FOUR STARS ARC Generously Provided by AuthorThat first night you came to me I was so lost I was terrified to live, Austin Terrified to feel But you broke through all those barriers You made me remember what it felt like to hope What it felt like to believeThis is the fourth installment of the Bleeding Stars series and each book can be read as a standalone The series revolves around the lives of each member of the band called SUNDER I have never read anything by A.
L Jackson but I ve always wanted to and since Wait is a second chance romance with a Rock Star I just had to give this one a try I really struggled with this book I had been reading it for three nights and honestly for the first 60%, I was so disconnected and unhappy with the story, I almost gave up I even contemplated skipping to the last two chap After starting this series with A Stone in the Sea, I couldn t Wait to get Austin s story most The lost, troubled, beautiful boy But he ain t no boy any though in this story This story is full of sadness, pasts full of horrific events, heartbreaking circumstances It s a story of two lost souls, about a love so strong it can overcome and heal anything and anyone Austin has lived with losing his other half of his soul, his twin brother in a tragic accident He s carried the blame on him for several very long years and there is only one person in this world that has allowed him to breathe freely But he loses her Again.
Edie, a beautiful soul that has carried the weight of the greatest loss on her shoulders for years She has herself locked 4.
5 Stars Beautiful, Yet Tormented Austin Gets His Second Chance Three years, Austin Three years gone I gave my life to you, and then I gave you the space you asked for Now I need you It s timeI have been on a wonderful journey with the boys of the rock band Sunder and anxiously aWaited reading Austin s story The boy who always wears a hoodie to try to hide his guilt, his fears, his misery He is the younger brother of the band s lead singer, Sebastian Stone, who was introduced in the first book of this series, A Stone in the Sea Since the age of eight, Austin was basically raised by Sebastian, on the heels of a mistake of epic proportions for which Austin will never forgive himself and Sebastian tells the ultimate I m super excited to bring you Wait 5 INTENSE STARS He s been my safety.
My haven.
L Jackson delivers one of the most intense, poetic, beautiful, emotional and sweet stories I have ever read I was emotional while I was reading it aching for both characters needing to see them happy From the very first moment I felt connected to the characters.
8 But you gotta know I ve never wanted anything.
the way I want you I was excited and anxious for Austin s story not sure what to expected but OMG it was everything I loved him, he was mysterious, sweet, protective and broken He suffered a lot and Eddie was the one to save him She was the light to his darkness, she was everything to him Fate brought them together, giving them a second chance We ve always been an us,Edie.
Now we ve gotta figure out how to keep that us together.
I highly recommend this beautiful story to all the lovers of seco 4 StarsI wished upon every damned star in the sky for a second chance For something I could do to truly make it right when I d done her so fucking wrong To be good enough for this girl who was so obviously created for meWait is the first book I have read by A L Jackson and I really enjoyed it Wait is book four in the Bleeding Stars series but can be read as a standalone I found it to be very well written and quite emotional It is a story about love, loss and unimaginable tragedy This story at times literally broke my heart and I really felt for the two characters, for all the pain they had to endure losing the one person who is your whole world If you love emotional, poignant second chance love stories then this is def She Is His Strength And He Is Her Weakness And This Time He Won T Let Her GoEdie Evans Is GorgeousSexyKindShe S Also The Definition Of Off LimitsBut That Didn T Stop Me From Sneaking Into Her Room To Comfort Her At NightBut Guys Like Me We Destroy Everything, So It Should Have Been No Surprise When I Destroyed Us, TooThe Night I Sent Her Running, I Thought I D ñ read Í Wait by A.
Jackson º Never See Her AgainUntil I Saw Her Standing Like A Vision In The CrowdAustin Stone Is DangerousAlluringTemptingHe Broke My Heart And I Refused To Give Him The Chance To Do It AgainIt S Been Years Since I Ve Seen Him, And Now I Can T Do Anything But Stare At The Gorgeous, Tattooed Man Playing Onstage I Should Run I Know I Should But Like A Fool, I Run Straight Back To HimOur Desire Is OverpoweringOur Need UnrelentingShe Is My HopeHe Is My WeaknessWe Should Have Known A Passion This Intense Would Burn Us Right Into The Ground ✓ Wait Æ I will admit, for the first time in my reading relationship with AL Jackson, I was a little apprehensive about the story I knew she planned to write because I knew who it was about I knew I didn t much care for the hero she had in mindHe wasn t someone who had been awful and needed to redeem himself, I had just never cared for him and wasthan happy to never have to see him again Not that that would stop me from reading something of AL s.
And then she threw him in my face by writing his storyAnd then he burrowed himself so deeply in my heart that I think I walked around like a teenage girl in love whenever I d gotten done reading bits and pieces of the utterly swoon worthy, broken man that was Austin.
I should ve known that AL would never give us a hero who was less than incredible, that Austin and Edie s story would be equally beautiful and d Get it hereUSUK Wait is a second chance romance featuring a hot musician and a broken woman Austin and Edie were the best of friends when they were younger and shared everything with each other But when Austin betrayed her trust Edie ran and the two remained separated for years Now Austin has also left home and a chance encounter brings these two together once again when they end up in the same town But Austin broke her trust once and Edie isn t sure she can give him that again I did enjoy this story and getting to know some about these characters I liked that Austin never lost his feelings for Edie and when he found her again he was ready to get her back Both characters had their reasons for not wanting to jump into a friendship relationship again but their connected was just so strong that they couldn t deny how the other Sadly I didn t like this one at all You know I love my second chances, and Take This Regret is one of my favorites ever, but not Wait First I started and stopped too many times, for some reason I couldn t deal with the writing style even though I ve read and loved some of this author s books before There was so much inner dialogue and some much purple prose And Edie, I just couldn t connect with her one bit, not that I didn t feel sorry for her hard life, I just couldn t connect with her and her actions I also failed to see what made her so special to Austin I think she was just underdeveloped There s zero indications of what even her life aspirations were I dunno, this is probably a its me and not the book case but this one was a total disappointment

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