I never attended to write a review about this book, but some comments changed my opinion about to not write a review First, this book is amazingly structured I love that she starts explaining herself, then she goes on about some basics you need She does structure in breakfast lunch and so on.
I cooked quite a lot of food from the book already and not one was bad tasting I can agree with the negative comments about that there are a bit pictures from the author then the food, but still some cookbooks have none pictures So, I can overlook this point and it never bothered me while using this book anyway.
The point with the expensive ingredients, I actually want to go a bit deeper in this discussion and want to say my opinion about it.
First of all, I do live on a plant based diet too I needed to change that from one day to another becau This is an o.
k cookbook I ve read a lot of cookbooks I read them for fun and occasionally for inspiration in the kitchen when the fancy strikes This one, however, has been quite a disappointment for me The recipes are only o.
k , the photography is o.
k , the structure is o.
k I think you catch my drift Overall I wouldn t invest actual money into this one I m thankful I only had it from the library You could certainly find a better and much appetizing vegetarian vegan cookbook with a hell of a lot substance if you tried the Oh She Glows cookbook is the first to come to mind and is excellent for both content and delicious recipes.
I enjoyed some of the recipes There are beautiful photographs but I would rather see photography of food rather than author.

I just spent few hours reading all recipes and I must say that this cookbook is amazing, I personally being vegetarian find it hard to make my food exciting, this book has so many recipes that are easy to follow and most of the ingredients you can find in a local shop The layout of the book is very nice and pictures are stunning.
↠´ Eat Smart ↠´ I really enjoyed this book, its a bit different from so many cookbooks because Niomi discusses a bit about nutrition and exercise I particularly like the fact that although it is a vegan book its not at all preachy about the topic the focus is very much on health and just good food I think it is the beginning of the book that really makes it though, where Niomi talks about her choices and inspiration and the opening sections on superfoods and food cupboard staples are interesting I know some of the negative reviews discuss how expensive some of the ingredients are but i find that to be true of most cook books but i think especially as a vegetarian rather than vegan it would be easy to adapt these recipes.
I do however agree about the lack of photos of the food its always nice in a cookbook to know what Love the style of Niomi It is a nice book with some simple sounding yet appealing plant based recipes However, I would have appreciated photos of the food and less photos of niomi but this being a book by a YouTube personality the photos of her were to be expected I would have also liked to have the time estimates for each dish given next to the servings I do look forward to making a bunch of these recipes and I like how many are healthier versions of good old comfort foods.
Smart S Passion Is Healthy Food And Her Most Popular YouTube Video Series, What I Eat In A Day, Inspires A Global Audience Of Millions To Look, Live And Feel Better Now, For The First Time, She Has Compiled All Of Her Favourite Recipes Into A Cookbook To Show You The Smart Way To EatNiomi S Food Is For Everyone Like Her Recently Launched Snacking Service For The Health Conscious, SourcedBox, She Focuses On Natural Food, Using Everyday Ingredients That Will Work Wonders On Your Well Being And ✓ read º Eat Smart by Niomi Smart ↠´ All Her Recipes Are Simple To Make And Can Fit Into Your Daily LifeAlready An Online Phenomenon, Niomi Creates Recipes For Anyone Who Wants To Feel Amazing From The Inside Out, Covering Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Desserts, Snacks, Baked Treats And Drinks, She Offers A Really Easy Way To Eat Delicious, Healthy Food At Every Mealtime Wake Up To A Tropical Smoothie Bowl, For Example, Whip Up A Roasted Fennel, Lentil And Fig Salad For Lunch, And Finish Off The Day With A Mauritian Curry With Coconut And Coriander Rice, Inspired By Her Travels And With Plenty Of Snacks And Desserts To Feast On Too Try Niomi S Beetroot Cake With Chocolate Ganache Or A Salted Caramel Ice Cream You Ll Be Surprised Just How Delicious Eating Smart Can Be Reading this made me feel so hungry, but it was good as it gave me an appetite for better stuff than I d normally choose to make.
I wish each recipe had pictures with it and less pictures of the author I like the beginning sections talking about basic spices and ingredients you should have on hand though.

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