I am not a huge fan of fantasy mythological fiction but The Gandharva is in a different league altogether The author hits the bulls eye with an intriguing plotline, tight narrative and well etched characters The chemistry between Dev and Maya is sizzling hot and the action scenes really got my pulse racing Got to give it to Bhavana Murali for creativity, imagination and the ability to keep a reader hooked with his racy writing While you will enjoy the slowly simmering romance between the protagonists, the twists and turns in the plot will make sure that you read the entire book in a single sitting I did and it was well worth it The last chapter sets the stage for a sequel and I hope I don t have to wait too long to get my hands on it.
Gandharva Are Fallen Warriors Of The Light Battling An Ancient Enemy, The Asuras Banished To Earth, The Gandharva Move Among Humans Undetected, But The Battle, And The Enemy, Have Followed Them Down Unaware Of Her Ominous Destiny, Maya Is An Ordinary College Girl Who Has Fallen For The Mysterious And Devastating Dev When Their Love Ignites, It Brings An Innocent Girl Into The Midst Of A War To Reclaim The Heavens Dev Must [Bhavana Murali] ☆ The Gandharva [united-states PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Now Fight With His Brothers For His Own Survival, And Hers The Tale Of Maya And Dev Is Being Serialised On WIDBOOKhttp Widbook Ebook The GandWATTPADRead It For Free When I read the book for the first time, it was a culture shock That was note the past tense probably because I have never been exposed to the genre Urban Fantasy It was difficult to digest.
Well, the second time round, my perception is altered I looked at it for what it is The Gandharva is extremely well thought out, and very well written The characters are very realistic and well grounded Kudos Bhavana Murali One cannot help but feel sorry for the 17 year old Maya who leads such a dismal life with a violent father and a weakling for a mother The handsome Dev is quite a character and one cannot but hope that he would be Maya s saviour.
Does the book end happily Well, the book actually does not end There is a sequel to look forward to.
Á The Gandharva » In The Gandharva, Bhavana Murali skillfully takes you through a plethora of exciting characters from start to finish leaving the reader longing forThe clear cut, action infused writing style really brings out the engaging storyline of this novella There is a lovely Marvelesque feel to the entire book that adds an interesting layer Add to it the smouldering chemistry between the two protagonists Dev and Maya, and you have a complete sizzler of an entertainer A must read for all The Gandharva is the story of Dev, a celestial being living in disguise for many years as they are immortal on the mortal earth As they play hide and seek from the bad asura and pisasu elements, Dev falls in love with Maya, a beautiful girl who studies in the same college Setting a chain of events that culminates in a celestial war, Gandharva is fast paced, racy and most important romantic The first part of a triology that the author is writing, I finished reading Gandharva within one sitting A fantastic romance and a must read.
This one is for the Twilight fan who longed for the same kind of action with a desi twist.
Fast paced and action packed, The Gandharva is a thrilling ride of a read with characters that are far from paper thin.
If you have a taste for mythology, drama and really good writing, this one is for you.
I can t wait for the next series as I really want to read them all before Bollywood snaps up the books to make them into movies.

Great book but grates with errors I got this book for free on Widbook and could not figure how to write my review there.
As many reviewers have written, this is a great plot set in today with links to the remote past, a college based romance, with epic wars, thrills and chills.
BUT, the errors are grating quite instead of quiet, lightening instead of lightning, unwanted commas, etc.
No doubt Bhavana has good bhavanas feelings , but his murali flute or pen is not in sync with the tale, hence the many avoidable errors.
For the above honest 4 star review given by me, I have received an abusive message from the author on 31.
14 which I am am repeating below to help others including Cyber Police to decide who is a cyber bully and who is bullying whom URL so much for reviewing the free unedited version of my ebook on Widbook and posting it on the page for the Bhavana Murali s urban fantasy novella The Gandharva is based on Indian mythological characters Devas and Asuras Both Devas and Asuras are banished from swarg by Parampurusha Now both parties take their fight on earth to return to swarg and conquer the throne Dev and Maya are college mates Dev is attracted to and is trying to steal Maya s kalp In the process he ends up saving her life Who is Maya Why are evil forces are behind her Subsequent events lead to final confrontation.
Urban fantasy is slowly catching up in Indian writing Bhavana Murali mixes the mythology and contemporary worlds skilfully and brings credibility to the plot With jet speed narration he lays foundation for the plot to unfold and takes off from their smoothly My only complaint is plot comes to an end pretty quickly and thats because author has

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