B Tolson Is Best Known As The Poet Who Wrote The Harlem Gallery And Libretto For The Republic Of Liberia He Received National Acclaim Only Toward The End Of His Life, But Early In His Career He Achieved Considerable Recognition As A Challenging Speaker And Activist Within The Black American CommunityTolson Wrote A Weekly Column For The Washington Tribune From October To June , Entitled Caviar And Cabbage As The Title Suggests, The Subjects He Treated Were Various He Perceived The Problems Trailer ↠´ Caviar and Cabbage: Selected Columns PDF by ó Melvin B.
Tolson Of The Black World Of The Late Thirties And Early Forties With The Insight Of An Intellectual And The Verbal Richness And Rhythms Of A Poet Heavily Influenced By A Strong Pulpit Tradition This Combination Makes The Columns Valuable Both As Literature And As Cultural HistoryRobert Farnsworth Has Selected And Edited These Columns His Introduction Describes Their Cultural And Biographical Context He Has Arranged The Columns According To Subject Christ And Radicalism, Race And Class, World War II, Random Shots, Writers And Readings, And Reminiscences The Background Material And The Arrangement Of The Works Underline Their Significance

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