I find Banana Yoshimoto s style so distinctive, full of feelings and sensations expressed with touching openness, so unassuming and informal Under this limpid surface, as under the millpond skin of fairytale, meanings proliferate like living fishes, flickering in and out of view The story is gifted to the reader with humble generosity I have this for you, the giver says, and what you ll use it for isn t up to me.
There are some moments when corroborations give the little narratives what feels to me like an overly neat coherence, those times when Yoshimoto reminds me, unfortunately, of Milan Kundera Yet even when I feel this way, as when Fumi touches the handle of the forbidden door and feels its terrible energy, the impression is diffused by the incidental accidental heartbreaking quality of the detail, which brings to my mind prob Three stories that tell of young women who are waiting They wait for whatever they believe will make everything all right in their worlds Sometimes sleep helps them wait The various states of slumber are both mysterious and magical They all wait to hear the still small voice within that announces it s okay, you may stop waiting and awaken to life Each character looks for a way to remain calm and find their peace while dealing with guilt, ghosts and loss They are at home in the world of visions and dreams They come to learn the unique qualities of friendships with other women, discovering this as a necessary part of a whole They guide one another to determine what sacrifices, if any, a person might make to find a way forward The writing is both exhilarating and tranquil You can almost hear the character s murmurs and worried whispers to themse 3.
5 out of 5AFTER reading Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto cutest name ever I was really looking forward to readingby her I didn t enjoy this book quite as much but it was still fun to read She writes of contemporary life but also dips into magical realism The book follows three different women who are bewitched in some way into a spiritual sleep one finds herself sleepwalking at night, one finds her sleep haunted by the ghost of a woman whom she was once pitted against in a love triangle and the third in a relationship with a man whose wife is in a coma finds herself suddenly unable to stay awake Each of the three stories were charming in their own way They had a magical quality about them The young women in each story were interesting and likeable as protagonists The writing was the strongest point of the book for me, as it

Hace m s de 3 a os que le este libro, y algo en mi interior me dijo que necesitaba releerlo y me volvi a encantar como la primera vez que lo le , ya que BANANA YOSHIMOTO, sabe envolverte en la atm sfera de la soledad y la depresi n que todos alguna vez sentimos Para qu leer Sue o profundo 1 Para adentrarte a 3 historias que te muestras perfectamente el sentido de la soledad y la melaconlia, desde el hecho de perder a un hermano con coraz n roto, una pareja bastante toxica y una amistad entre amigas que terminaron separadas con la muerte 2 Los sentimientos marcados por estos personajes hacen que el lector sienta simaptia y tristeza con ellos Adem s de que las situaciones que plasma Yoshimoto son tan comunes que te sientes identificado 3 Corazones rotos, amistades fragmentadas, perdidas familiares, son temas que sustenta bien Banana en este libro 4 A veces quisi ramos estar viviendo un su Quy tr nh c Banana c a t i i lo i n th ng th n y V o u s ngh ngayth i c i ki u v n c Chu i n y r i, kh ng l n i u cTrong l c c th l i thi tho ng n u kh ng n i l th ng xuy n ng ra,h , ang n i n c i g v yth l ph i l n l i t d ng coi sao Nh ng lu n lu n, c ng g n n cu i, d nh n v t c kh c ng i n m y, t i v n c th nh p th ng v o h m tr i nghi m cho h t c u chuy n C m th ng nh th t ng tr i qua r i M Banana theo t i nh th con b h nh nh ch ng a n o l b nh th ng c.
Th y, n u h i ra th t i ch ng n i c v n Banana k th c l hay ch n o, th c l i c n kh t p trung Nh ng t i l i c th ch c c c r ng h c l c a Banana th t i ch c th ch tr l n m th i Nh Adachi, ng c t ng t ng v y m t i m m t t b manga n y sang b manga kh c Banana, t i v n c n ang loay hoay t m ki m m t c i t n cho n , c i l do khi n t i m m n v n b.
I don t really know what to say about Asleep It was my first Banana Yoshimoto book and while I didn t dislike it, I didn t necesarily find anything in particular to like about it.
It was weird in that way that Japanese literature is usually weird, and usually I m okay with that Asleep consists of three short stories or maybe novellas and none of them really have any ending to them Normally, I m okay with the ambiguous ending that Japanese authors like so much, but having three stories back to back in the same book with little to no conclusions got on my nerves, I guess.
However, I would still say that if you don t mind ambiguous endings and have a thing for Asian literature, then go for it.
» 白河夜船 [Shirakawa yofune] » Il mio nemico, evidentemente, sono io.
Nella mia coscienza che svaniva, ne ebbi la certezza Il sonno assorbiva la mia forza vitale, soffocandomi dolcemente, come una coltre di ovatta Black out Tre racconti di sospensione, tre storie borderline, in bilico lungo il confine tra il buio e la luce Di questi Sonno profondo il pi suggestivo.
Alkohol, Geheimnisvolle Begegnungen Drei Geschichten Von Der Nacht Und Vom Wiedererwachen Aus Tiefem Schlaf, Drei Geschichten Ber Frauen, Deren Herzen Und Seelen Nicht Zur Ruhe Kommen Diese Drei Geschichten Sind Sozusagen Geschwister In Gewissem Sinne K Nnte Man Sie Vielleicht Sogar Als Eine Einzige Gro E Erz Hlung [Banana Yoshimoto] ñ 白河夜船 [Shirakawa yofune] [vicksburg-campaign PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Ansehen This is probably my favourite of the three Banana Yoshimoto books I ve read so far Asleep contains three short stories that all feature sleep or the lack of it in some way, and also carry similar themes of death loss and love Yoshimoto s writing has that familiar quality that I ve noticed contemporary Japanese literature often has, a very minimal approach that is at the same time wildly evocative Yoshimoto s is some of the best I ve read in a while though, and her prose surrounded me like a soft fluffy cloud, despite the often melancholy subject matter Despite being set in the real world, her subtle touches of magical realism were enough to draw me into aprivate space My only qualm with the collection is that I think the first and last stories Night and Night s Travelers and Asleep are far better than the middle story Love Songs, which I don t feel particularly fussed ab La languidez e invisibilidad sint ctica de Banana Yoshimoto encuentra la compa a perfecta en estas historias de mujeres cuyas vidas se drenan poco a poco por un vac o que no consiguen controlar La vida cotidiana las alcanza y las destroza, dejando tras de s , cuerpos inertes que susurran en sue os la lista de todo aquello que han perdido Y hay tantos elementos en dichas enumeraciones que los ojos permanecen demasiado tiempo cerrados.
Compuesto por tres cuentos independientes, pero con una tem tica en com n, este Sue o Profundo es un complemento perfecto para la inactividad que se agolpa en nuestra piel en los ltimos d as de este verano que nos ha alcanzado.
Porosidad sensitiva y la mirada infinita ante toda esa gravedad que nos hizo orbitar en torno a la historia de amor equivocada Porque si hay algo nece

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