No se, es una historia que vimos mil veces antes La t pica virgen pura y el tipo serio y fr o Por lo menos Florence tiene algo de personalidad El problema es que para ser una er tica hist rica ponele las escenas de sexo son tipo te quiero marcar poseer bla, bla, bla y a mi en lo personal no me parece er tico o sensual.
This is one of those contrived, predictable plots with an ultra innocent female character Oh my What are you doing and a stereotypical duty bound alpha male Which is exactly why I ve read it several times and likely will keep reading it There s lots of glaring and resisting of baser impulses, which is completely enjoyable, since the reader knows that the hero adores the heroine and is, where she is concerned, the veriest cream puff I know it s a bit of an oxymoron, but this book is best described as innocent erotic romance.
At the time this was published 2001 , it pushed the boundaries of mainstream romance there are some very explicit scenes, including one in which the hero ties up the heroine It felt quite naughty to b Emma Holly Turns Up The Heat In This Sinfully Sensuous Story Of A Family Plagued By Scandal And A Shy Young Woman Who Discovers A Passion Beyond Her Wildest DreamsWhen Her Beloved Father Passes Away, Florence Fairleigh Finds Herself Alone In The World All She Wants Is A Man Who Will Treat Her Kindly And Support Her Financially And She S Come To London To Find HimEdward Burbrooke Thinks Marriage Is The Only Way To Save His Brother, Freddie And [Emma Holly] Ú Beyond Innocence [food PDF] read Online ☆ Their Family From Scandalous Ruin As Head Of The Family, Edward Has Vowed To Find Freddie A Bride And FastThrown Together By Edward, Florence And Freddie Make A Perfect Pair Until Edward Realizes He Has Feelings For His Brother S Betrothed The Sight Of Her Nubile Young Body Makes His Blood Burn With Lust The Sound Of Her Voice Makes His Heart Warm With Love And The Sweet Taste Of Her Kiss Makes Him Wonder If He Isn T Making A Terrible Mistake It s 19th century England, the period where a genius like Oscar Wilde was demonized and run out of the country because of the love that dares not speak its name Edward, the respectable, wealthy, uber alpha Duke of Burbrooke is terrified that his younger brother Freddie, an otherwordly handsome closeted gay man, will suffer a similar fate Rumors have already started in their close knit aristocratic world and it is a matter of days before Freddie is completely ruined and the family name tarnished forever.
Edward contrives, with his lawyer and his aunt, to woo beautiful, innocent country bumpkin Florence Fairleigh to act as Freddie s respectable beard, unbeknownst to her Florence, a vicar s daughter, is penniless but determined to find herself a husband who can support her Pl Another steamy late Victorian romance from Emma Holly I liked this one a little less than Beyond Seduction, mostly because I just didn t connect with the heroine A vicar s daughter, she was too good, too innocent, to pure to be muchthan a Mary Sue Holly describes the heroine so often as a ripe peach or plum that it made me want to swear off stone fruit forever However, the sex was steamy and the hero was hunky A quick read, definitely entertaining, low on substance Much like a peach.
It really is a shame that Emma Holly stopped writing historicals, because a good erotic historical is hard to come by.
I thoroughly enjoyed Ms Holly s writing style, which is very detailed I prefer authors who paint scenes in a descriptive way instead of asimplistic style The storyline was goodI felt the chemistry between Edward and Florence and it certainly had me hurrying through to get to the good stuff The sex was good as well There were only a couple of words or phrases that made me snicker, lol There is one sex scene at the very beginning of the book between the Hero and his mistress, but don t get concerned the hero isn t a cheater Once he gives his heart to Florence, he remains faithful to her On the whole an excellent read if you love historicals with a bitsteam than average.
Î Beyond Innocence Î Lost interest after the 2nd chapter Romance loses the romance factor when the Hero shares a hot mindbending sex scene with his mistress in the 2nd chapter.
Digamos que me pareci bien, no para tirar cohetes.
M s que er tica, es rom ntica con un poco m s de sexo que las dem s.
Creo que ser a er tica con un cambio del lenguaje Las escenas Hot entre los protagonistas tienen ese lenguaje medio vetusto para una er tica pos eme por ej.
No esperen encontrar palabras calientes, ni subidas de tono Aunque suceda en el siglo XIX, no me parecen cre bles los di logos en esa situaci n Creo que desde la prehistoria el lenguaje ntimo es otro.
Me parecieron m s er ticas las escenas de Edward con su amante al principio y las de Freddy, el hermano, con el mayordomo M s duras y reales.

Florence is the daughter of a recently deceased country vicar She s not a high society debutante, but she IS a beauty Now she needs a husband, and she needs one fast Otherwise, she s a woman of little means in a world in which women without the protection of a man have few choices.
Edward Burbrooke is in need of a wife, and he needs one NOW Only he needs a wife for his brother, not himself Brother Freddie has been caught with his pants down one too many times Only he never had a woman in the room with himhe had a man Gasp But in this day and age, homosexuality was a scandalous road to family ruin When Edward and Florence meet, their circumstances seem to be fortuitous Freddie and Florence become fast friends, but of course there is no attraction between the two Oh, nothe attraction that sizzles off of thes My brother s gay will you marry me Wonderful Victorian romance, IF you can get over the unintentionally funny premise the hero can t deal with his younger brother being gay, so he unearths the most luscious country miss he can find to marry the brother and straighten him out And of course the girl is as innocent as a lamb with a body like Venus, so after about two chapters the hero does a total 180 and is fully into seduction It s a fun book, but a lot of the drama seems silly instead of gripping The gay brother and his caring, lower class lover are bothlikeable than the hero, actually Oh, and the hero s Aunt Hypatia is adorable she should have had a much bigger part in the novel

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