ï Rebecca Scott é Rebecca Scott exceeded my expectations Mr Kelley has a way of capturing the reader and not letting go He weaves a story that shows the characters in vivid detail There is Ursala, the beautiful and shrewd attorney her kind and loving husband, Mark Ursala s best friend, Rob Rebecca Scott, the drop dead gorgeous woman who is thought to havewell let s not spoil it for the reader Suffice it to say the intrigue and romance will not be disappointing Those gentle readers living in or around Boston and Cambridge are in for a real treat when they read about the integral details of familiar streets and buildings as well as the political climate of the 1990 s used to tell the story Men and women alike will enjoy this book I could read itthan once Now I ask, when does the sequel come out McGuire Is The Founding Partner Of Boston S Most Successful Private Investigation Firm, And Robert Rosario Is Her Most Skillful Investigator And Oldest Friend Ursula Prizes Rob S Witty Cynicism, But Frets Over His Stubborn Determination To Avoid Romantic Entanglements She Has Tried To Play Matchmaker For Rosario Many Times And Failed, So She S Finally Decided To Stop Meddling In His Personal LifeBut Just As Ursula Throws In The Towel, Fate Steps Into The Ring, Bringing Two Beautiful Women To The FirmAbby Whitman And Jeannie Trailer æ Rebecca Scott PDF by ↠´ Joe Kelley Devir Are The Only Witnesses To The Murder Of Jeannie S Abusive Husband, Shot To Death In A Dark Alley By A Mysterious Woman The Police Take Their Statements, But Abby And Jeannie Are Harboring A Secret And Desperately Need Ursula S Help Fascinated By The Details Of The Crime, Ursula Jumps At The Chance To Crack The Case But When She Enlists Rob S Help To Track Down The Murderer, The Investigation Suddenly Veers Off In An Unexpected Direction Rob Is Stunned When His Emotional Armor Is Pierced By The Very Woman He Believes To Be The KillerA Clever, Gripping, And Distinctly Literary Piece, Rebecca Scott Is A Provocative Mix Of Romance, Humor, And Mystery Rebecca Scott is a terrific read and an important story The opening chapter confronts you with a startling scene that stays with you through the entire book Billed as a romance, it is that andUsing the 1994 Senatorial campaign between Teddy Kennedy and Mitt Romney as context, Mr Kelley creates memorable scenes that move the narrative along including wonderful culinary experiences and images of Boston and Cambridge that would make any chronicler of that City s history proud.
Two themes run through the book What is an appropriate response for a man, woman or adolescent when that person has been bullied and what role does religion play in fostering moral behavior The author generally takes these themes on separate tracks but one can t help but intuit a link between the two At the heart of the story are Rebecca Scott and Rob Rosario, who discover a physical need for Described as a romance,this novel is really a thriller with suspense, intrigue, tales of violent revenge plus romantic character development.
For readers familiar with Boston Cambridge, the author s vivid descriptions of local haunts are an added bonus.
Perfect for the beach or a long flight.
After you finish this book you will find yourself looking for Rebecca Scott on crowded city sidewalks.

This is Joe Kelley s debut novel, and it s impressive It s a story of how the ghosts of our past shape our character and the trajectory of our lives It s also a story of love and redemption, with a powerful dose of suspense and intrigue a lovely combination.
A murder full of moral ambiguities sets the stage for the entry of Ursala McGuire, a tough, gorgeous Irish Catholic attorney turned private investigator who is part liberal political operator, part feminist, and part pit bull She is joined by Rob Rosario, her long term best friend whose background as an investigative reporter makes him a valuable occasional resource, despite the fact that he is now devoting his life to teaching full time.
Improbably, Ursula has been retained by two young women whose lives were saved by the murderer, reportedly a stunningly beautiful woman who coolly dispatc Rebecca Scott was instantly engaging Not being a romance novel reader I was skeptical I was pleased that action started immediately The book readlike a spy or mystery novel than a romance Albeit that there was ample romantic intrigue.
The book is familiar and an easy read.
In the beginning the meeting between Rebecca and Rosario seemed to jump the shark but as the characters were developed it became clear that in fact their meeting dialogue behavior was quite consistent while being inconsistent.
I enjoyed the twists and turns to the moral and ethical situation exposed throughout the book, sometimes introduced with humor, always thought provoking The unconventional solution to these questions makes for a great read.
Anyone who enjoys reading about real places and flawed real people presented with a series of difficult choices will enjoy Rebecca Scott The combination of religion, politi

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