Has Become Very Important To All Business Enterprises And Individual As Well This Book Provides Readers With The Tools To Analyze Their Data, Develop Forecasting Models And Present The Results In ExcelStep By Step Development Of The Forecasting Techniques Are Presented In A Clear, Simple And Straightforward Style The Essential Text Covers Techniques That Include But Not Limited To Time Series Moving Average, Exponential Smoothing, Box Jenkins ARIMA , Monte Carlo Simulation, Neural Network, K Nearest Neighbors Download Epub Format Ù Powerful Forecasting With MS Excel PDF by ✓ Joe Choong And So On And Unlike Other books Of Its Kind That Require Either High Priced Statistical Software Or Excel Add Ins, This Book Does Not Require Such Software It Can Be Used Both As A Primary Text And As A Supplementary Text Apart From That Only Minimal Mathematic Knowledge Is Require Lots Of Excel Spreadsheet Examples Provides A Wide Range Of Proven Methodologies Includes Both Time Series And Causal ModelsThis Book Is Also Ideal For A Small Business Owner Or Someone Who May Not Have The Budget For Expensive Analytical Tools Such As SAS Or SPSS If You Are Building Your Forecast Based On Time Series Analysis Or Independent Variables, Then This Book Will Be Perfect For YouThe Chapter Includes ChapterBasic Forecasting Methods Moving Average Exponential Smoothing Holts Method Holts WintersChapterARIMA Box Jenkins Arima Modeling Subjective Method Objective MethodChapterMonte Carlo Simulation ExampleCoin Tossing ExampleSales Forecasting ExampleModeling Stock Prices ChapterK Nearest Neighbors ExampleKNN For Classification ExampleKNN For Time Series Prediction ExampleCross Validation With MSEChapterNeural Network With MS Excel ExampleCredit Approval Model ExampleSales Forecasting ExamplePredicting Stock Prices DJIA ExamplePredicting Real Estate Value ExampleClassify Type Of FlowersThe Objective Of This Book Is To Provide The Reader With The Tools To Analyze Data And Produce Forecasts In MS Excel Written In A Simple, Straightforward Style, Powerful Forecasting With MS Excel Presents Basic Statistical Techniques Using Practical Business Examples To Teach Readers How To Predict Short, Medium And Long Term ForecastsEach Chapter Explores A Specific Forecasting Topic And Takes You Forward Into Advanced Areas Until You Are Able To Understand Powerful Forecasting Using Excel SpreadsheetOnce You Are Comfortable With The Practicalities Of Using The Spreadsheet Models Then Perhaps You Can Simply Tailor One Of The Preexisting Spreadsheets For Your Own Use However, If You Need To Develop Your Own Unique Model Then You Will Find That This Book Has The Materials That You Can Reference To Build One On Your Own Assuming Little Prior Knowledge, This Informal Text Is A Great Companion For Those Who Have Not Studied Forecasting In Depth Before This Book Truly Promotes Self Study As Readers Are Encouraged To Tackle Problems As They Go Along And Can See Fully Worked Examples To Help Their Understanding Both Beginners And Advanced Students Will Find Material In This Book Relevant To Their Needs The Book You Will read Once, And Refer To Over And Over Again

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