Complete And Uncut Collection Of The EI Erotic Intelligence Series, By Anya Merchant The Inevitable Has Happened, And Technology Has Reached The Point Where It Can Effectively Simulate Any Type Of Experience Using VR Headsets Dan Is One Of The Very Few Remaining Without One, Forbidden To Enter Virtual Reality By Lana, The Gorgeous Woman Of The House The Takeover Is Subtle And Almost Bloodless, And When Dan And Lana Wake Up One Morning, It S Already Over As The Only Remaining ↠´ EI ½ Download by ↠´ Anya Merchant Male Not Locked Into A Simulated Sexual Utopia Created By A Rogue AI, It Takes All Of Dan S Willpower To Keep From Giving Into His Own Desperate Desires The Women That Are Left Have Needs, And He S The Only Man Around Who Can Fulfill Them Dan S Primal Urges Pull Him Forward, Leading Him Into Temptation With His Own Futuristic Harem Full Of Sexy, Off Limits Women

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