This book is outstanding With great wit and humor, the author captures the complex myriad of emotions and challenges surrounding adoption, being a transracial family, faith and fertility I highly recommend this for anyone who wants an interesting read especially those who have adopted, are thinking about adopting or are close to an adoptive family This book will have you thinking, crying and laughing out loud Chapman Has Some Big Questions Were My Friends This Obnoxious Before They Had Kids Will The Social Worker Notice If I Only Vacuum The Middle Of The Rooms Does God Really Hate Me, Or Does It Only Feel That Way And, Most Importantly, Will Anybody Find Out That Sometimes, I Pretend My Cat Is My Baby From England To Ethiopia And Back Again, This Memoir Is The Story Of What Happens When A Couple Is Confronted With The ✓ read  Hypothetical Future Baby; An Unsentimental Adoption Memoir by Claudia Chapman ó Choices Of A Medically Risky Pregnancy, Remaining Childless, Or Adopting Internationally After All, Thinks Claudia, How Hard Can It Be Brilliant, heart wrenching, honest, funny Must read for anyone who wants insight into adoption, especially international, with the pitfalls of grieving infertility, the humiliation of home studies, ethical and social considerations and the crisis of faith that can accompany trying to build one s family in a non traditional way A must read for adoptive families, who will learn from Ms Chapman, and nod their heads and some parts and perhaps, hopefully, do some soul searching at other parts.
Kuddos to Claudia Fantastic read.
¼ Hypothetical Future Baby; An Unsentimental Adoption Memoir ï I was very unsure about whether this book was worth reading from the first page to the last Two things kept me going 1 It is fairly short 2 Chapman does have a fairly unique and interesting story to tell, even if she does it in a fairly uninspiring way The writing was simplistic, but the message was good and topic interesting I had little to know knowledge of how international adoption works, and this memoir really, clearly illustrated the trials and tribulations mothers and fathers go through for their children Interesting, but not life shattering.
Brilliant Honest, very honest, heartwarming, funny and beautiful writing.
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Beautifully written adoption memoir I ve been reading Claudia s blog for years, so I was a tiny bit worried that the book would just be a repackaged version of that, but it wasn t at all It was muchof a cohesive narrative than a series of blog like essays Claudia s storytelling abilities make her a good blogger, but they make her an even better author She walks readers through the ups and downs of marriage, fertility issues, adoption, and parenting without ever sounding the least bit whiny and somehow manages to make you laugh at the saddest moments and cry at the happiest.
I can sometimes be hyper sensitive and critical of what people write about adoption, but this book was so thoughtfully written that I have almost nothing to critici Fabulous adoption memoir Claudia Chapman is so articulate many times while reading I found myself thinking, A ha If I could have just put my own mess of thoughts and feelings into words, that s exactly what I would have said Claudia also includes a comparison of adoption to our adoption as children of God For Christians who have considered adoption, this is a must read in order to really think through how our adopting a child is and is NOT like our adoption as children of God Then you can thank Claudia for helping you avoid developing a savior complex about your newly adopted child Excellent read

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