In my former music major opinion, this is an excellent resource for beginning when his research if interested in handling his work.
The only thing that really surprised me in this book was that the Nazis wanted to rewrite of the text of Messiah.
But I shouldn't be surprised but I thought that was a very interesting piece of information to put into this book.
I consulted the bibliography for additional reading since I am fascinated by the oratorio itself.
It is a great place to start.
I recommend it.
The book covers the different periods in his life as a composer and does not give any specific musical composition over zealous treatment.
The bibliography is very good so if you are interested in a specific piece of music this would be a great place to find a book on it.
Friedrich Haendel Biographie, Actualits EtLondres,Handel Et Le Sacre De Georges II Ce N Est Pas Maurice Greene, Le Nouveau Matre De La Chapel Royal, Qui Compose La Musique Pour Le Couronnement De George II, Mais Handel Le Musicien, Trs Rput, Vient Tout Juste D Obtenir Sa Nationalit Anglaise, Il Peut Donc Donner Le Lustre Ncessaire Cette Crmonie Trs Attendue Handel Traduction Allemand Franais PONS Consultez La Traduction Allemand Franais De Handel Dans Le Dictionnaire PONS ☆ read Î Handel by Christopher Hogwood Á Qui Inclut Un Entraneur De Vocabulaire, Les Tableaux De Conjugaison Et Les Prononciations Georg Friedrich Hndel Georg Friedrich Handel, Huile De Philippe Mercier Bibliographie Liens Belissa Marc, Heandel En Son Temps Ellipses, Paris P Pettit Stephen, Haendel CD Livre , Pavillion books, LondresMller Blattau Joseph, Georg Friedrich Hndel Dans Die GroBen Meister Der Musik , Akademische Verlagsgesselschaft AthenaionThe Best Of Hndel YouTube THE BEST OF Handel Concerto Grosso OpNo , In G Major I A Tempo Giusto No , In G Major II Allegro No , In G Major III Adagio No , In G Major IV Allegro No Handel Concept, Spcialiste De La Vente De Matriel Et DHandel Concept, Spcialiste De La Vente De Matriel Et D Quipement Pour Les Mtiers De Bouche Restauration Collective Reims Restauration Scolaire Reims Cuisine Professionnelle Reims Four Professionnel Reims Four Professionnel Marne George Frideric Handel Biography, Compositions, George Frideric Handel, German Born English Composer Of The Late Baroque Era, Noted Particularly For His Operas, Oratorios, And Instrumental Compositions He Wrote The Most Famous Of All Oratorios, Messiah, And Is Also Known For Such Occasional Pieces As George Frideric Handel WikipediaHaendel Sarabande YouTube Suite Pour Clavecin N Song Sarabande From Barry Lyndon Artist The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Jeep Pices De Rechange Jeep Pices D RBS Handel RBS Handel Offers The Largest Line Of Replacement Parts For Jeep , As Well As A Growing Line Of Parts For Chrysler Dodge Vehicles Our Applications Include Axle, Body, Brake, Clutch, Cooling, Electrical, Engine, Fuel, Lamps, Mirrors, Steering, Suspension, Transmission Wiper Handel makes an interesting case in the tension that exists between a composer and his works.
  On the one hand, Handel has had a good reputation largely because of the strength of his works that has served, especially his oratorios (which have always appealed to a wide audience because they could be sung by amateur musicians like myself) as well as his Water Music.
  On the other hand, his dissolute lifestyle and his tendency to get involved in foolish disputes (like the rivalry he had with a noblesupported opera company), his affairs with singers, and his plagiarism and the controversial use of biblical material in his oratorios attracted a high degree of criticism from pious Englishmen in his own time and have also led to criticism of him in our own time.
  Handel is clearly a major c .
A useful summary of Handel's life and works, with special emphasis on the works.
Hogwood's writing is a bit dry, but he was a fine conductor and musician more than a historian.
Of particular interest to me was Handel's interactions with other composers of the period, and the reception, both positive and negative, to his works when first introduced.
¼ Handel ¼ Uma biografia muito interessante e detalhada sobretudo no que se refere à carreira do compositor.
Dá algum destaque à sobrevivência da obra de Handel após a sua morte, bem como à recepção das suas obras no Século XX, a redescoberta, as encenações das suas operas e oratórios e a sua publicação em suporte digital.

(auf deutsch gelesen) For anyone who is generally interested in Handel, or commencing music studies of the late Baroque period, this book is for you.
An accessible treasure trove of information, Hogwood takes the reader on an fascinating trip through time, exploring Handel's childhood and early years in Germany, his prodigious development in music, his Grand Tours through Italy, the Opera and Oratorio years in England, and his musical legacy after his death.
Packed full of photographs, snippets of interesting quotations and reprints of contemporary documents, this book is a feast for the eye and the mind.
A chronological table is also included, making it easy to track the events in Handel's career with one glance.
There is also an extensive bibliographythe only drawback is the fact Hogwood does not indicate exactly where he sourced his information, i.
there is an astonishing lack of footn Dry, dry, dry.
However, it seemed EXTREMELY well researched.
If you're writing a paper or need historical information on the man whatsoever, start here.
I highly doubt you'll need any other sources than those listed in the bibliography.
I did not enjoy the book but it gets three stars for researched content and coherence.

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