I enjoyed getting into these characters, though some of it was a bit long winded and repetitive I did NOT expect the directions the plot took, and kept reading because I was quite invested in Jessamine s character I wanted her to be happy It s a good message for young women who try to forget who they are in order to follow popular behavior.
I did not realize that this book was a sequel until I was already knee deep in it While it stands alone fairly well, I wonder if my perception of a few key characters would have been different if I had read the first book.
As it was, Jessamine and I did not get on At all She spent a good portion of the book being caught up in whining, self pity, and pining after another woman s man Oh my It was difficult to swallow Like a raw egg.
Her behavior toward Lancelot was just awful She was shallow and stuck up, immediately dismissing him because of his looks After realizing who he was, I expected her to be mortified and humbled But no, she was all pride and conceit, thinking herself better than him.
As the story went on, her self involvem A Heart s Rebellion is the second book in Ruth Axtell s London Encounters series I did t care for this book what so ever, I had to force myself to keep reading it There were times I wanted to throw it in the corner but I managed to finish it One of the things that made this book difficult for me to read was the extensive details about botany, something the characters bonded over through the story They used many words I didn t understand and didn t even really care to know It was very confusing and I wanted them to move on I did not care for the heroine Jessamine Barry, I found her annoying and couldn t connect with her She spent most of the book trying to break men s hearts because she d had hers broken a couple years before I found this an odd direction to take the story in and thought it to be very childish of Jessamine She is also very selfish, foc This was a nice addition to the series It was fun to see Celine back in this book But I really enjoyed watching the evolution of Jessamine as she pushes away Lancelot Marfleet for all the wrong reasons.
â A Hearts Rebellion (London Encounters, #2) â A Rebellious Heart is a sequel to Moonlight Masquerade, continuing the Regency saga It was a heart rending story of deep hurts spurring foolish decisions A desire to prove oneself beautiful and popular, giving way to rejecting an upstanding, truly caring suitor, and instead flirting with the dangerously rakish ones A Rebellious Heart taught an important lesson through Jessamine s actions First and foremost, run to God when you re hurt Don t try to mend your heart by yourself And don t give up on love, God can heal even the most messed up life if you let Him.
There were a few parts of A Rebellious Heart that had me bored I suppose I just didn t relate One such time was the picnic scene, which was a very long scene, and had much to do with flowers and plants and other specimen That might be your thing, but I just didn t get into it So, I few scenes like that made A Rebellious Hear

This Regency story is a sequel to Moonlight Masquerade and features several of the same characters This time our heroine is Jessamine, a vicar s daughter who is having a season in London thanks to the generosity of her godmother Jessamine always planned to marry her best friend s brother, but when he chose someone else Jessamine was heartbroken Now she s determined to catch the eye of a fashionable, wealthy man while she has the chance Taking her cues from London s elite, Jessamine lowers her necklines and her inhibitions in pursuit of being found desirable.
Having spent time in India as a missionary, Lancelot Marfleet is unimpressed with his return to English society He desires to find a parish and continue learning about botany, but his parents are insisting it is time he find a marriage partner When What I LovedThis Regency picks up where the first book in the series left off but it can safely be read as a stand alone I liked that the characters I knew from the first book appeared in this one but I got to know them from Jessamine s point of view and they were not friends right away In fact, neither were Jessamine and Lancelot Quite the contrary.
Jessamine is still suffering from being freshly jilted Lancelot, recently returned from the mission field, is at a crossroads They meet awkwardly, they form distorted impressions of each other, and they are equally intrigued and put off by the other throughout the better part of the book Reminded me of Pride and Prejudice in an amusing and interesting way.
What I Didn t Like As MuchThough the first part of the book was interesting, it moved slightly slowly No matter, This was a nice little book I got into the story and characters There was a moment, towards the end, where I found myself rolling my eyes and I wasn t the biggest fan of how things turned out But it was a nice bit of mind popcorn to occupy a few hours of my time.
The one thing I really liked about this book was that it didn t feel like the second in a series In fact, I didn t even realize that some of the characters appeared in the first book, until I got to the end and there was an ad in the back for the first book with a synopsis So the author did a wonderful job of not contriving meetings, or awkwardly mentioning characters just for the sake of world building It felt quite seamless The only other issue I had with this book is it sometimes felt like the character dialogue slipped from being Regency tomodern, but it didn t bother me enough to quit reading Here s an example of why I get fed up with Christian romances and quit reading them for long stretches there just isn t any genuine passion in the books Even Christians feel it I know that for a fact I honestly felt in this book that there waspassion felt between our heroine and a would be rapist than that was between her and the hero and I say that ONLY because she at least was curious about kissing the predator, but didn t seem to have the same curiosity for Lancelot and Lancelot I shook my head at the nameI do so again now as I write this Without any level of passion which can be portrayed as physical attraction without having to run down the path of erotica willy nilly I found it hard to believe that our couple even wanted to be together by the end of the book Granted they were f Jessamine Barry Is Tired Of Waiting Patiently For A Man To Decide Her Future So Even Though Lancelot Marfleet, Second Son Of An Aristocrat, Is Taking An Interest In Her During The London Season, She Refuses To Consider Him As A Suitor Instead, She S Ready To Take Fashionable Society By Storm And Finds A Rakish Young Man All Too Willing To Help Her Do It When Things Go Too Far, Jessamine Will Learn That The Man Who Ê read Õ A Hearts Rebellion (London Encounters, #2) by Ruth Axtell Õ Is Faithful Through Thick And Thin Is Worthy Than The One Who Speaks Pretty Words But Will Her Disgrace Keep Lance From Reconsidering Her As A Wife And When Tragedy Strikes And Lance Becomes His Father S Heir And A Titled Gentleman, Will He Think She Only Wants Him Now Because Of His Title Fans Old And New Will Love This Lush Regency London Story Of Discovering One S True Self And Finding One S True Love

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