Camden and Amanda are back When Elena Reyes announced she was writing this follow up novella all from Camden s point of view I was beyond excited Elena is the queen at writing the male point of view that is what made me a fan of hers from the begging Now she has brought us Taunting Lips and I think the queen can relax on her throne Camden is going to make you want to kiss him silly but only after you kick him in the shin for being stupid Elena was able to create these tangible emotions that Camden feels come across so vividly to the reader I can not say enough about this book or this series It simply is an emotional roller coaster that you need to experience for yourself.
I thought I fell in love with Elena s writing after reading Teasing Hands After reading Taunting Lips, I have to admit I may have a small woman crush on her Camden stole my attention in Teasing Hands, but stole my heart in Taunting Lips I felt so much raw emotion from him My heart broke for him, cried for him, and cheered for him through out the whole book There was a few times I wanted to punch something or someone and Im totally glad that he got through it all Im so glad I found Elena s books They bring me so much joy Body Was My Greatest Damnation I Craved Her And The Way She Came Alive Beneath My Fingers The Way She D Let Me Force My Will Upon Her Tender Flesh, So Breakable And Trusting Open To All I Could Teach Her The Moment I Laid Eyes On My Defenseless Gatita, Everything Within Me Shifted Everything About Her Sang To My Most Basic Of Needs She Made Me Want Things That Never Mattered Before, That Had No Place Within My Solitary ExistenceAmanda Let [Elena M.
Reyes] ☆ Taunting Lips (A Teasing Hands .
5) [the-americas PDF] read Online ð Me Take She Let Me Gorge Myself On All She Had To Give And Never Complained I Became Addicted To Her I Was Supposed To Be The One In Control The Master Of Our Time TogetherBut This Was Never My Game I Was Never In Charge And Now, I M Left Dealing With The Consequences Of Everything My Hunger, Denialthe Resentment I Hate That I Love You 6 massive stars Just when I thought it wasn t possible for me to love Camden and Amanda anyafter reading book 1, Elena M Reyes went and did the impossible I was completely blown away with this story, and am officially willing to go all caveman on any woman who thinks she can have Cam for her own I am staking my claim, and am not afraid to bring out my club and knock a woman out Being able to see inside the complicated mind of Camden was really something else I knew he was intense, but did not realize the complete extent of it until now I LOVED how the story was told from his POV I often find myself not enjoying a book that re tells the same story in another POV, but Elena seriously KILLED it in this one I received an ARC in return for an honest review.
WOW WOW WWWOOOOOWWW Oh how I loved Camden in Teasing Hands, so to get a glimpse into his side of what happened was amazing His love for Amanda shines through and I really did feel for him and want to tell him it would all be okay He never gave up on how he felt and it was great to get to hearabout his past, and why he comes across the way he does No spoilers here you will have to ready it for yourself All I will say is, I didn t think it was possible to love him any He is not a 2 dimensional character who just wants to get what he wants, he really has fallen head over heels and it comes as a shock to him too.
The emotions portrayed were believable and I was pulled in from the first page and couldn t read this fast enough The only downside to that was it was over way too quick I was so excited to get to read this books This series is like my naughty little delightful books They keep begging you to come back for me, and my goodness does this Author do a literal slam dunk in showing us Camden s inner working.
From Teasing Hands we got to learn about Amanda, the college basketball player who meets bad boy Camden Amanda is looking towards her future, and leaving her past behind and an ex all in one long swoop What she didn t see coming was an over the top alpha male, with hands to do die for Camden has finally figured out what his future holds, but his past keeps holding him back His ex wife utterly destroyed him He know thinks most women are out on the same vendetta Little did he know this bombshell Amanda would walk into his life and flip his whole world upside down in the best possible way.
This book is the background of his mind set, and seriously if ✓ Taunting Lips (A Teasing Hands .
☆ If you loved Teasing Hands then you need to read Taunting Lips Do not read this without first reading Teasing Hands Taunting Lips is from Camden s point of view and he has a lot to say It was really refreshing to hear from Camden and after reading his story, I fellin love with him then I was before Yes, I know he loves Amanda, so I will graciously love him from the shadows I ve always wondered exactly what Camden was thinking when he was with Cynthia and now I know, so thank you Elena M Reyes for the insight Teasing Hands and Taunting Lips are both must reads, so do yourself a favor and pick them immediately You won t be disappointed

A taunting nymph sent from hell to break me This story is from Camden s point of view starting from when Amanda walked out on him I love seeing both character s thoughts on what is going on in the story, and Camden doesn t disappoint He s angry and grumpy He s in love with Amanda but doesn t want to be, he s too afraid of being hurt again I know that feeling This book takes us through his struggle to come to terms with his feelings for Amanda, his past and himself There is not as much sex in this book as there is in Teasing Hands because they are not together, but the sex there is, is H O T I give this book 4 stars with 3.
5 hands down the pants.
I received this book as an ARC for an honest review I am not one to give many 5 star reviews and it is even rarer on a short story but this one I could not put down after the first word This book is not meant as a stand alone it is a accompaniment to Teasing Hands In this book we see how Camden felt during all those moments we read about in Teasing Hands I found this short story to be amazing it is not just snippets we see where both Amanda and Camden are now How he felt that first time he met her and what lead to that first meeting in the club We also see how all the other major moments are felt from Camden s point of view We also get a glimpse into some of the other characters and how they were introduced to Camden How they fell about him and what conversations he had with them I was honored enough to receive an ARC for this book Love love Camden in Teasing Hands This novella is in his pov.
Camden is an alpha hot ass man I need me a Camden.
bad Miss Elena mami , you did it again Amazing Thank You

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