You gotta make friends, Alyx Don t be loser loner it s the only way to survive high school Wisconsin author Bridget Birdsall is dyslexic definition dyslexia is a learning disorder characterized by difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words The fact that she is able to write a book so profoundly sensitive and with such agility of technique can be both a result of her coping with that dysfunction and with first hand understanding of young people who are different She has an MFA in writing specialty children and young adults from Vermont College and shoulders a self imposed responsibility to teach creative, contemplative, and business writing skills throughout the Midwest She is the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships and is known as a writer willing to tackle tough topics Birdsall lives in Madison, Wisconsin.
Bri A mature topic but one that is in the news a lot lately Alyx was raised as a boy but has always felt like a girl After being bullied at her last school, the family has moved where she can be herself Joining the girl s basketball team was a dream come true and a way to relieve stress But what happens if the team finds out about her past Trigger Warning Transphobia, Queerphobia, Assault, Mental Illness Stigma, f wordAlyx is intersex, and after being horribly outed and beaten by a group of boys at her old hometown in California, she and her mom pack up and move in with her grandfather and uncle in Milwaukee There, Alyx is looking for a fresh start A new name New identity New beginning And a new chance playing for the girl s basketball team But Alyx s past and her difference is never far behind.
I think I would have liked this book a whole lot better if it didn t start off with a really brutal assault on an intersex person And that the assholes who did it weren t arrested or anything I also feel like Alyx should probably have had therapy In terms of coping with learning she was intersex and undoing years of trauma being raised as a boy, and also for her very serious PTSD Girl has fucking flashbacks an An extremely important novel about an intersex YA Alyx is an unforgettable character Full review to come But I highly recommend this sensitive, thoughtful, enlightening novel Ø Double Exposure Ø Why haven t we heard about this book published in 2014 I m sad I missed it, but so glad I found it There is no question of the need and value of Birdsall s story, so the matter of fact delivery is refreshing It s got the right mix of character development, intrigue, every day problems and issues, family drama, and quirk I mean who wouldn t want to meet the uncle Alyx had a painfully revealing experience with a group of boys in his hometown in California This was the straw that she took then to ask her mother after her father has just passed from cancer to move back to Alyx s mother s hometown in Milwaukee to start fresh and as a girl Alyx was born intersex and Alyx s parents wanted her to make the decision on what she felt was the appropriate gender, which had from early on been girl though they had leaned toward raising her a boy There are several painful expressions when she relay

Double Exposure is blank While there are possibly many ways the blank could be filled in, I have three that come to me.
First, Double Exposure is important I have some issues with this whole important thing, as I sometimes think it leads to inflated ratings on books For the most part, I think books should stand on their own as good books and anything in them that makes them important is compelling, but shouldn t garner a high rating all on its own As a compromise, if I m in between ratings, I ll bump up if it s important That is the case here I was in between It s okay and I liked it What makes Double Exposure and important book, though Well, the main character, Alyx is intersex She was raised as a boy but knew she was a girl After being bullied with a beating to culminate, she and her mom move so she c A fifteen year old born intersex finally gets a chance to live and play ball as the girl she s always known herself to be in contemporary Milwaukee I highly recommend it for older middle schoolers on up.
One of my favorite things about YA lit is that it helps teens develop empathy for others for this reason, one of my all time favorite YA books is Fat Kid Rules the World Double Exposure is about an intersex teen who feels that she should have been raised as a girl and not a boy as her parents decided After her father dies and she s been beaten to a pulp for the third or fourth time, her mother decides to move them back to her hometown, where Alyx struggles to find her place and deals with her fear of being discovered The ending was a little to neat and tidy to be realistic, but that might be cynical on my part.
Having also read Middlesex in the last year, it would be interesting to contrast the experiences of the two main characters but that might just be the English teacher talking.
I was lucky enough to meet Bridget Birdsall this past week at the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival we were on a YA panel together, alongside Jeffrey Ricker and Greg Herren I try to do my homework, and read books by authors when I m going to be speaking with them, and I m so glad I got pegged for the YA panel not only was it a fantastic panel, it meant I bumped into this book.
On the basis of character alone, this book was worthwhile Alyx is the first intersex teen I ve ever read, and that she has such a genuine voice is a credit to Birdsall s effort Alyx is facing a struggle I can only begin to imagine upon reaching puberty, Alyx, who has been living as a boy thanks to her parents, mostly her late father despite her protestations that she is a girl, begins to stick out even than she already did When her Year Old Alyx Atlas Was Raised As A Boy, Yet She Knows Something Others Don T She S A Girl And After Her Dad Dies, It Becomes Painfully Obvious That She Must Prove It Now To Herself And To The World Born With Ambiguous Genitalia, Alyx Has Always Felt A Little Different But It S After She Sustains A Terrible Beating Behind A Eleven That She And Her Mother Pack Up Their Belongings And Move From California To Milwaukee, Wisconsin, To Start A New Life [Bridget Birdsall] ☆ Double Exposure [sex-work PDF] read Online ¹ And Alyx Begins Over Again, This Time As A GirlAlyx Quickly Makes New Friends, Earns A Spot On The Girls Varsity Basketball Team, And For The First Time In Her Life Feels Like She Fits In That Is, Until Her Prowess On The Court Proves Too Much For The Jealous, Hotheaded Pepper Pitmani, Who Sets Out To Uncover Alyx S Secret A Dangerous Game Of Truth Or Dare Exposes Alyx S Difference And Will Disqualify Her Entire Basketball Team From Competing In The State Championships Unless Alyx Can Prove, Once And For All, That She Is A Girl But Will Alyx Find The Courage To Stand Up For The Truth Of Her Personhood, Or Will She Do What She S Always Done Run Away Whatever She Decides, She Knows There S Much At Stake Than A Championship Win

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