For Diana Ames first novel, she did a bang up job Going in I thought this book was going to be a historical actually, which I don t mind, but I was pleasantly suprised to find out that it wasn t She took a different twist on a society that even though is modern day time, still lives in the older way of the world The cover alone was beautiful and made me want to buy it I can honestly say that I ve not read a book like hers You meet Prince Anton who has some issues and a really dark side He s just a monster, there is no other way to put it But later on I viewed him in a different light because of his back story and how he later changes Then you have Damian who is just hot He tries to be a jerk but he s just so protective and good at heart, it s hard not to fall for him Mellisandra is a very strong female who only wants best for her family I received an ARC of this novel for an honest review I was in no way compensated For those of you who follow my reviews I don t give a 5 star lightlyand this was a easy 4 1 2 star read for me A fantastic debut novel I am honored to have been a part of helping to introduce to and review for future readers This novel is a unique adaption of current government ruled by a historically influenced royal family Prince Anton has a sordid past which has shaped him into a sexual sadist Being forced as the ruling body to marry and produce an heir to continue the bloodline he has enlisted the help of Damien to find him a life mate In a world where the sex industry is legal and prevalent, Teacher Damian is the best of the best in the art of domination and instruction of those willing to be trained as a submissive Mellissandra is desperate to save her sick brother and A Country Stuck In The Dark Ages Is A World Filled With Sex And Scandal Governed By Royalty, Those In Power Have Many Deep Rooted Secrets That Span Generations Prince Anton S Sordid Past Has Forged His Future He Finds His Only Pleasure From Being A Sadist, But He Knows He Must Continue The Royal Bloodline And Create An Heir For His Country Forced By Responsibility, He Turns To The One Man Who Can Give Him The Best Of Both Worlds But Will Prince Anton Find  read ¿ Royally Trained (Royals of Colania #1) by Diana Ames  What He S Searching For Damian Is The Ruler Of The Dungeon He Is The Teacher, And The Only Man Prince Anton Can Trust To Provide Him With What He Needs He Is On A Mission To Find A Virgin Submissive To Become The Prince S Life Partner What Happens When The Teacher Falls For The Woman He S Been Ordered To Train As Lust And Love Spiral Out Of Control, Prince Anton And Damian Find Their Lives Change Unexpectedly Because Of One Independent And Defiant WomanNTENT DISCLAIMER This Novel Contains Language, Violence, And Sexual Situations DNF at 70% I couldn t force myself to finish it This book was terrible I like dark erotica, but rape and murder unpunished The sex scenes were short, moderately steamy, and often included severe non con acts The characters were supposed to be shallow, but they were also shallowly written No one was redeemable.
Nothing nice to say.
Let me start by saying the cover is stunning First impression, I would definitely grab it up because of that But it wasn t just the pretty cover that sucked me in, the story itself was enough to make me a lifelong fan.
If you only prefer light fluffy reads, this may not be the book for you It has a darker tone and I think that was one of my favorite things about it I was a huge VC Andrews fan when I was younger So it stands to reason that darker themes appeal to me Let s start with Prince Anton he is dark, and a tortured soul We first and foremost see that side, and the damage he leaves in his wake But he completely three dimensional, and by the end you love him You won t even remember when the switch from hating him to loving him occurred.
Next Teacher Damian fansself , he is brooding, sexy, and protective Even though several times in the book you will Diana Ames4 Stars This is a great first time out of the chutes book Diana did not hold back You ll see Of our team here at books and Beyond Fifty Shades I am the historical romance fanatic So imagine my surprise when I figure out this book is not an historical romance despite it being in the countryside of New Zealand, in an ancient castle, with royals governing the land There s even a dungeon The tip off was The Dungeon is a sex club Yep it s one of those hands to mouth giggling Like I said, Diana Ames did not hold back There s a lot of sex and all different kinds vanilla, rape, double penetration, anal, BDSM, reluctant, willing the list goes on So buckle up for these scenes Without giving too much away, King Anton, has his own demons and is subsequently a sex fien á Royally Trained (Royals of Colania #1) á I received a copy of this book for an honest review I thought this was a well written first novel The story centers around Prince Anton of Colonia, his friend Damien, a submissive in training Mellisandra, and the men s lifelong friend Gilly There is lies, betrayal, secrets, and some seriously steamy scenes.
I do not have a problem reading about difficult situations but this is not for the faint of heart There is some scenes of sex that are pretty intense and graphic I loved the characters in the book Mellisandra is a wonderful heroine that takes control of every bad situation she is placed in The change in Anton through the book was remarkable I loved Gilly and her screwed up story line The only character that didn t do much for me was Damien.
I w I received this book from my book group and i have to say i was captured straight away Royally Trained is a darker read.
I loved it It s based within a Royal family.
The Prince Anton has serious issues.
and i mean serious The guy needs therapylike big time At first i hated him, then i began to understand why he was the way he was.
His half brother Damien is a dominance expert.
He trains all the submissive s applying to be Prince Anton s life mate.
The Prince must have a son or daughter and Damien has the job of providing the mother.
Enter Mellissandra who applies for the job.
The truth is she needs money to provide funding for her brothers medical bills.
She is no way a Sub and is doing this to help her brother only.
Except Damien then falls for her and doesn t want her anywhere near his awful brother so he beds her and then send

Immediately after reading this book, I had to go research this author to find out if Royally Trained was truly her first book I was shocked to discover that it indeed is her first Author Diana Ames is very talented This book was amazing It reached out and grabbed me and held me captive until the end Honestly, if you want a book to escape from reality until the very end, then this book is for you and you need to one click now I was totally unable to put it down.
It had everything in it, in just the right amounts There was mystery, suspense, love, scorching hot erotic love scenes, and muchI laughed I cried happy and sad tears I laughed and I screamed at my ereader It was just amazing.
It was one of the best written books I ve ever read The author and editor are an awesome team The characters and the plot were well developed The plot moved I really can t get over how great this book was What first drew me to the book was the concept of a contemporary erotica novel but with a historical feel The book takes place in the country of Colania, which is a small island off the coast of New Zealand Even though this novel takes place in a contemporary setting, it seems like Colania is frozen in time It s still a monarchy and most of the country with the exception of the Castle doesn t have modern amenities such as electricity I got to say that the characters really tore me apart I was so conflicted and there were times that I didn t really know who I wanted to end up with whom Damian is the Teacher at the Dungeon, a sex club that specializes in BDSM He has been tasked with the responsibility of finding a submissive life mate for the Crown Prince Anton Damian is one smooth operator, he s

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