Great artwork.
This one gets an extra star because of Dreadlock s girlfriend, Dwarf girl s brother and cheering for Bernadette in the next issue.
No est mal, pero no me acaba de enganchar, as que creo que lo dejar aqu Y eso que me he enamorado de Violet.
I loved Rat Queen 1 2I felt in love with this cast of colorful women, and that scenario that looked like a cool half drunk DnD game with your best friend On top of that, the art was absolutely stunning.
Is it still That pile of crap, that is volume 3, is not only really poor from a narrative standpoint, but even the Queens felt off, and it looked like what felt natural before looked like over the top clich , and vulgar dialogues So both the plot and characters were off in volume at least the art is glorious Nope That is one of the worst art I have ever seen in a professional publication I am not only talking about the ability to draw characters, but the lack of background, the poor rendering of the action, that also felt like doodle friends would do in an half drunk DnD game I almost stopped the series but I loved 1 2 so much that I bought all of them on , and issue 4 gets wa GUTS AND GROG, Part ThreeOne Tablespoon Of Cayenne Peppers, Ounces Of Proof Vodka, And Ounces Of Tomato Juice Makes One Fantastic Bloody Murder So Does Double Crossing The Rat Queens And Foolishly Thinking You Can Get Away With It Drink ï read ï Rat Queens #3 by Kurtis J.
Wiebe à Up

5 5 stars for Rat Queens, Vol 1 Sass SorceryWho are the Rat Queens A pack of booze guzzling, death dealing battle maidens for hire, and they re in the business of killing all god s creatures for profit It s also a darkly comedic sass and sorcery series starring Hannah the Rockabilly Elven Mage, Violet the Hipster Dwarven Fighter, Dee the Atheist Human Cleric and Betty the Hippy Smidgen Thief If that description doesn t do anything for you, GTFO, because this badass comic series is for true fantasy DnD fans.
Heroines with varying strengths and flaws instead of the typical extremes of good over the top cleavage model and evil over the top cleavage model , heroines who get their asses kicked and have to manage to heal themselves instead of shrugging off stabs and a Humor, Quests, Drinking, Hang Overs Attitude not the typical sword and sandal, ADD or fantasy trope in Rat Queens This is rebellion, riot grrl, bar crawl with swords and sorcery Hank Moody would be impressed with the party prowess of these adventurers Wiebe makes fantasy foul mouthed and 100 proof Image comics has another hit on racks and it s definitely not those non drinking age Enjoy with a chaser º Rat Queens #3 Ì Loved It This was such fun to read I really love all the characters The story is still good but leaves just enough chocolate cookies crumbs lasted with some sort of sorcery, just to keep you coming back However, If your not into cursing, and a lot of sexual contents don t read it Although this is issue 3 so you would be here if you did have a problem.
Interesting that Goodreads now lets you add review comics, not just books This is another killer monthly from Image, probably top of my pull list right now alongside TWD, East of West and Saga Oh, and I love Betty.
Totally didn t see that coming That old lady Bernadette Aargh There were some romance here, but girl power and friendship Love this issue Fav issue 5 stars

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