Ruth Finds Herself Abducted And Thrown Into A Cell With A Big Scary Alien, Naturally She S Terrified At First But When She S Forced To Get Along With Her Furry, Tailed Cellmate And Her Clothes Get Stolen Things Slowly Start To Change Between Them After They Escape Onto An Unknown Alien Planet, They Re Finally Free To Explore Their Feelings And Each Other, But Can They Survive With Only Each Other To Rely On And No Way Of Communicating Gron Is From A ✓ read Þ Ruths Bonded (Ruth & Gron, #1) by V.
Lancaster ↠´ Matriarchal Society Where The Males Obey Their Queens, So When A Beautiful But Strange Female Is Dropped Into His Cell, He Doesn T Know What To Think Is She A Victim Like Him, Or Is She Being Used By His Captors To Control Him Either Way, He Knows He Must Control His Instincts Or He Will End Up Inescapably Bonded To Her The Delicate Queen Needs His Help To Survive, And It Is His Duty To Serve Her, But Can He Do It Without Losing His Heart 4 love needs no language starsFirst of all, i would like to thank my sweet friend Zoey ellis for recommending me this amazing book Thnks sweety So, this review is going to be a little short not my usual unnecessarily long ones as i ve just reached home after my 3 days long vacation NOW on the book Can i just say i loved that author used Matriarchal as a BG in this book I mean it was so unusual and cool Infact this book was my first one where i read something like this And because i am so much in my feminist mode right now that i noticed something and decided to change it instantly So, as we all know feminism is all about equalityI noticed that i and many GR users use H for hero and h for heroine i know its a lit Sweet alien human romp with an MC reminiscent of a large cat Gron, the alien MC, is covered with fur, has a tail, and vocalizes with growls Gron is sweet, submissive with his mate , and eager to please Ruth, the human MC I love big, strong MCs who are cinnamon rolls around their mates, and Gron fits that description perfectly.
Unfortunately, as charming as I found Gron, I wasn t as enchanted by the overall story Ruth s Bonded is part one of a series, and can be read as a standalone, but ends on a HFN At the conclusion of book one, Gron and Ruth have just begun a new adventure and are still exploring their new relationship I think that each book in this series should be consideredof a serialization rather than a standalone right now, I probably won t be following their escapades any further.
This is a bit of an odd romance, not something I ve seen a lot or or that I would normally be drawn to, though it clearly was interesting enough to get me to read it I actually like this book a lot because the author focuses so heavily on the characters and their interaction It s not really a plot driven book, but an in depth character study of two very different creatures who find themselves in strange circumstances and slowly but surely come together to survive and create a deep connection that, while odd, is nonetheless endearing and sweet and has some worthwhile erotic scenes Ruth is your average 28 year old human woman from Earth and Gron is an alien that s a mix of ape and humanoid features, a species we learn are called the gan 4 to 4 1 2 starsA sweet, sometimes funny and interesting tale about a woman who finds herself abducted by aliens and imprisoned for reasons unknown.
She s not alone.
There s another prisoner trapped with her inside the odd, cold, metal box.
And he isn t human.
His name is Gron He s huge, muscular and furry in places plus he s got a tail A very talented tail And he s one of the sweetest heroes I ve encountered in a while Gron stared at her with hungry eyes, then reached out to brush his knuckles against her cheekbone He was murmuring something that she was sure was very sweet and complimentary They seemed to be on the same page, and she smiled Not that that means anyone should underestimate him He s strong, intelligent, fiercely protective andthan willing to fight to the death for th what the hell is this book.
how did I get in here Did I seriously rooting for the unusual relationship of an alien and a human Nevermind that, THERE S ACTUALLY OTHER books IN THIS SERIES AND I NEED TO read IT ASAP I m confused, you re confused, Ruth s confused, T lax.
fucking Alien, Gron.
nevermind him he can stay sweet and innocent as he like.
I don t normally read books like this, hell, I stay away from them But when people rated it almost similar to Transcendence I can t help myself, bruh That book got me hard Well, now I can safely say, I popped my cherry, btches Bonus Rare picture of T lax ☆ Ruths Bonded (Ruth & Gron, #1) ↠´ 5 stars This book was recommended to me with the promise of it feeling like Transcendence by Shay Savage and I wasn t disappointed Thanks Zoey Ruth is abducted by aliens and thrown into a strange metal hold with Gron our alien hero she tries to make friends with him but they don t speak the same language and have to communicate by acting things out for each other Gron is adorable, he s like a mix between caveman and gorilla with all the protective instincts that you would expect BUT in his tribe they worship their women their Queens rule and can have as many men as she chooses They must obey their queen at all times she eats first, she is always the one to initiate sex, she chooses who can father her children, basically it s a reverse of what we normally get wit 3.
75 stars i have written comments about this book together with review for the next, Grons Fated.
This book by itself felt very incomplete and does not work well as a standalone in my opinion.
5 starsThis is only the second book I ve read by this author but both stories have had unique characters and worlds Gron isn t the usual domineering alpha type that I enjoy, but he was growly, possessive and really endearing I m looking forward towith these two on Gron s planet.
25 stars Well written sexy SFR about a human h kidnapped by alien slavers and a furry betailed alien H For all that they don t understand a word of each others language they were very sweet together Most of the time its only the h H together in the book, except for parts where the little green aliens come in For a large part of book H h are stuck in a cell in a spaceship, later they are in the jungles of a distant planet I enjoyed the simple world building There is a HFN at the end where the mated h H are returned to H s planet.
I think there will also be a sequel which I am looking forward to Readers who enjoyed Louise Wise s Eden or Ruby Dixon s Ice Planet Barbarian will love this book The h is cute and brave and H is growly, adorably sweet and protective and a virgin Note view spoiler The H is from a matriarchal society where Queens have reverse harems like in Kaitlyn O Connor s

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