Bikini Van James Patterson Verdwijnt Op Een Van De Paradijselijke Stranden Van Hawaii Een Prachtige Jonge Vrouw Nog Voor Haar Zwaar Verminkte, Levenloze Lichaam Wordt Gevonden, Raakt Er Nog Een Jonge Vrouw Vermist Journalist Ben Hawkins Wordt Naar Hawaii Gestuurd Om Verslag Te Doen Van Het Onderzoek Naar De Sensationele Moord Hij Raakt Ongewild Betrokken Bij Het Dodelijke Spel Dat De Moordenaar Speelt En Moet, Om Te Overleven, Een Pact Met De Duivel Ó Swimsuit æ Download by Ó James Patterson Sluiten If I could give this book negatives stars I would This is the worst book I have ever finished The violent pornographic killing of a young woman left me sick to my stomach and left an image in my mind I wish terribly was not stuck I should have put the book down stopped listening right then but I felt compelled to bring the evil doer to justice.
Do not read or listen to this book Although I have never seen any of the movies it is probably a Saw like vehicle to shock and awe the reader I was shocked and wanted to see justice done so I waded though to the end I think a 5th grader could have written a bettercomplex ending than is in this book.
Again do not read this book The premise of this story is that Ben Hawkins, former cop and current novelist, is being forced by a sociopathic serial killer to write a book about the killer s life and crimes The killer s modus operandi is to videotape the sexual abuse, torture, and murder of his victims so that a group of sick voyeurs can watch, enjoy, and pay Thus the killer profits literally from his crimes The book starts out with the torture murder of a beautiful Swimsuit model but the killer s victims are quite eclectic and he branches out to older adults, young girls and boys.
whoever strikes his fancy For me the premise was unbelievable, the characters were flat, and the story was not very original I don t recommend this book You can follow my reviews at

No spoilers Swimsuit is the latest book James Patterson has written I wish I could say that I ve read all of his books like many other faithful reviewers, but truthfully, I ve only read about ten But from my experience with Patterson and his slew of coauthors, I know that his books tend to grab on to you from the beginning, lead you through a suspenseful and twisty storyline, and let you off safely at the end They aren t very thought provoking or seen as classics, but they are fun reads, indeed Swimsuit fails to even live up to this simple technique Like other reviews and actual people I ve discussed the book with, I too agree that there is a lot of gratuitous sex and gore, but that isn t what ruined this title for me One reason is that there is barely any suspense You figure out who the killer is on the first page That makes it pretty 3.
5 Pretty decent book Quick and entertaining enough for an afternoon read The plot was actually intriguing and disturbing so the pages flew by I liked the Hawaii theme The tell all book aspect actually picked up on the pace of the story My quick and simple overall quick and entertaining.

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