Oh my, I just closed my kindle I am still wiping the tears away What a fantastic book Ms Valentine has written I admit I have been a fan for some time now, since I first read her Holland Springs Series, which is also fantastic.
I first met Beau when he was working for his mentor, Carter Ambrose, back home in Holland Springs as a teenager in Drive Me Crazy I was very pleased to meet him again after he had a chance to grow up He s turned into one heck of a great guy, even with all he went through to get there Landry is the perfect match for Beau exactly what he needs in his life, exactly when he needs her She has just finished college degree in Early Childhood Education needs to pay of her student loans so she can get her Masters but to do I thought I loved Cole, but Beau is by far my favorite so far He s sweet, loving, willing to take responsibility for his actions, and not a man whore His love for and devotion to his daughter made him so likeable Landry was very sweet but not a pushover They were a good couple with great chemistry Even though other characters from MV s books made guest appearances or were mentioned in reference, this can be a stand alone novel Don t miss it Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN BJTISRBeau Montgomery Is Not The Typical Single Dad For Three ReasonsHe S Rich And Famous He Needs A Nanny, Like Yesterday He Has No Idea If Eight Month Old, Mia, Is Actually His DaughterOnly, Number Three Doesn T Matter To Him, Because He S Determined To Give Up Everything To Be A Standup Dad, Including Racing, Partying, And His Favorite Vice Women Until That Is, He S Invited To Race In Monaco A Dream He S Always Had Now, All Those Trailer ó Burn for You (Boys of the South, #5) PDF by ó Marquita Valentine Things He D Sworn To Give Up Are At His Fingertips, Including The Very Inconveniently Hot Nanny, Landry Basnight, Who S Traveling With HimLandry Basnight Is The Typical College Graduate For Three ReasonsShe S Broke And In Debt Up To Her Eyeballs She Needs A Job, Like Yesterday Nothing Exciting Ever Happens In Her LifeOnly, Number Three Is About To Change, Because She S Been Hired By Beau Montgomery, Son Of Racing Royalty Landry S Parents Are Big Fans Of The Montgomerys, While She Couldn T Care Less All She Wants Is To Make A Dent In Her Student Loans However, That Doesn T Stop Her From Falling In Love With Her Little Charge, Nor Does It Make It Easier To Resist Beau S CharmsLines Are Crossed, And Then Forgotten As Beau And Landry Grow Closer, But When Beau S Ex Girlfriend, Who Is Also Mia S Mother, Shows Up, Everything Starts To Fall Apart For The New CoupleWill Their Love Weather The Storm, Or Will Beau Abandon Landry For The Family He S Always Wanted Okay, I have been waiting for this book since forever As soon as I read Live For You book 1 I instantly knew that Beau needed his own book Call it intuition or just plain attraction, I knew there was somethingto Beau Montgomery than his tattoos and overall sex appeal and I was right.
Beau Montgomery never had it easy, being the illegitimate child of a car racing legend and a woman who passed away in a very unfortunate and saddening way, it was hard growing up normal Having to learn to adapt and find his way was difficult, reading about his journey to becoming who he is now was very enlightening and very slap in the face like Ever since that faithful day that Beau met his now ex girlfriend, Paisley, his life has never been the same Seeing him get all torn up about her and how much he hurt, made me hurt Beau gave her his all and she took, took and to Rating 4.
5 StarsPosted on What I m ReadingWow I love Marquita s books and her new adult books usually hit an emotional punch to the gut Yes, Burn for You does have a strong emotional story However, the level kind threw me off Maybe threw me off is the wrong phrase, butlike surprised me Before I even got my greedy little hands on this book, I actually thought Beau would do something extremely stupid Honestly, I was waiting for it to happen, but the story wasn t what I expect Marquita seem to take a different turn, and it seemed bringthan what I was expecting.
When you read Burn for You, you need to keep in mind a few of the characters cause they play a pretty big role in the story Yes, you have Beau and Landry and there relationship Beau tries hard I just adore The Boys of the South Series by Marquita Valentine and I have really been excited about reading Beau Montgomery s story He has been a secondary character in the previous novels, but he s always had this mysterious hotness and sex appeal about him that has intrigued me and made me want to get to know him better, and in Burn For You, that is exactly what you get to do Beau Montgomery is a very wealthy and famous race car driver who has always had the playboy reputation All that begins to change when the woman who he thought was the love of his lifeand the woman who has broken his heart time and time again, drops the little lady who steals his heart pretty much in his lap Beau doesn t know if Mia is his daughter or not, but he loves her just the same and would do anything, and I mean anything for her, and he does As a matter of fact, Æ Burn for You (Boys of the South, #5) Æ I really thought that Beau and Landry are both very loyal and kind people Landry has always done the right thing she has wonderful parents and struggles like the rest of us with one thing or another in life Right now, she is over her head in school debts and needs a good job That job just ends up being the nanny for Beau Montgomery, a NASCAR driver Sparks fly the moment the two meet But Landry feels like it would be crossing the line to have a relationship with someone she works with Beau feels the same Too bad neither can do it Beau has a child, Mia, who came from a relationship he had with Paisley, who Beau was faithful to, but Paisley wasn t someone who could be tamed or tied down Beau finds out the daughter she had ma OMG I loved this book so much Beau and Landry might just be my favorite couple from the Boys of the South books now.
I m a huge fan of Marquita Valentine I was lucky enough to get an early review copy of Burn For You and have to say I fell hard and fast for Beau in this book.
I ve loved all the books in this series and seem to add a new book boyfriend to my list with each book Have to say that I don t think anyone can top Beau in this series I love a sexy man, but add in a sexy man who loves a little girl who might not even be his, and you have a heart melting hero.
I really wasn t a fan of Beau s ex Paisley through much of the book I felt like she was stringing him along and using Mia to keep him around I kind of felt like she was trying to keep Landry and Beau apart when Landry first took the job as nanny to Mia, and it made me dislike her evenH

I m sorry, but I am only 20% in and already so many issues The hero is beyond pathetic, I have cringed so much at what he has said so far The woman he loves so much is atrocious, but apparently she is a good mum For giving her child breakfast The hero is not sure if the child in the story is his, at five months old DNA test would have been done and dusted months ago And no offence but five month olds should really be munching on Cheerios for breakfast And breath I am determined to finish this, but if the hero does not grow a backbone, the bitch does not disappear and the heroine gets somelove, It is gonna drag Find this review andat kimberlyfaye reads.
Marquita Valentine s Boys of the South is one of my favorite new adult romance series I may be a northern girl sorry, my part of Virginia is NOT the south , but even I can t deny that boys are hotter in the south The girls are also sassier It s a win win I thoroughly enjoy getting lost in these novels with their complicated and likable characters and the stories that are always just a littlethan just a romance I loved Rae and Cole Bliss and Jackson stole my heart with their opposites attract story Wyatt and Lacey s journey exhausted me in the best way possible But all that is nothing compared to Beau and Landry Marquita took the story to another level entirely with this book and to say I was emotionally invested in these characters would be a gross understatement Landry was a great heroine I found her easy to con

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