Cantankerous ornithologist Jim Kennoway whose leg was recently amputated retreats to an island off the coast of Maine and just wants to be left alone Instinctively the reader knows there is muchto Jim s orneriness than meets the eye as the elegiac language is often betrayed by restrained humanity In this story, it is the arrival of Cadillac, the daughter of the Melanesian man who scouted with Jim during WWII, on her way to Yale to study medicine that allows the floodgates of Jim s memories to encroach into ours The well layered flashbacks provide the details, and the spellbinding poetic language provides the muted emotions, taut suspense, and pending release in a heartfelt manner But the brilliance of this tale was the evocation of place and time whether is it was WWII ravaged Solomon Islands, sultry pristine Cumberland Island at the turning of the twentieth ce The Solomon Islands meets coastal Maine in this intricate novel about an aging ornithologist s problematic past The novel s rich historical tapestry is constructed through many layers of flashbacks, from Jim s carefree island childhood in 1913 to his war service in 1943 Greenway has a masterful grasp of the six decades that make up her tale, such that she shifts seamlessly between time periods without ever losing the reader s attention An excerpt of my full review is available to non subscribers at BookBrowse.
The Bird Skinner is a novel about a man at the end of his life, when regrets and limitations have begun to take over his days Jim Carroway, the protagonist, was an ornithologist who collected specimens by shooting and skinning them , worked at a natural history museum, and served as a Naval officer in the South Pacific during World War II After losing a leg to a bad infection, he has holed up at his family s summer home in Maine, spending his days smoking, drinking and feeling crabby Even his good deeds seem determined to come back to haunt him his solitude is disrupted by the arrival of Cadillac, the daughter of a friend he made in the Solomon Islands during the war.
The novel is exquisitely written, with a strong sense of place the beach in Maine, the jungles of Micronesia and an affinity for nature The well done bird illustrations are also a plus I also give it high mark This story takes place on various islands the islands off the east coast islands off the coast of Georgia and the islands of the Pacific Jim is an ornithologist He works for the Museum of Natural History until Pearl Harbor He then joins the Navy to fight the enemy While he is stationed as a lookout on a lonely island, he collects samples of birds for the museum A local native, Tosca, a teenager, joins him on the island The two become friends and Tosca learns everything Jim has to show him about birds and collecting samples.
Fast forward thirty years Tosca s daughter, Cadillac, is coming to stay with Jim for the summer until she matriculates to Yale to become a doctor Jim is a loner, and keeps to himself now His past haunts him, but Cadillac isn t aware of this until she arrives Jim is an alcoholic and depressed He is surly and unloving and Cadillac dredges up the past in a way for I might never have heard of Alice Greenway if it weren t for my practice of being in multiple reading groups The leader of one of those groups brought Ms Greenway in to do a reading from her first book, White Ghost Girls, in 2006 I immediately bought and read the book and had that wonderful feeling I get when I find a new author to love.
I ve had to wait eight years for the second novel, probably worth the wait, because there is not a shred of sopho slump in The Bird Skinner While the first novel was essentially about teenage sisters, this one is about an old broken curmudgeon at the end of his life.
Alice Greenway is a tragedian of the first order She sees into the minutely individual ways a human being can suffer It ta

Das ist ein 5 Sterne Buch Das hatte alles drin, um mich zu unterhalten, zu bilden, mich neugierig zu machen, mich mitleiden zu lassen, mich mitdenken zu lassen und bei der Stange zu halten.
à The Bird Skinner à What can I say I am surprised at how high everyone else rated this book so maybe my thoughts are totally out in left field but I didnt enjoy this book AT ALL The characters were poorly introduced and I felt like maybe this was a follow up book and perhaps I should stop reading and buy the first book to become better acquainted with the characters, but no this is a stand alone novel Character names are thrown out at random and it s hard to decipher who s who or what significance they have to the story or the lead character The lead character, Jim, is somewhat of a bore to me too I get it, hes had a tough life but hes a grouchie old man and I got a little tired of the phrase Jesus Christ being thrown out multiple times within the miniture chapters The miniture chapters blah one minute we are in present setting and the very next we are throw This gem of an historical fiction novel provides an interesting read about bird skinning and World War II in the Pacific islands The protagonist is an acerbic, angry WWII vet who is also a renowned bird skinner The novel takes place in the summer of 1973 on an island off the coast of Maine Jim Carroway is back at his family s summer cottage to live the rest of his life In the beginning he admits to himself that he is stuck he d been stuck since the war And being stuck just adds to his frustration but frustration of what He just seems to be a cantankerous old man Deftly telling the story between time periods and places, Greenway provides the reader with Jim s history Behind every curmudgeon is a story, and Greenway tells a beautiful story The catalyst that allows the story of Jim to take place is the unexpected arriva Jim Kennoway, an ornithologist, is a cantankerous old man living by himself on an island off the coast of Maine His solitude is interrupted by the arrival of the upbeat Cadillac from the Solomon Islands, visiting before she heads off to medical school She is the daughter of a man who acted as a scout with Jim when he worked in Naval Intelligence in the World War II Pacific.
Jim has recently had his lower leg amputated His hard drinking and smoking are not helping his health situation The arrival of Cadillac brings back memories that Jim would rather keep buried, times when he failed important people in his life But good memories also surface since Jim loved the study of ornithology Birding, he realizes, offered him both a way to engage with the world and a means to e Alte Jim Kennoway Hat Seine Frau Verloren Und Mit Ihr Den Willen Zu Leben, Nun Wohnt Er Zur Ckgezogen Auf Einer Insel Vor Der K Ste Maines Der Einst Anerkannte Ornithologe Hat Inzwischen Nur Noch Drei Dinge Im Sinn Trinken, Rauchen Und Vergessen Doch Mitten Im Sommer Taucht Ein Ungew Hnliches M Dchen Bei Ihm Auf Cadillac Baketi, Eine Junge Salomonerin, Hoch Aufgeschossen, Schlau Und Erfrischend Unverbl Mt, Ist Die Tochter Von Tosca Gemeinsam Mit Ihm Als Inselscout Hatte JimW Hrend ï read The Bird Skinner by Alice Greenway » Des Pazifikkriegs Japanische Schiffe Ausgesp Ht Jetzt, Drei Ig Jahre Sp Ter, Schickt Ihm Tosca Seine Tochter, Denn Sie Soll Sich An Das Leben In Amerika Gew Hnen, Bevor Sie Im Herbst Ihr Medizinstudium In Yale Beginnt Jim Ist Bedient, Er Kann Keinen Besuch Gebrauchen Und Schon Gar Keinen, Der Erinnerungen An Den Krieg, Seine Jugend Und Seine Gro E Liebe Heraufbeschw Rt M Glicherweise Aber Ist Cadillac Genau Die Richtige, Um Ihm Dabei Zu Helfen, Seinen Frieden Mit Einem D Steren Kapitel Seiner Vergangenheit Zu MachenIn Einer An Bildern Reichen, Intensiven Sprache Erz Hlt Alice Greenway Die Geschichte Eines Mannes, Den Das Schicksal Im Lauf Seines Lebens Immer Aufs Neue Herausgefordert Hat Die Sommerliche K Stenlandschaft Maines Und Die Wildheit Des S Dpazifiks Bilden Die Kulisse F R Diesen Bewegenden Roman, In Dem Erinnerungen An Eine Dunkle Vergangenheit Auf Irritierend Sch Ne Weise Eingebettet Sind In Beschreibungen Einer Natur, Die Ein Versprechen Von Gl Ck Und Verhei Ung In Sich Tr Gt Und Weder Gewalt Noch Krieg Duldet

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