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Thanks to the author for gifting me this book for review ETHER DAY is meticulously researched the characters are brought to life via the detailed descriptions of their lives and mental states.
To think that people were operated on with no care for their pain, yet Laughing Gas ether was used by non medical people for fun and escape, is mind boggling No one made the connection between the two until William Morton, Horace Wells, and Charles Jackson discovered the other uses of this gas.
The fact that these three men s lives overlapped was both good and bad the discovery of ether as an anesthetic made both patient s and surgeon s lives better, but there was a lot of vitriol and ego involved as well Each This showed up in a monthly library magazine and caught my eye Had to be ordered through inter library loan and came from Western Pennsylvania A slow sometimes monotonous read I found the medical history a bit tedious at times but informing What I find interesting is that Ether is a preferred gas well into the 21st century.
Really interesting was psyched that on page 5 they introduce William Morton as one of the men responsible for figuring out how to use ether for surgery since Morton is a family name and there s a chance he s a distant relative Until they reveal that he was wanted in 5 states for fraud and spends the whole book trying to get credit for something he likely didn t have much to do with discovering I have to admire his gumption, at least go Mortons Luckily he didn t kill anyone.
Interesting historical perspective on the discovery of anesthesia especially considering all of the other famous people involved, including Ralph Waldo Emerson and Samuel Morse.
I quite liked this book, unexpectedly lent to me Having read a fair amount of non fiction history, I thought the author did a pretty good job at bringing the main characters to life Ether Day was almost a minor role in what played out for many years between the men who wanted to be acknowledged as the person who introduced ether to the medical world The stories of the men and their personalities were quite vivid and surprisingly dramatic The story of ether was also a surprise, as I had been unaware of the prevalence of social use of ether prior to Ether Day The science of ether and the medical use waslike mortar between bricks, not taking up a lot of the book, but it was nicely integrated and provided the structure to explore the responses of This book by American Heritage magazine columnist and New York Times contributor Julie M Fenster is a remarkable account of the history of modern anesthesia a word assigned to the procedure by no less than the estimable Daniel Webster and the lives of the men who worked to gain its acceptance in the medical world Fenster has a wonderful dry wit, which comes in handy when describing the antics of William Morton the mountebank and physician manque who aimed to make his fortune selling an orange scented version of common sulphuric ether named in what seems to be the first trademark of a medical good, Letheon and who left a record of swindles and business fraud ranging from New Hampshire to New Orleans before demonstrating to the physicians of Massachusetts General Hospital the usefulness of ether in surgery largely removing its greatest t Ether May Not Spring To Mind In A Search For The Greatest Medical Discovery, The Description Of Surgery Before Ether At The Beginning Of This Book Will Make A Strong Case For It This Fascinating Account Tells Of The Three Men Responsible For Bringing Ether To The World And Details Their Bitter Falling [ Pdf Ether Day: The Strange Tale of America's Greatest Medical Discovery and the Haunted Men Who Made It Ø werewolves PDF ] by Julie M.
Fenster À Out à Ether Day: The Strange Tale of America's Greatest Medical Discovery and the Haunted Men Who Made It à I first heard about this book on NPR in 2001 The story was fascinating, a conman dentist made one of the most revolutionary discoveries in modern medical science and no one has heard of him Plus, there s this endless feud between the various men who claim the discovery and its effects on the establishment, in both science and class, and the monetization of medicine The sell was great I remembered the author s name for weeks before I bought the book, where once purchased it sat on a shelf for years It moved with me from Texas to South Dakota to London I ve meant to read this book for 15 years Though it was very interesting and it had me laughing, well snorting, out loud, it wasn t a breezy read.
I m not sure if it was the writing style or the references but something just didn t click.
Ether Day is a fascinating look at the history of anesthesia even if you re not an anesthesiologist Think about it, the first clinical use of general anesthesia in the surgical arena was just over 150 years ago This is an amusing and educational look at the history of what is arguably the most important medical advancement in the history of mankind This book will interest anyone who has ever had surgery, plans to have surgery, has an interest in medicine or history, or just likes to know stuff.
I really liked how the author was able to take the facts from history and make it a very readable and almost fiction like story I really enjoyed reading the book as well as gaining that knowledge in this way I felt near the end it got repetitive and boring but that was partly because of how the men s lives ended.

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