Roland Barthes on Sound and Vision to quote the great David Bowie I can t imagine if you love the cinema you haven t read this book Do read it, I think it s essential work in film studies as well on aesthetics in general.
Barthes is not as difficult as he initially seems to people including myself The guy has what every great critic has a sense of humour, pristine prose, and razor sharp insight And don t mistake him for a cut and dry New Critics level formalist I have nothing against them, let me note his reasoning is better and his ambitions greater The New Critics can be seen as reductive in certain respects but if Barthes commits an act of apparent reduction, it is to open whole avenues of exploration there are exceptions, but that is the rule The three really famous essays contained here are all worthy of their acclaim, especially The Death of the Author, which has to be one of the most concise and cutting and connotation packed essays in literary theory Barthes is frequently misinterpreted and the victim of prejudice, especially from the Anglo American academy to which I profess allegiance, Image Music Text Brings Together Major Essays By Roland Barthes On The Structural Analysis Of Narrative And On Issues In Literary Theory, On The Semiotics Of Photograph And Film, And On The Practice Of Music And VoiceThroughout The Volume Runs A Constant Movement From Work To Text An Attention To The Very Grain Of Signifying Activity And The Desire To Follow In Literature, Image, Film, Song And Theatre Whatever Turns, Displaces, Shifts, DispersesStephen Heath, Whose Translation Has Been Described As Skilful And Readable TLS And Trailer ó Image-Music-Text PDF by Ó Roland Barthes Quite Brilliant TES , Is The Author Of Vertige Du D Placement, A Study Of Barthes His Selection Of Essays, Each Important In Its Own Right, Also Serves As The Best Introduction So Far To Barthes Career As The Slayer Of Contemporary Myths John Sturrock, New Statesman 4.
5 ✓ Image-Music-Text ✓ This is a classic work of critical theory by the French writer Roland Barthes It is by turn illuminating, bewildering, infuriating, contradictory, and revelatory For graphic designes, the most relevant essays are The Rhetoric of the Image, about the signification of commercial photography, and The Death of the Author and From Work to Text, about new models of reading and writing The last two piece in particular had a big impact on experimental design in the late 80s and early 90s Those were some inventive times.
Image Music Text comprises a number of texts by Roland Barthes, with edition and selection by Stephen Heath The topics covered are broad in both content and subject, ranging from considerations on Eisenstein s photograms with particular incidence and considerations on Eisenstein s decorative meaning to a textual analysis of The struggle with the angel , a passage from Genesis.
Barthes is with no question both a writer and a teacher, despite and in concordance with the sort of dichotomy created by him in the last text in the book, Writers, Intellectuals, Teachers Here, he argues that the fundamental differences between writing static and discourse dynamic with teaching as an example make the former explicitly different from the latter, even though writing always tries to model discourse In spite of this, Barthes writing still feels fairly modern as far as essays are conce Inevitably profound, political, lucid and richly personal.
I was particularly struck by his idea of the third meaning , the obtuse meaning and the filmic , something I have never seen or heard mentioned, but ALWAYS EXPERIENCED It is as if the secret life of art were suddenly illuminated.
It s my firist time to read critical essays so it s alittle bit hard to juge.
The firist two articles are about photographey but the most amazing essays was the death of the author and music practisa The death of the author is adopting what most modern critics like T.
S Eliot adopted about focusing on the work of art itself rather than the author , his motives or feelings , it was something I used to believe that the authors personality is showing in his writes but actully writing is escaping from the writers personality.
music practisa is involving bethoven s works and it drew mt attentiont to very important thing is the disappearance of the ameutres and it s only the pure professionals and only listners which threatnes the music education issues.

Thinks like an angel, writes like the Devil.
Brilliant stuff I want to be a French philosopher when I grow up.

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