Excellent, engaging writing and a fascinating subject Highly enjoyable.
A good solid read that very factually recounts the events of the Armada A bit dry at times, but it s strengths outweigh that The one basic problem was that it could have used a map insert to show the progress of the Armada because it required a very specific understanding of coastal English geography.
This book dispels the popular myth that Drake and the English Navy defeated the Armada by bravery and skilled seamanship England was bankrupt, the Navy was a cobbled together group of privately owned, armed merchantmen, privateers and a few Naval warships, led by self serving privateers and a few genuinely skilled captains.
Disorganisation, egotistic and inept admirals, the inevitable and unpredictable English weather and a lack of funds brought the downfall of the Spanish fleet, many of which were lost before they entered English waters and evenlost off the treacherous Scottish and northern Irish coasts in storms, as they ran away from the pursuing English fleet Nary a shot was fired in anger by the English as they chased the Spanish up the coast they had not muni Did you know that the victory of the English navy over The Spanish Armada in 1588 was primarily due to severe and stormy weather Oh, and the superior seamanship of the British sailors To learn about what led to this epic battle Phillip of Spain Versus Elizabeth I you ll have to read this marvelous examination of England s victory John McDade WFU Parent I received this book as an advance copy through Goodreads First Reads, and am grateful for the opportunity.
This book is very interesting, and gave me an in depth vision of a part of history that I had not examined too closely before I had read some about the Elizabethan era before, but this book brought that age to life in a new way I believe that this is due to the sheer detail that Hutchinson put into the book There are many primary source quotes, from letters to journals, throughout the book that highlight the thoughts of people living at the time Moreover, he gave intense detail in the different parts of the book, even bringing up minor yet intriguing events from the disorder within the Wisbech Castle prison for Catholics to the various struggles the stranded Spanish forces faced on Ireland s shores.
Hutchinson clearly researched the Hutchinson attacks head on pun intended the topic of The Spanish Armada Launched after several years of preparation in 1588, this venture of Philip II of Spain endeavored to end the reign of Elizabeth I of England and the nation s Protestant faith Using his role as a protector of the Catholic faith and his claim to England s throne though his late wife, Mary I of England, Philip ordered the armada into existence and funded it trough a plethora of means.
The book opens to a summary of the events leading up to the Armada, including a brisk overview of the rise of Protestantism via the Tudors and their reigns of both Mary I and Elizabeth I and Philip II thus far Then it goes into all the work done to prepare the Armada as funding was raised This included recruitment of officers and men establishing to roles for the main commanders procuring shi The Accession Of Elizabeth I In , Protestant England Was Beset By The Hostile Catholic Powers Of Europe, Including Spain In October , King Philip II Of Spain Declared His Intention To Destroy Protestant England And Began Preparing Invasion Plans, Leading To An Intense Intelligence War Between The Two Countries And Culminating In The Dramatic Sea Battles Of Popular History Dictates That The Defeat Of The Spanish Armada Was A David Versus Goliath Victory, Snatched By Plucky And Outnumbered English Forces In [Robert Hutchinson] é The Spanish Armada [young-adult-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ This Tightly Written And Fascinating New History, Robert Hutchinson Explodes This Myth, Revealing The True Destroyers Of The Spanish Armada Inclement Weather And Bad Luck Of TheSpanish Ships That Set Sail Against England, OnlyLimped Home, The Rest Wrecked Or Sank With Barely A Shot Fired From Their Main ArmamentIn This Dramatic Hour By Hour, Blow By Blow Account Of The Spanish Armada S Attempt To Destroy Elizabeth S England, Hutchinson Spins A Compelling And Unbelievable Narrative Using Everything From Contemporary Eyewitness Accounts To Papers Held By The National Archives In Spain And The United Kingdom, Robert Hutchinson Re Creates One Of History S Most Famous Episodes In An Entirely New Way î The Spanish Armada î Disclaimer I received this book through Goodreads First read program.
As stated in the description, The Spanish Armada details the events leading up to, of, and after the sailing of The Spanish Armada This is primarily done chronologically, and it does so while presenting both the Spanish and British actions and perspectives While a timeline is given at the back of the book, the text within the chapters simply flows, making for a fairly smooth read Uniquely, Hutchinson saves virtually all analysis for the final two chapters of the book I don t know how many readers would feel the same, but I liked this approach, as he mostly leaves it to the reader to make conclusions from the events, and he simply compiles them And did he ever compile them this book is rich with primary references and sources At times This book is the utmost authority on The Spanish Armada Written in amazing detail by Robert Hutchinson, The story sets the stage of The Spanish Armada campaign in 1588, showing the ascension to the throne by Elizabeth, and the events of the time in England and Spain that led to war You can see the frustration of the Spanish king, Phillip, as he is trying to bring the Armada and the soldiers together to get the wanted attack of England going And the imperial strength and attitude of Elizabeth as she rules from her throne and sets up her response to war I love all of the details of the ships and the sailors and the administrator general, Sidonia From the types of food they ate, and drink they consumed, to the weather and repairs they endured just in trying to get to England Not to mention, the actual conflicts with England and what happened thereafter It s awe Disclaimer I received this book for free via a First Reads Giveaway The Spanish Armada by Robert Hutchinson is a fascinating look into the almost mythic story of Armada s attempt to restore Catholicism to England Hutchinson focuses his story on the intelligence gathering by both the Spanish and the English from the preparation of the Armada through to its ultimate failure While it is sometimes interesting to read what so and so knew at a certain point in time, it seemed a little tedious occasionally, slowing down the pace of the story Nonetheless, the story flowed fairly well and it felt like a quick read Overall, I thought it was a good book and solidly written It was certainly interesting, but I still felt like there was just a tad missing to rea

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