The thing about humor books is, if all the stories are by an author you like, say David Sedaris, you re probably going to like all the stories But individual tastes vary, especially in humor, so the probability of liking every story in a collection by various authors is small.
So although there were a number of stories I didn t care for, there were some good ones My favorites were Indricotherium by Rosalind BardenRuby by Jon Michael KelleyI also enjoyed The Best of Taste by Edward AhernWindow Watching by Joseph JudeOne Scareful Owner by Catriona McPhersonI Must Be Your First by Paul WartenbergDisclaimer I also have a story in this, We Bring Them Back For You It s intended to be funny, but as I said, tastes vary.
Since I have a story in the anthology I will leave any comments about the quality of the work to others Below is a link to the reading Ted Wenskus, one of the authors, gave of his story Down for the Count Give it a listen and decide for yourself if Strangely Funny appeals to you.
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the cover i liked some storys were good some i didnt like b ut i still liked the book i enojoyed it I received a copy of Strangely Funny as part of the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway.
Anthologies are hard to rate since the stories included can vary a great deal in their appeal and writing style Strangely Funny is a wonderful introduction to many new authors and many of the stories were well written and humorous Several of my favorites are Criticus Ex Machina, One Scareful Owner, and I Must Be Your First If you enjoy paranormal with a twist then this is an enjoyable collection and worth your time ã Strangely Funny ↠´ Fun and easy readReally enjoyed these stories, with a humorous spin on what would traditionally be shelved in the Horror section Well done for a first collection, and I m looking forward to reading the next volume soon.
25 writers take this from ridiculous to funny Some really good and others not to my liking Some well written and humorous Zombies, vampires, warewolves, ghosts, paranormal Something for everyone An interesting read.
A delicious assortment of darkly funny tales full of horror and magic from the fantasy genre It ought to appeal to very young ages of ten to twelve or so, on up The collection earns a solid four stars due to the consistent quality of the writing, though no two tales are penned by the same author As with all collections of this kind, some stories do stand out a bitthan others, depending on the reader s tastes For me, one such tale was Tommy and the Trolls by James McCormick It s the kind of story parents will want to read to their kids as it teaches some good lessons of appreciation, love, and respect for family, all in the most hilariously roundabout way Tommy, an eight year old genius, feels very remiss that his mother won t just let him do whatever he wants What good are parents if they don t let you do as you like He has made up a long list of punishments for her, one Ye Gods, I m a big fan of James McCormick who delivers Tommy and the Trolls in this anthology Thank God I m past child bearing age or I would be panic stricken I might be delivered of a Tommy You get the feeling from the outset that Tommy is not your normal eight year old as he cooks up a spell in his bedroom, pentagram and all, to banish his poor benighted mother to Azamoth.
The spell works, but in reverse Instead of Mum doing the bidding of a family trolls for eternity, he is destined to a life of servitude where he will never see the light of day again, as Mother troll tells him the caves outside are not something you ever want to see Not your average bedside story for children to teach them a lesson about appreciation.
James never ceases to amaze me with his vivid imagination that spans all kinds of fantasies, with well developed characterization and masterful writing I m ra Is Not Your Typical Anthology Open These Pages And Discover Twenty Five Talented Writers On A Hilarious Journey Through The Paranormal Zombies Who Are Finicky Eaters, Vampires Caught Between Groupies And Werewolves, And Ghosts With Awful Decorating Tastes Await We Ll Even Show You How To Beat The Monster In The Closet Join Joette Rozanski, Suzanne Robb, Agatha Winning Author Catriona McPherson And Many Others As They Take You From The Ridiculous To TheStrangely Þ Strangely Funny × Download by ✓ Sarah E.
Glenn Funny Definitely some strange stories, some funnier than others and the funniest I thought was the first one The Best of Taste about placing an online dating ad Some of the rest of the stories wereweird than funny but still a bit fun to read as were odd such as the Tommy and the Trolls storey where one little genius 8 year old played with sorcery and ended up in another land for a while.
Many different authors so if you enjoy short, quirky stories and varied writing styles, will probably enjoy this anthology.

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