde has a huge fan base as A Vintage Wedding quickly rose to be the most favorite posting on my book blog But what I found interesting about A Secret Garden is how it s written This story follows Lorna and Philly They work together in the gardens of a manor house It was wonderful to see the passion they had for their work as they spend time talking about notable plants Their friendship flourishes, and they discoverabout each other, as they happen upon A Secret Garden.
Reader s are soon introduced to their romantic partners, Jack and Lucien At times, the romance portion Rating 3.
5 5This is a light, heartwarming, cosy read and contains a several romances achieving their HEA thanks, in part, to the secret garden which is hidden away in part of the grounds of a Cotswold manor house Actually, the garden is so secret that it isn t discovered until quite a lot of the story has been read, so don t panic if you haven t found it whilst you re reading, there s lots of restoration work needing completing before it is revealed.
Having a crush on the person you work for, when he sees you as his friend, confidante and gardener is heartbreaking for the young lady concerned This is made worse when he finds the love of his life She is so focussed on her unrequited romance she oblivious to other possibilities including that of the man who so obvious Humour And Happy Ever After Endings In Katie Fforde S Brand New Novel ForWhat I Want To Know , Said Lorna, Is What Lies Behind Those Ash Trees At The Back Of The Garden Lorna Is A Talented Gardener And Philly Is A Plantswoman Together They Work In The Grounds Of A Beautiful Manor House In The CotswoldsThey Enjoy Their Jobs And Are Surrounded By Family And Friends But For Them Both The Door To True Love Remains Resolutely ClosedSo When Lorna Is [ read Online A Secret Garden ¸ sociology PDF ] by Katie Fforde ñ Introduced To Jack At A Dinner Party And Lucien Catches Philly S Eye At The Local Farmers Market, It Seems That Dreams Really Can Come True And Happy Endings Lie Just Around The CornerBut Do They Troublesome Parents, The Unexpected Arrival Of Someone From Lorna S Past, And The Discovery Of An Old And Secret Garden Mean Their Lives Are About To Become A Lot ComplicatedThe Deliciously Romantic New Novel From The NoSunday Times Bestselling Author Of A Vintage Wedding, Recipe For Love, And A French Affair Lorna is a talented gardener and is restoring the grounds of a beautiful Cotswold manor house Philly lives nearby with her grandfather and owns a plant nursery which she is gradually building up They are both happy with their lives but they are missing one ingredient love Then Philly meets Lucian at a farmer s market and Lorna meets Jack at a dinner party Naturally the course of true love doesn t run smooth and the problems both encounter make entertaining reading.
I liked the fact that the story included characters of all ages from Philly to her grandfather I enjoyed the background to the story though the secret garden itself doesn t come into it untilthan half way through the book I did however want to shake both Philly and Lorna at times as well Lucian s horrible parents and Lorna s adult son However the conflicts made for some interesting conversations Two gardens, three fledgling friendships that could turn into , all wrapped up in a story that was very pleasurable to read Although the book is called A Secret Garden, I had completely forgotten there was meant to be one while reading, as it took so long to be discovered Instead at first the book is about the grounds of a huge manor house, and the intention to reopen the garden that is being restored, in order to raise funds Lorna is the gardener in charge of the garden restoration, and she meets stone mason Jack at a dinner party It is very obvious very quickly how Jack feels but Lorna seems oblivious and rather lacking in confidence when it comes to men Philly is young, grows her own flowers and has a bit of a crush on the man who runs the cheese stall opposite her at the market And it is Philly and Lucien I ve loved Katie Fforde s books for as long as I can remember and also look forward to each new publication come springtime each year Her books are always warm, nice, light reads ideal for curling up on the couch for a few hours lost in a good story She has written so many books and the majority always focus on a woman who is of a particular profession Last year s book A Summer at Sea focused on a woman who was a cook on a puffer boat in Scotland whereas in this new story A Secret Garden horticulture and gardens is the focus Like all her other books it was a nice, gentle read and there was nothing wrong with the story itself but it just seemed to lack the sparkle of her previous books and I can t say it was my favourite read from this author I really don t like saying that considering I have loved everything else she has written but ✓ A Secret Garden ✓ It s a while since I read a Katie Fforde book and this was an absolutely delightful read I was lost in the pages and in the secret garden and was so sorry to come to the end.
It s full of wonderful friendships, relationships and families Lorna and Philly are working on A Secret Garden for when the gardens are opened to the public and are getting read for a sculpture event Philly is supplying the plants but is enjoying working in the gardens themselves to earn a little extra money Grand is a lovely character who makes delicious cakes and cares for his granddaughter.
Romance runs through the book with the two lead girls having had troubled relationships in the past and a little wary of throwing themselves into new love.
Lo I have never been so blown away by snootiness and snobbery Even the names of the characters made me madPhilly, Seamus, Lorna and Lucien I have never been so ashamed that my name is plain old Emily The jobs the characters have, it may as well have been from a children s nursery rhyme plants woman, baker, stone mason blah blah blah I was half expecting three blind mice to turn up There were certain lines in the book that were so pompous I thought I was too rough to be reading it Such as, decluttering is very fashionable at the moment And, champagne flutes are such a nuisance in the dishwasher aren t they I mean come on I wanted to poke my own eyes out so I wouldn t have to read any It all wrapped up in a neat little package at the end and I was so angry I wanted someone to suddenly become a crack head so that it would berealistic and exciting The men in the book,

After my last read all I wanted was a light, feel good read I discarded a couple of books before turning to this one This story of Lorna and her young friend Philly who work in the grounds of a manor house in the Cotswolds is pure escapism and a lot of fun I liked the main characters of Lorna aged in her fifties, and Philly, who is in her early twenties It was interesting hearing about Philly s plant raising and all the garden and plant references Even though I am not a gardener, I love flowers There isthan one romance in this book and of course those romances suffer obstacles along the way Class differences and snobbery, age and family attitudes are part of it The setting is great and I loved the whole idea of A Secret Garden The relationship between Philly and her grandfather is Lovely story.

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