Es un libro muy bonito, sobre todo si te gustan los perritos y entiendes que son lo mejor que pudo pisar la tierra Soy muy fan de los perros.
Nuevamente, al igual que en su predecesor, nos encontramos con una historia contada al 100% desde la inocente perspectiva de un perro o varios perros, que finalmente son solo uno, a trav s de l vemos y sentimos la vida de la ni a a la cual debe cuidar Es similar a lo que sucedi con Ethan pero con una protagonista femenina llamada Clarity y una historia un tanto diferente, sobre todo gracias a la madurez que ahora tiene nuestro protagonista de cuatro patas.
Entonces, si aparentemente solo tengo cosas buenas que decir Por qu solamente 3 estrellas Esto es principalmente por lo que les dec a m s arriba, no existe una gran diferencia ni nada novedoso respecto al libro anterior Se utiliza exactamente la misma for Haceme mierda why don t you Bruce Cameron nos entrega una fuert sima secuela en esta adorable saga perruna.
En el primer libro conocemos la genial historia de Bailey y su infinita lealtad hacia Ethan, a trav s de sus m ltiples vidas En esta excelente continuaci n de la saga conocemos la historia de Molly y su inmortal amor por Clarity, la nieta de Ethan.
El amor de un perro es algo hermoso y esa es la parte que amamos Pero este libro te pega por todos lados y tantas veces que tambi n llegamos a odiarlo Nos quem tanto que varias veces tuvimos que soltar el libro y juntar fuerzas para poder continuar m s tarde Es as de jodido, pero no por eso menos valioso.
Una lectura especialmente recomendable para el canino aficionado Innumerables momentos para el recuerdo Indescriptiblemente hermoso, insufriblemente doloroso Despu s de leerlo no When I was a child, I read Old Yeller and absolutely loved it right up to the moment when they KILL OLD YELLER I am willingly spoiling the plot, the same way I would yell DON T DRINK THE POISON at somebody Why read a book where you fall in love with the dog and then, in the end, the dog dies I wrote A Dog s Purpose as a love poem to the relationship between people and their pets And, since true love never dies, and no truer love comes from a sourcetreasured than the heart of a dog, I gave my readers a gift the dog doesn t die in the end That s not really a plot spoiler, that s the premise This means that at the end of A Dog s Purpose, the dog is still alive, leading me to wonder, what next Could there be another purpose, or an extension of the same purpose A Dog s Journey picks up where A Dog s Purpose left off If you loved the a As a writer myself, I can t help but look at the mechanics of a piece when I read it Not that I ve lost the ability to enjoy a well told tale I m like an auto mechanic at Cruise Night, admiring all the great work A Dog s Journey is a great story, a great sequel, and one of the best books written about dogs The first book, A Dog s Purpose is the kind of emotional gut wrench to a dog owner like me that makes you proud to care for a canine, and proud of the loyalty they show to us ADJ doesof the same, but with aunified focus, and it s here, in this sequel, that the narrative power of Cameron shines Combined with his ability to portray a dog s point of view at a high level of detail and in my experience with dogs , accuracy Never did I stop to think, Hmm, that doesn t sound like a dog I was drawn in with this approach, and made to care deeply about the dogs, ¼ A Dog's Journey: Another Novel for Humans Ê I loved A Dog s Purpose It is one of my 5 star books, and I am very, very stingy with giving out 5 stars Unfortunately, for me at least, A Dog s Journey suffers from sequel syndrome , and just was not as good This book continues to be told by the dog, in his her continued reincarnations This time the dog becomes attached to Ethan s granddaughter, Clarity But most of this book was about Clarity CJ , and the conversation and thoughts of the dog just became repetitive I never really felt attached to Clarity either, and in fact her problems and issues were a bit annoying The best part of this book for me was the first two pages, and the final two pages The remaining 327 pages were just filler Easy to read, but still just a lot of filler I don t think this sequel was necessary, other than for the final two pages.

I usually don t read dog books because I can t handle the crying, but a few weeks ago I had to put my beloved 16 year old Shih Tzu to sleep and I was really struggling with my decision and my loss Some random person I had to call at a call center told me about it and I decided to give it a try I m so glad I did It helped me a lot to realize I made the correct choice and was very healing for me Especially because I got my dog as a suicidal teen and having her to love and love me back saved my life So I really connected with the way this dog is taking care of his human because my little Puhka was that for me through my depression and then years of health problems from a horse riding accident that led to 5 years of constant vertigo and then another 5 years of hip proble Reto 1 2019 Book Challenge Un libro que se convierte en pel cula en 2019.
D It amuses me to read a book narrated by a dog I knew we were supposed to bark because CJ was always angry when someone knocked, Hey Stop Quiet Enough she would yell I didn t understand the words, but the meaning was clear she was upset with the knocking and we should keep barking A Dog s Journey picks up the storyline from A Dog s Purpose with the next generation in Ethan s family I liked book onethan this second installment but this one was still very enjoyable for me to read If you loved A Dog s Purpose and didn t want it to end, you will likely enjoy A Dog s Journey as it is basicallyof the same However, if you loved A Dog s Purpose in the sense that is was wrapped up perfectly with good closure for you, then you may not enjoy this extension of the story.
If you read A Dog s Purpose you ll feel the same way good or bad about this continuation of the story Have your hankies ready and your dogs close at hand Some reviewers of these books complain about the simple writing style The story is supposed to be told by a dog, and part of the message is that dogs are simple creatures It s part of the books charms Readers in search of Great Literature shouldn t expect to find it in books that depict dogs with thought bubbles on the covers, for heaven s sake Cameron s books are for people who want a unique, engaging dog story My only gripe with this installment is that our main human character never seems to catch a break There s alwayscalamity heading her way, and my stomach was in a knot throughout most of the book The good news as much as I enjoyed these two books, I was pleased that Journey had a definitive endi Ir Labs Suns Vi Mekl Jis Savas Dz Ves J Gu Vair Kos Notikumiem Bag Tos M Os Un Ir P Rliecin Ts, Ka Nu To Ir Atradis Un Stenojis Ta U, V Rojot, K Zi K R G Meiten Te Kl Ra Ieku As Da D S Nepatik An S Ferm , Vi G St P Rliec Bu, Ka Ai Meiten Tei Oti Nepiecie Ams Pa Ai Savs SunsP Rdzimstot Draudzi Saprot, Ka Vi Am Ir Jauns Uzdevums Vi Ir Bezgala Laim Gs, Kad Vi U Adopt [ Pdf A Dog's Journey: Another Novel for Humans Å young-adult PDF ] by W.
Bruce Cameron ✓ Kl Ra, Nu Jau Ener Iska, Kaut Ar Problem Tiska Pusaudze Draudzi Ir Vi Ai L Dz S, Lai Sarg Tu, Iepriecin Tu, Gl Btu Un M L Tu Vi U Bez Nosac Jumiem Un Daloties Gan Tum Kajos Br Os, Gan Liel Kajos PriekosRom Ns Su A Ce Ojums Ir Ne Tikai K Rt Jais Jaukais Su U St Sts Tas Ir Savi Ojo S V St Jums Par Nelok Mu Uztic Bu Un M Lest Bu, Kas P Rvar Visus R Us

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