I mostly liked it.
I truly enjoyed Karl s sense of humor I found myself laughing quite a bit He likes to use a LOT of examples when trying to illustrate a point, which got a bit tedious, but all in all I enjoyed the read.
The author falls into the all too familiar trap of not realizing by quoting racists to make points that are supposed to be non racist, you are showing perhaps a bit of your true colors and not doing service to your position He quotes Michael Richards to proffer a position on race issues and even Bill Cosby to show how life just isn t fair Quoting a highly suspected serial rapist isn t the way to go to bolster anything I fully expected a segment citing Mel Gibson to show how pro Israel he is And there s the simplistic tripe that laments they can t have White History Month in the USA and surely just can t grasp why there should be a Black Lives Matter phrase when All Lives Matter Another thing he likes to quote from others or state himself is that something that many myself included found racist is not racist because the racist stated THIS IS NOT RACIST often in Goal, My Life S Ambition If You Like, Is To Give Direction To Comedy, Purpose To Satire And This Is Probably Why I Write The Way I Do, In Order To Use Self Deprecating, Piss Taking Humour To Bring To The Fore Situations That Just Don T Stack Up To Demonstrate That Serious Issues Can Be Approached With Humour Hardly Any Subject Is Taboo To The Englishman When He S Laughing, And This Often Seems Insensitive To Other Cultures, But The Bedrock Of [ Pdf Dogshit Saved My Life å military-science-fiction PDF ] by Karl Wiggins ó The British Sense Of Humour Is A Strong Sense Of Sarcasm And Self Deprecation The British Can Be Very Passionate And If You Doubt That Try Going To A Football Match But That Passion Is Often Hidden Deep In Our Humour So That Other Nationals Fail To Not Only Recognise The Deadpan Delivery And Are Never Too Sure If They Ve Been Involved In A Serious Conversation Or Just A Little Bit Of Friendly Banter Having Said That My Style Of Writing Is Now Appealing And To The American Market This Book Is Not A Novel, And If You Re Looking For A Book That Is All Sweetness And Light, Please Give This One A Miss It S Not For You I Won T Be Offended And I Honestly Wish You A Great Life If Everyone Likes Me, Then I M Not Being Controversial Enough If You Re Looking For Humorous books About Life, Comedy Writing Or Even Humorous books For Adults Then Take A Chance On This Book If A Chapter Doesn T Suit, Just Move On When it comes to humor, I suppose I m a bit of a voyeur since I covet a closer peek inside the psyche of those whose wit strikes my fancy I d never read anything by Karl Wiggins, and must honestly say I was drawn in by the title Now, being female I can prove it in a court of law so don t request photos , you d think I wouldn t dig some of the machismo writings of Mr Wiggins, and some of my feminist friends might tar and feather me over praising this work, but for the love of Pete, it s damn funny This guy is my kind of humor and I can see myself doing some of the idiotic things he does usually not on purpose , especially sleeping in public, and then falling onto the floor while bumping into innocent bystanders during the tumble.
Wiggins rants cover a variety of subjects, and albeit ó Dogshit Saved My Life ☆ Meh I think to really enjoy this book you would have to be a British b a construction worker in Britain or c a xenophobe.
It s a good job we have the ability to laugh at ourselves we humans, that is , or else we would cry Karl explains this very well Loved it.
The good bits about this book are the parts about the building industry, travel around London and things connected to Luton and Watford FC Outside that the UKIP fallacy things great in the past not so great now abound Also, the Daily Mail casual racism is too much for a gentle person such as me These urban myths about migrants doing x,y or z are perpetuated they need to be examined for truthfulness The swearing and vitriol is not funny calling people names is pretty childish If you find Jeremy Clarkson funny, them this is for you Mr Wiggins I think I know what you would say to me If your so clever how come you haven t written a book Eh Eh And in this regard I woulsd reply Fair play to you Gunga Din.

Many of the articles in this book are exactly what I cut and paste and save to my own commonplace book because they affirm my own opinions of what goes on in the world I feel like the author took a walk through my mind and cherry picked.
If I were to go travelling this is the book I would take with me Or any comedy book by Karl Wiggins, like Grit , or Calico Jack , or Shit My History Teacher Did Not Tell Me because his brand of humour appeals to me He has superb comic timing Like most writers in the comic fiction anecdote genre, Karl has an acute observation of people and their foibles His books would banish the tedium of waiting at any transit point, and have me laughing on a journey so much the other passengers would be curious as to what I was reading.
I love Tom Sharpe s books Karl s humour is different and equally funny For example, reading this book I laughed at his tales of the time when he was a waiter, and of his trials at his workplace Similar stories told by other writers might be amusing but not have me laughing aloud Karl s talent lies in the way Another class production from Author Karl Wiggins His writing may be considered an acquired taste, but it s certainly a nectar I enjoy This is the third book of his that I have read, and this one continues with stories from a Man s man point of view And with that POV comes great humor and lots of laughs The stories in Dogshit Saved My Life are somewhat random It s about everyday life things which is often far funnier than anything that can be made up I especially enjoyed his stories from within the work place which is a taste of a real English environment.
I rate this book 5 stars because I enjoy his humor, but it s safe to say this isn t the kind of book for everyone If you re sensitive or a crusader for political correctness, stay well away If however you enjoy a good laugh and insight into life s little quirks, this is a fant

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