Right off the bat, the book made a simple mistake it didn t hook me with the opening sentence It started out a bit too slow, and only picked up a page or two in.
There is a lot to love about this book a new world, a mystery about this girl s powers, and fear of death But by the time the book reaches its third or fourth chapter, the flaws begin to show.
The dialogue is stilted and doesn t flow, as is the narrative in many places It feels choppy, and there are a few no no s that should have been caught by an editor sentences with two unconnected clauses, phrases like even though , word repetitions, typos, grammar mistakes, homonym misspellings At one point, the characters change weapons mid fight Some expressions made it hard to read, such as, The idea expanded and stretched behind her breastbone like an emerging seedling reaching for the sun Perhaps a bit t Looking forward to the next one.
I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to another one Can t wait to read about her relationship with her long lost father I also am wanting to see her learning how to develop her skills I d love to see her bring back her friend Galian And a love interest would be nice also I have to say this book really surprised me, because for some reason I am not really a fan of fantasy books I basically read this one because it was written by a women that I went to junior and high school with So I just want to say thanks Candace for opening up my mind toadventures in reading I loved it.
Reviewed for Readers Favorite.
The Roar of Smoke, by Candace Carrabus, draws you into the kingdom of Cirq, which is dying, drowning in killing apathy Legend has it that only the return of the horses can reverse the cycle, but with no Horsecaller, Tressida and Galiann, a pair of teens, are the sole surviving females of breeding age in the city The people around them are fading away However, Tressida has no plans to become a broodmare for her country or anyone else Her focus is to join the Horseguard, whether or not there are any horses It isn t until the city is attacked that she discovers that plans for her future, whether her own or anyone else s, might as well be written on air Fleeing moments ahead of an invading force, she realises that she harbours a strange power, and it s out of her control.
The Roar of Smoke is a well written, evocative tale I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Tressida has always been different from others but not until the threat of invasion were the reasons why started to be revealed to her Though her parents were not around to raise her she never lacked for love from her Gran When she witnesses her Gran doing something that she has ever seen before and is then forced to flee the only home she has ever known, she does so withquestions than answers While trekking through the land to reach Siblan Tressida learns many new things about herself and this power that she contains within She is terrified of what lies within her for the only thing she has seen it do is harm and bring danger to those she holds dear All she ever wanted in life was to be around horses Once they returned to the land she had hope but even that is quickly taken away from her How Great readThoroughly enjoyed The Roar of Smoke It was great to see another side to the Cirq story after reading the Horse caller I look forward to readingbooks in this series.

I liked it It has a lot of adventure Easy to read.
É The Roar of Smoke, A book of the Meldborn ï I love this I can t wait for .
I will be also leaving a review on Goodreads .
And letting everyone know about it.
So i gave it a 5 Stars.
Excellant Great story Good plot and interesting twists to the story Characters come alive and feel real Only complaint is she ends her stories or at least it seens to me it ends abruptly Would like a bitresolution Have read all her books and will continue to buy her others as they come out Love the way horses are woven into all her stories Tressida wishes she could see a horse She has studied horses, and their care, since she was a child But the horses are gone and no one knows why Suddenly, Gran comes to her and tells her to get Galiann, a young girl, and leave Cirq with her The Derrians are overtaking the city and it is not safe for Tressida and Galiann Both girls are to make their way to Siblan and find Warden Kadre and sage Marzak Gran tells Tressida to be safe and not spin her smoke Not spin her smoke What is Gran talking about As Tressida and Galiann make their way to Siblan, Tressida realizes she is different but she does not understand what is happening Once they reach Siblan, Tressida discovers Warden Kadre is her grandfather and tries to explain what she is Tressida is a meldborn meaning half sage and half crone.
translation, very p Is A Smoke Spinner, A Meldborn It S A Lethal Legacy, A Forbidden Force Daughter Of Crone And Sage, She Should Have Been Killed At Birth Now She S Seventeen, Wanting Only To Be A Member Of Her Land S Vanished Horseguard And Discovering She Is Than She Ever Knew, As First Her Eyes And Then Her Hair Turn To Smoke Just As She Learns She Can Fulfill Her Dream Of Working With Horses, Her Talent Awakens An Ancient And Deadly Feud Trailer æ The Roar of Smoke, A book of the Meldborn PDF by ê Candace Carrabus On One Side Those Claiming The Honor Of Destroying A Meldborn On The Other Those Intending To Use Her For Their Own Ends Tressida Must Master Her Power In Order To Save Herself And Those She Loves Is She Strong Enough Or Will The Roar Of Smoke Consume Her

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