Husband Left Her For Another ManHer Boyfriend May Be CheatingHer Mother S Got A SecretIs Everyone Having Great Sex But Rachel Lately, Stand Up Comic Rachel Katz S Life Has Begun To Resemble A Not So Funny Comedy Routine The Kind Where Nobody Laughs And Everybody Inches Toward The DoorIt Began When Her Husband Cheated With Another Man Now She S Raising A Ten Year Old Son Who S Fixated On [Sue Margolis] î Spin Cycle [x-men PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Barbra Streisand And Wondering If Her Dentist Boyfriend Who Won T Stop Flossing Long Enough To Make Love To Her Is Having An AffairEnter Matt Clapton, A Wickedly Sexy Washing Machine Repairman Who Likes Rachel S Jokes And Makes Her Feel Like A Woman For The First Time In Ages Maybe In Her Entire LifeWith Her Mother Busy Planning A Wedding Rachel Isn T Sure She Wants, Her Son Dead Set On Inviting Barbra To The Reception, And The Groom To Be In South Africa, Working On Someone Else S Oral Hygiene, The Question Is What S She Going To Do About It Especially When Fame And Fortune Beckon In A Comedy Contest That Could Put Her On The Map And Change Her Life ForeverSpin Cycle Tells A Wickedly Funny, Shamelessly Erotic Story Of Lovers And Liars, Exes And Children, Parents And Other Strangers This Hip And Hilarious New Novel By The Acclaimed Author Of Neurotica Introduces A Heroine Who Never Loses Her Sense Of Humor And Who Discovers, Somewhere Between The Rinse And Spin Cycles, That Love And Laughter Can Truly Conquer All Got this From Angi.
sexy funny book.
Totally predictable chick lit, and not all that good The main character is a comedian, so the book is crammed full of bad bad jokes, many of which are supposed to be funny I probably wouldn t have read the whole thing, had I not been on a plane.
Fun afternoon read, don t expect depth and you ll be fine.
â Spin Cycle ✓ I bought this book at a friends of the library book sale I wasn t expecting the explicit sex scenes It was just okay as a book Not awful, but not a favorite.
This book is so stupid It s about a girl named Rachel who is trying to be a stand up comic Her and her husband are divorced because her husband was gay and she s engaged to a dentist who randomly goes to south africa for a month She thinks he s cheating on her even though he s not really in the story at all so she starts cheating with a washing machine repair man She falls in love with him, her and the fiance break up, and they all live happily ever after The characters are very under developed and I just didn t care about this story at all Im guessing I ll forget what it was about within a couple weeks it was that unmemorable.
I read a bunch of books from this author a while ago and they were both nearly the same, so I needed a break before I picked this one up because I knew it would be the same as well And it was Since all the sex scenes in all her books are all the same, I wonder how the guy who is married to the author thinks about it It s books like this that make you realize how much of the author is really in them and am I ready for that if I ever get around to writing my book Probably not.
Anyway, Girl is dating engaged to some dude who is totally straight laced while she has quit her job and is trying to be a stand up comic To make money for her and her kid, she also cleans houses One of the houses she cleans, the washer dies one day and some Dude comes to fix it Their relationship kind of comes out of nowhere, as the dude she is dating is away a This is a book I rescued from remaining unread somewhere I just can t remember exactly where I thought it might make a quick light read between mypithy books, but it just didn t grab me It wasn t exactly bad, but I guess I wasn t in the mood for the trials and tribulations of a wanna be stand up comic single mom, and all the cast of characters in her life the gay ex husband, the pushy mother with a secret, fiance who may be cheating on her, the son who wants to invite Barbara Streisand to the wedding, the icky Pitsy, thus named because of the tarantulas that live in her armpits, the weird super rich folks whose house she cleans and, of course, the ridiculously sexy, understanding, funny, etc washing machine repairman who actually likes her jokes Can t do it Sorry There are just so many other books screaming to be read that I m going to put it This was a cute read Entertaining is a great way to describe it and I loved every minute of it This was my first novel by author Sue Margolis, and I think I started with the right one Spin Cycle cracked me up It was witty, and cleverly written and not to mention sexy That washing machine man really knew how to handle his load wink.
Rachel Katz is a struggling comedienne who has accepted that her ex husband left her for another man, convinced that her fianc is cheating on her, worried about her son s obsession with Barbra Streisand, and trying to figure out her mother s sexy secret all at the same time She meets and falls hard for Matt Clapton, the sexy washing machine repairman who understands her and supports her and sweeps her off her feet A British Chick Lit Incredibly funny, although it should be since the main character is hoping to make comedy her career Sue s books are all quick and enjoyable reads.
Rachel Katz is devotedly pursuing a second career as a stand up comic, much to the chagrin of her parents and her fiance, Adam To support herself and her 10 year old son, Sam, Rachel works as a cleaning lady for an eccentric couple who claim to be descendants of Karl Marx Into Rachel s seemingly organized life walks Matt Clapton, a sexy washing machine repairman With pressure from Adam and her mother, Faye, to set a wedding date, a distraction like Matt is the last thing she needs But as she begins to seeof Matt, Rachel finds herself in bed, and possibly in love, with him Meanwhile, Adam has taken off to South Africa for a month and may be having an af

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