Actress Amanda Clark And Photographer Michelle Osinski Are Two Women Burned By Love And Not Looking To Test The Fire Again And Even If They Were, It Certainly Wouldn T Be With Each OtherAmanda Has Never Been Attracted To A Butch Woman Before, And Michelle Personifies The Term Butch Having Just Landed A Role On A Hot New TV Show, She S Determined To Focus On Her Career And Doesn T Need Any Complications In Her LifeAfter A Turbulent Breakup With Her [Jae] ñ Departure from the Script (The Hollywood Series, #1) [womens-fiction PDF] read Online ↠´ Starlet Ex, Michelle Swore She Would Never Get Involved With An Actress Again Another High Maintenance Woman Is The Last Thing She Wants, And Her First Encounter With Amanda Certainly Makes Her Appear The TypeBut After A Date That Is Not A Date And Some Meddling From Amanda S Grandmother, They Both Begin To Wonder If It S Not Time For A Departure From Their Usual Dating ScriptsWords , Simple, sweet, and angst free.
Amanda Clark is a struggling actress unlucky in love, she heads to an Anti Valentine s Day Party to drown her sorrows Waking up the next morning in an unfamiliar bed and with a wicked serious hangover, she is introduced to Michelle Osinski, a sweetly attractive butch with a talent for pancakes and smooth flirtatious banter Although the two would normally never choose the other when looking for romance, in this instance they put their fears aside and decide to take a punt what follows is the story of two people falling in love, against the backdrop of Amanda s big break and subsequent hectic lifestyle.
We ve all seen this type of thing before indeed, some of us might have seen this exact thing before, as the first two chapters form the previously published short story The Morning After Stepping off from that point, Departure w I was interested in this book because I have read some good work by Jae in the past I love her western themed books, like backwards to Oregon.
Having this said, I must say i wasn t the biggest fan of this one.
It s not a bad read, at all.
just too plain I know that sounds kind of general, like not really detailed The only explanation I can give is, that the first few chapters, i caught myself laughing out loud while reading I loved how the characters met, and how the book started But with every chapter after that strong opening, it started to loose it s charm, it s magic so to speak I think one of the reasons is the overkill in putting things off between the main characters I love when a writer takes time, developing the love story and making it into a slow paced story But where in some cases a writer rushes it and takes away the magic, my opinion A very sweet pure romance.
↠´ Departure from the Script (The Hollywood Series, #1) ↠´ I really enjoyed it despite the rushed ending and I d recommend it to anyone who enjoys a sweet love story where opposites attract.
I do love how well Jae builds her characters Even though we are in Amanda s head, Michelle is also fully realised and they are a very sweet couple I put off reading this because I m not a fan of fame Hollywood, but Jae did an excellent job making the scenes on set interesting and skipping all the glitz and glamour that I find boring I especially loved the start of the book as Amanda realised her preconceived notions about the way Michelle looks are wrong and I adore reading about butch women who aren t hard nosed, domineering womanisers but gasp actual people The drama is minimal plus and the relationship is well developed 3.
5 stars rounded to 4 What s not to love about this book Amanda is the sweetest up and coming Hollywood starlet and Michelle is the sweetest butch in LA Together they make such a sweet couple and sweetness oozes off the pages Yes, I m a sucker for a sweet and sappy romance My only gripe, it ended far too soon I wanted The pages seemed to vanish in the blink of an eye Nevertheless, Departure from the Script was a sweet, sappy and enjoyable read with some entertaining secondary characters especially Amanda s meddling grandmother, Josephine.
5 stars A nice mix of tender and sappy romance, comedy and lovable characters There s nothing like Non Date dates, rude animals, and a sweet meddling grandma to liven up the story Amanda and Michelle are both lovely people in their own way and even when they re together I think I ll be making banana pancakes later D 3 1 2 Stars I was reading this story and having such a sense of deja vu I know this story Then I realized Jae had taken one of her shorts and turned it into a novella So for me the whole second half of the book was new And I enjoyed it This is a cute, feel good romance.
I m just starting to really read Jae s books for the first time, and I ve enjoyed everything I have read so far I can feel a little obsession coming on, like I want to read all her books It s always nice to find an author that you can connect to her books, and look forward to reading.
I did a roundabout way of reading this series I started with book 2, 3, then this That was due to my aversion with characters that are photographers sue me but previous reading experiences of lesbian romances with that setup did not appeal to me My trust with Jae s writing brought a pleasant surprise This is definitely on my reread list.

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