Adventure Continues As Bronwyn Cousland, Now Commander Of The Grey In Ferelden, Has Many Challenges She Continues Her Struggle To Implement The Ancient Treaties Against The Darkspawn In A Time Of Blight, She Also Needs To Learn How To Deal With The Responsibilities Of Command Over A Growing Force Of Wardens, And To Develop A Working Relationship With Loghain MacTir, The General Of The Allied Armies At OstagarIn The Course Of These Duties, She Uncovers A Deadly Orlessian Plot Against The Queen Of Ferelden, Which Is Connected To [Arsinoe de Blassenville] à Warden Commander [cw-iuka-corinth PDF] read Online à The Murder Of Her Own Family, And Threatens, By Extention, The Security Of The Whole Kingdom And The King Is Not A Part Of The Solution

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