Raw Paleo Diet Is A Raw Version Of The Increasingly Popular Paleo Diet The Diet Consists Of Foods That Were Available To Humans During The Palaeolithic Era, Including Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Seafood And Meat Yes, That S Right Raw Meat Is On The Menu Discover Why The Raw Paleo Diet Is The Diet To Be Following For Optimal Health, Weight And Well Being Learn The Health Problems Associated With The Standard Western Diet Find Out Why Cooked Food Is Killing Ï read The Raw Paleo Diet & Lifestyle by Jacob McAtear ↠´ You Lifestyle Factors Are Also Discussed From An Evolutionary Perspective, Including Exercise, Sunshine, Fresh Air, And Earthing If You Are Suffering From Illness And Disease Of Any Kind Then This Material, Which Is Supported With A Bibliography Containing Than Scientific References, Is A Must read Do Not Prolong Your Misery Any Longer I, The Author, Cured My Debilitating Eczema Condition, Got Rid Of My Asthma, And Said Good Bye To Hay Fever, By Adopting The Raw Paleo Diet And Lifestyle, Which Allowed Me To Toss Away All Prescribed Medication Included Is A Step By Step Guide Of How To Transition From The Standard Western Diet To The Raw Paleo Diet

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